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10+ Best Free Online Video Trimmers to Edit Videos Quickly

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Jun 11, 2024• Proven solutions

Thanks to strong Internet connections, faster processing technology, and Cloud computing, there are now hundreds of free online video trimmer websites.

Yet, it is difficult to figure out which is the best and which is the worst. Some are just awful, and others are a little suspicious and/or malicious.

If you are struggling to figure out which online video trimmer is for you, then here is a list of the 10+ best free online video trimmers.

Why Free Online Video Trimmers?

Why would anybody use free “Online” video trimmers when there are so many good offline (downloadable) trimmers a person can use? Windows even has its own installed video trimmer. Simply right click your video, navigate to “Open With” and then click on “Photos.” At the top right of the GUI is an icon called “Edit & Create.” Click it and it takes you to the editing function where you may trim your video.

The sad part is that the pre-installed video editor for Windows is just like the one for Mac. It is slow to process, it is very basic, and it doesn't allow you to edit frame-by-frame. As a result, most people prefer a free online video trimmer as opposed to a pre-installed tool or third-party video trimmer app.

10+ Best Free Online Video Trimmers

There are many reasons why online trimmers are preferred. Many times, the sorts of video trimmers one downloads are full of malware, bloatware, and ransomware. Even the ones that claim to be clean have suspicious obvious security holes.

Another common reason is that many online trimmers allow trimming and conversions in formats, file types, and resolutions that downloadable programs do not. Also, even the world’s best free downloadable video trimmer, is so viciously complicated that one would need weeks of tutorials just to figure out how to use it.

In many cases, the simplest and most straight-forwards answer is to use an online trimmer. To quickly upload, trim, convert, maybe add effects, and then download. It is quicker, easier, and often runs a smaller risk of security breaches, ID theft, and malware problems.

So in this part, I review the 10+ best online video trimmers that are easy to use for beginners and those who just need a few of cuts. Among them on the top is video cutter from Wondershare.

1. Wondershare Filmora Online Video Trimmer

free online video trimmer

The WonderShare Filmora program is littered with features you can use if you are willing to download its program and use it on your device. It has a free version that you can download, but what most people do not know is that it has a video trimmer online.

The free online video trimmer allows you to upload a video, and then edit it within your web browser. Once your video is uploaded, you are able to edit and trim it in minutes. You may also change the output format. You may set the video trim using the manual tool that allows you to look at your video as it plays. Or, you may use the start and end function and simply enter the starting position and finishing position.

Exporting and downloading is very easy, and there is no obligation to buy one of their other tools. The odd thing is that most people do not know this service is even available. Most people think that the website is simply full of editing tools. Most are unaware there are any free online tools.

Just like many users known, Wondershare has a desktop video editor for Windows and Mac that is very easy and simple to use, named Filmora. it's very powerful for beginners. You can download it for free now.

Download Filmora9 Win Version Download Filmora9 Mac Version

3. Online Video Cutter

free online video trimmer

The name may be a little uninspired, but the video cutter is not a bad online tool. It is nestled in between a series of other simple online tools such as a voice recorder, file converter and so forth. You do not need to download this tool. You start by clicking the “Open File” button.

Pick the video you wish to trim, and then wait for it to upload. It takes a while to upload your video because the servers are not great. Once the video is uploaded, you are able to use the simple tools the website has to offer in order to trim your video.

There is a bit of advertising on the website, but mostly the web master is hoping for donations to keep the website running. Since the website doesn't make much money, it cannot afford to pay for better bandwidth or better servers, which is why it sometimes takes quite a while to upload, trim, and then download. But, it is free, so it is difficult to complain.

4. YouTube Creator Studio

free online video trimmer

Contrary to popular opinion, the YouTube video trimmer tools are pretty poor quality. But, they ride high on this list because of their amazing server speeds and storage capacity. There are plenty of video editors that will cut out if you try to upload larger files, but the YouTube Creator Studio will not.

YouTube has billions of dollars behind it because it is owned by Google. A common problem with online video trimmers is that they take too long to upload and download. That is still a problem with the YouTube system, but it is still one of the fastest uploading and downloading video tools on the Internet.

Another problem with other online trimmers is that it is difficult to upload large videos. Many online trimmers will freeze or crash, which means all the uploading was for nothing. But, the YouTube system will not crash or freeze. You simply leave your computer alone, and eventually it will upload your file (even large files). For these reasons, the YouTube Creator Studios tool rides pretty high up this list.

5. Video Toolbox

free online video trimmer

The Video Toolbox system sits on a very cheaply made website that is pretty darn ugly. But, this tool reaches the number four position because it is rather more advanced than one has come to expect from a free video trimmer and editor.

The tool is free, and it can process video files of up to 1500MB, which is not a massive amount, but it is about the size of three episodes of the Simpsons. This tool can convert your video files to a wide range of other file types. You may also alter the bit rate, audio codec, video codex, frame rate, sample rate and channels.

This tool also comes with online features that allow you to re-download your previous videos, see your recent file outputs, and delete your log files. It is also able to pull items from your videos such as meta data, subtitle files, and so forth. Plus, the tool allows you to merge videos and crop videos with just a few clicks.

6. WeVideo Editor

free online video trimmer

The WeVideo tool is an online editor. It is a video trimmer windows compatible program that will run off of your Edge web browser. The tool is pretty easy to use, it is fairly fast and flexible. The sad part is that this tool offers a series of seemingly perfect tool functions, but it asks for money for them.

For example, the video trimmer is free, but the green-screen tool is not. They always ask you to turn your free account into a paid account, which is very annoying. Yet, this tool reaches number five on this list because the GUI for the video trimmer is great, and the level of support for this system is pretty good too.

7. Wincreator Video Cutter

free online video trimmer

This video editor is another video trimmer free service. The GUI is pretty ugly, but it is the sort of simple tool that gets to the point and gets there pretty quickly. The biggest downside is that the free video trimmer will only accept up to 50MB of data. This is not very much. It is the sort of amount you may upload to Instagram.

The tool is very lightweight, which means the pages are less likely to crash or freeze. It also means that the editor loads quickly and doesn't lag as you use it. If other editors were this simple, then far fewer people would feel the need to download video trimming software.

8. Kizoa

This is a fully featured multi-faceted tool for editing videos. It offers a great deal of functions that allow you to trim your videos and edit them in a variety of ways. The sad part is that this tool is very well presented on the website, but most of the tools are locked behind a paywall. They nag users to pay their one-time fee, or to join their premium membership.

If you are looking to trim your videos, then this is a good place for uploading and trimming 4K videos. It also allows you to share videos, and if you pay, then you can store RAW videos. The online movie editor and movie maker allow you to trim your videos frame-by-frame. This is perfect for people who need precision when they are trimming their videos. It is also the sort of tool that more advanced users may enjoy.

9. Aconvert Video Cutter

free online video trimmer

This is possibly one of the simplest tools on this list, which is good in most cases, but some may need a little more in order to do a good job. There is however a function that offers a little more flexibility than other tools. Once your video is uploaded, you can choose a different output file from over ten different file types.

You can specify which part of the video you wish to cut prior to uploading. This saves a lot of processing time when the video is uploaded, which is probably going to suit people who have a lot of small videos to cut and who do not want to wait around for the website to respond. You are able to upload up to 200MB, which is not great, but it is also not terrible. It is around the size of four music videos, or a mobile-episode of a US sitcom.

10. Clip Champ

free online video trimmer

This tool has a very user-friendly interface. It has the sort of simple interface that beats out websites like SnapChat, WhatsApp and so forth. The website that hosts the tool says that you do not need experience to use their editing tools, and that is probably true. The biggest downside to this tool, and the reason it sits on the number nine spot, is that they will not let you use the tool without signing in.

It may not seem like such a big deal to have to sign into an account, but it is just for marketing purposes. It also allows them to sell you other services that they offer. If you are only looking to trim your videos, then there are far simpler ways to do it through the online trimmers listed in this article.

If you are looking for more of an online editor, then maybe you should consider the Clip Champ. Suffice it to say that this is not the best tool for quick and simple video trims because there are other tools listed on this article that are much faster.

11. Kapwing

free online video trimmer

This is a great tool with a fairly simple interface. You can see your videos as you trim them. And, you can edit your videos, gone their settings, add text, and so forth. Yet, it is only their simplest functions that are for free. The trimming function is free, but many of the editing tools are not.

This would not normally be a problem, but this website is always dangling its other products and its prices in front of you. If you are just looking to trim a file, then the adverts for their services can become annoying. The tool renders and works well on web browsers, so it may be of interest to people who are willing to pay for semi-professional editing tools.

Conclusion - Which Suits You the Best?

There are tools on this article for most types of trimming jobs. There are tools that will quickly upload and process your smaller videos, which is suitable for people making social media videos. Then, there are tools that will take a large and bulky file, and are good for people who are very conscious about the file output and video quality.

It is a pity that some of these tools ask for money to use their other editing services. But, if you want to trim your videos for free, then all of these tools on this article will help you.

If this article helped you, then feel free to share our 10 best free online video trimmers article on social media. Let your friends know which free online video trimmer you like the best.

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