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How to Make Vintage Film Effect 1980s

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Originally published Jan 29, 23, updated Jul 12, 24

The 1980s is widely regarded as the golden era of music and film-making. If you play a video recorded in the 80s, you'll notice graininess, blurriness, and light exposure, giving the footage a dreamy vintage touch. So, in this short tutorial, we'll learn how to create a vintage 1980-style video with a retro effect that will leave your audience yearning for more.


1980s vintage scene

In this tutorial, you'll need at least two video clips. First, take clear footage of a hoop dancer playing to music and a disco ball footage that you'll add to the background. You can also add another footage to give your dancing video the perfect transition.

How to create a retro-style music video shot in the 80s:

Step1 Import the video clips on Filmora.
Free Download
Free Download
import the video clips on filmora

First, run Wondershare Filmora and add the video with the hoop dancer on the first track. Then, move the disco ball footage right above the first video track.

Step2 Add an animation keyframe.
add an animation keyframe

With the two videos imported on Filmora, move the playhead to the point where the hoop dancer begins to dance and double-click the disco ball footage.

move the playhead to the point

Now find the Animation tab, then click the Customize tab. Next, click Add to apply a keyframe to this point of the video. Don't stop there. Move the playhead to the right and add another keyframe to the footage before changing the opacity to 50%.

find the animation tab

Meanwhile, we'll add a keyframe to the third video with a lady removing her sunglasses. To do that, add the footage to the third track, then double-click the video track. After that, place the playhead at the start of the video and apply an animation keyframe before changing the opacity to 0%. Move the playhead a few keyframes forward and add another animation keyframe.

Step3 Add retro filters and effects to the video.
add retro filters and effects to the video

Go to the Effect tab and choose Overlay. Once that is done, select the TV Static option before choosing the VHS Distortion effect. This effect will give your video the retro feeling of the 1980s. Don't be afraid to try out the TV Static effects to find what works best in your video.


Creating a retro-style 1980s film is as easy as pie with Wondershare Filmora. You can also check out more 80s-inspired video effects on Wondershare's Filmstock library. Ready to go back to the 80s? Hope so!

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Jul 12, 24
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