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20 Best Video Background Templates

Caroline Laurent
Caroline Laurent Originally published Mar 04, 23, updated Jul 22, 24

Content creation has evolved from a part-time hobby to a full-time job. Platforms like YouTube give creative minds an outlet for their ideas and an opportunity to make money from their videos. However, if your videos are sub-par, your target audience will not support your channel and watch your content. Changing the background in your videos is one way to make them more visually appealing.

Today, numerous editing tools like Filmstock can help you effortlessly change the background of your video. Stay tuned to discover some exciting video background templates and how to use Wondershare Filmora to edit your videos.

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Free Download
20 fantastic video background templates
In this article
  1. How To Change Background in Your Video With Filmora for Desktop
  2. How To Change Video Background With Filmora for Mobile

20 Fantastic Video Background Templates for Download

We have now come to the fun part of this article, where we present twenty awesome video background templates from Filmstock. We hope you will find something you like by the time we get to the last one.

1. Simple Video Background Template Pack Free for Download

You can never go wrong with a simple background, free from visual distractions. After all, the main focus should be on the video and no other distracting elements.

2. Weather Background Template for Your Video

If your video has a theme surrounding the sky, thunderstorms, or meteors, then this weather background is the perfect choice. We could never tire of looking at the sky and the serene feelings it elicits.

3. Download Dance Loop Background Template Video Pack for Free

The dance loop background is a powerful, electric display suitable for retro and psychedelic scenes. You could also use this background if your video has lots of stage lighting, smoke, or a disco ball.

4. Retro Greenscreen Background Templates for Any Video Themes (Download Free)

Similar to the previous background, this video template background is a fireball and is sure to make the background of your video light up with excitement. The vibrant colors also make it hard to miss.

5. Background Template Pack for Horror Videos

Horror enthusiasts will love this template because we guarantee it could give your viewers a heart attack. However, if your fanbase is into spooky stuff and the supernatural, go for it!

6. Free Sci-Fi Stage Background Video Templates

Sci-Fi backgrounds are becoming a hit nowadays, especially for dance videos. The neon colors pack a mean punch, and your audience won't resist clicking on your videos.

7. Creative Background Intro Template

When creating content, creativity is the name of the game. This unique background template has colorful and astonishing geometric shapes to take your video to the next level.

8. Video Backgrounds for Instagram Videos

The tell-tale gradient of colors in the new Instagram logo could make a fitting background for your story or feed, making your rivals go green with envy. However, this background template is also suitable for any video.

9. Dynamic Background Templates for Cinematic Videos

If you have ever been to the cinemas, you understand how grand and immersive the display can be. This video background template gives your videos a similar vibe, engulfing anyone who watches.

10. Starry Sky Background Video Templates

Japanese comics are a fan favorite with their whimsical characters and exciting animations. You could use this starry sky background if you create animated videos and would like to set the mood even further.

11. Ink Background Templates for All Kinds of Videos

Perhaps you want to create a video to commemorate your child's birthday or a loved one's wedding day. This ink background template has some beautiful pastel colors and is pretty laid back, making it the perfect choice for family-related videos or the holidays.

12. Epic Film Backgrounds Video Templates Pack

If you post documentaries and factual content, your audience needs to take you a bit seriously. This epic film background is perfect for you as it contains stunning light effects, old paper, maps, and desert and winter scenes to add some oomph to your message and cement it in the viewer's mind.

13. Landscape Background Templates Pack

Most of the templates we have seen are 2-dimensional. If you want to stand out from the rest, you could edit your videos using this landscape background template with a 3D environment to make your viewers feel like they can touch the waves in the ocean or the mountain's terrain.

14. Background Template Pack for Stock Videos

Suppose you post educational content teaching your audience about the stock market and other financial matters. This background template video about the stock market is the perfect choice because a starry sky background would simply look out of place. The dominant blue color also sends a subliminal message to your viewers' subconscious that they can trust you and that your information is reliable.

15. Free Abstract Background Templates to Make Your Video Colorful

If you are making a music video or a fun life hacks video, this abstract background will make your content stand out. The vibrant colors also help your audience enjoy watching your videos and crave more content.

16. Background Templates for Makeup Videos (Free for Download)

A significant percentage of makeup artists honed their skills by watching tutorials online. If you want to start creating makeup vlogs on your channel, it will help to consider this video background template. The delicate colors give your video a feminine touch and resonate with the people watching your videos.

17. Retro Music Visualization Background Templates

Lyric videos have become increasingly popular, especially among people who don't speak the native language in the song. You could make your music or lyric video come alive with this free video background template that captures the attention of anyone who watches it.

18. Golden Luxury Background Templates to Make Your Video Elegant

The metallic and golden silk textures in this background scream luxury and can make your viewers feel like they can feel the soft material beneath their touch. You could use this background to create house tour videos or travel vlogs of picturesque destinations.

19. Rainbow Background Template Videos

We haven't forgotten about the kids, who enjoy watching content online as much as adults. You could get this video background template free of charge and create educational content for the young and capture their attention with bright pastel colors.

20. Moonrise Background Video Template Pack (Downloadable for Free)

The last video background template on our list is the moonrise background, which features beautiful shades of the moon partially shielded from view by delicate clouds. This background is suitable for music videos or spooky content.

How To Change Background in Your Video With Filmora for Desktop

Having seen the great video templates in this article, you might wonder how to use them to edit your videos. Filmora is an example of an efficient editing tool that will take your content from drab to fab. The platform has a desktop version that you can install effortlessly on your device and work on the go.

Below is a simple guide on how to use Filmora to change the background in your videos.

Step1 Launch Filmora on your device and click on the logo to import media from your internal storage. Alternatively, as shown, you could drag and drop the video to the designated region.

import media to filmora

Step2 Drag the footage to the timeline as shown below.

add media to timeline in filmora

Step3 Use the AI portrait tool to eliminate the old background.

remove background with filmora ai tool

Step4 Click on the "Media" tab and type "Background" in the search bar. Peruse through the available options and choose the option that tickles your fancy. Drag and drop the background to the timeline under your footage.

add new background in filmora

Step5 Adjust the color of the footage to suit your liking and ensure it blends with the background you have chosen. Once you are happy with the outcome, click "Export" to save a copy of the video to your device.

adjust background settings in filmora

How To Change Video Background With Filmora for Mobile

Filmora also has a mobile app that works best when you want to edit the background of your video using your smartphone or tablet. The app is not all that different from the desktop version, only that it is optimized for mobile users to enhance your experience.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to change the background of your video using Filmora for mobile.

Step1 Launch the app on your phone and select "New Project."

create new project in filmora for mobile

Step2 Select the video you want to edit and click "Import."

import your media to filmora for mobile

Step3 Tap on the "Trim" button to get access to other trimming options.

tap trim button in filmora for mobile

Step4 Select the "Smart Cutout" button.

smart cutout option in filmora for mobile

Step5 Click on "Remove Background" to remove the existing background in the video you uploaded.

remove background with filmora for mobile

Step6 Navigate to the main toolbar and select "Background."

add new background with filmora for mobile

Step7 You can choose the stock backgrounds in the app and change the colors as you see fit. Alternatively, you can import a media file from your internal storage to use as a background. If you are satisfied with the new background, tap on "EXPORT" to share the new media on social platforms or save it to your mobile devices.

select a new background in filmora for mobile


Your videos can only go viral if you make a valiant effort to post top-tier content. A pro tip when changing the background to your video is to ensure it blends well with the footage to avoid harsh lines that look unprofessional. A little practice goes a long way, and within no time, you will be editing your videos like a pro! Your fans will also notice a significant change in the quality of your videos over time.

Caroline Laurent
Caroline Laurent Jul 22, 24
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