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How to Speed Up Vimeo Videos

Richard Bennett
Richard Bennett
Originally published Feb 28, 22, updated Feb 29, 24

If you want to speed up Vimeo videos, the Vimeo speed up control feature is faster to access and free to use. But due to Vimeo speed control limitations, opting for other Vimeo playback speed increase is not an option. You can also use the Vimeo chrome extension or third-party software to watch your videos at 2X speed.

As a favorite video-sharing platform to many content creators, learning how to speed up Vimeo videos would make you watch a 2-hour video in less than 20 minutes. Here are the different techniques to use if you want to speed up Vimeo videos.

Part 1: How to Speed Up Video Playback When Watching Videos on Vimeo?

Increasing video playback speed when watching videos on Vimeo would require you to use the Vimeo speed control built-in feature. There are two approaches to this method even though they are almost similar. Are you the owner of the videos and do you want to speed up video playback when watching the video on Vimeo?

Vimeo offers its users the latitude to watch videos at six different speeds as illustrated below.

  • 5X - 0.5 times slower than the normal speed
  • 75X - 0.75 times slower than the normal speed
  • Normal speed
  • 25X - 1.25 times faster than the normal speed
  • 5X - 1.5 times faster than the normal speed
  • 2X - 2 times faster than the normal speed

Here are the steps:

Step 1: Launch Vimeo on your desktop and select video

 After launching Vimeo, click on the Video button located on the left side. From your video list, select the video you want to watch and click to play.

vimeo video manager videos option

Step 2: Open the speed control feature and select speed

While watching your video, click the Gear icon at the bottom right. On the speed control option, click on the downward arrow and choose either the 1.2X, 1.5X or 2X to watch the videos at an increased speed.

Click the play icon and continue enjoying your video at an increased speed.

change vimeo video playback speed

Suppose you want to speed up a Vimeo video while watching from the Comedy section! Follow the below steps to speed up the video.

Step 1: Open Vimeo on your default browser and select category

After opening Vimeo on your Windows computer, you can click on the Watch button, tap the category option and scroll down to the Comedy section. Select the video to watch.

Step 2: Choose any speed above the labeled normal speed.

While watching your video, tap on the Gear icon, choose Speed and select your desired speed. Click the play button and continue watching your video.

vimeo video play back speed control

Part 2: How to Speed Up Vimeo Videos Using Chrome Extension?

Whereas videos speed up chrome extensions are numerous, Vimeo has its own Vimeo repeat and speed chrome extension. After installing this Chrome extension from your desktop, two features are automatically added to the Vimeo app – Repeat and Playback Rate.

Remember, not all Vimeo videos will have the speed control displayed by default. If the embed presets is disabled, you’ll have to enable the Speed controls option to see the speed options.

This is how to speed up Vimeo videos using Vimeo repeat and speed chrome extension:

Step 1: Install the Vimeo repeat and speed extension

On your desktop, open Vimeo repeat and speed, then click the Add to Chrome button to install the chrome extension to the Vimeo's HTML5 video player.

install vimeo repeat speed extenstion

Step 2: Open the Vimeo app and choose the video to speed up.

Step 3: Input playback rate.

Other than the default features, two features will be displayed – REPEAT and Playback rate. Click on the Playback rate button and input the playback rate (speed) you need in the box that pops up. Click to play the video.

As illustrated in the screenshot, the maximum speed up rate was 16X faster than the normal speed.

change vimeo speed with extenstion

Part 3: How to Speed Up Vimeo Videos Using the Dev Tools for free?

Web development tools (DevTools) are sets of web authoring and debugging tools built into every modern web browser. With devtools, you can speed up Vimeo videos for free whether using Mac or Windows operating system.

Here are the steps to follow:

Step 1: Launch the Vimeo app and log into your account.

Step 2: Open the Vimeo video you’d like to speed up.

Step 3: Open the dev tools

The best and fastest way to open dev tools is by using keyboard shortcuts.

If you’re a Chrome OS, Linux, or Windows user, press t Control + Shift + J and a Console panel will open on the right side of the video. And if you’re using Mac, press Command + Option + J.

change vimeo video speed dev tool

In the Inspect element, edit the last digit shown in the playback rate section and you’ll adjust the Vimeo playback speed. Now click to play your video.

Part 4: How to Get More Speed Up Options for Vimeo Video?

As clearly shown in part 1, the Vimeo app limits speeding up videos up to 2 times faster than its normal speed. For you to speed up a Vimeo video up to 10X its normal speed, Wondershare Filmora be would the ideal software to use. This software is compatible with both Windows 7/8/10 and mac OS. 

If you want to get more speed up options for Vimeo videos, here are the steps to follow:

On Vimeo, click the three buttons below the video description and tap the Download button. Choose your desired resolution from the options in the pop-up window and click download, and then save your video.

download vimeo videos select video quality

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Step 1: Launch Wondershare Filmora and Upload your downloaded video

To upload the Vimeo video to the Filmora, click on the Import Media Files Here.

Step 2: Speed up video

To speed up your Vimeo video, drag and drop the video on the timeline. Click on the timeline and move the cursor to the Speed option then select Uniform Speed option. 

Try It Free

For Win 7 or later (64-bit)

Try It Free

For macOS 10.12 or later

In the Custom Speed window, move the slider to select any speed above the default speed. Alternatively, input the speed your heart desires and click OK.

Step 3: Export video to Vimeo

Click on the Export button and choose Vimeo in the new window and log into your Vimeo account.

upload video to vimeo filmora

Step 6: Authorize Wondershare Filmora to access, upload, and edit your videos by clicking the Allow button.

Bonus: How to Enable Speed Control when Uploading Vimeo Video?

When uploading a Vimeo video, the speed controls are usually hidden making it impossible to speed up the video. 

To access the speed controls, open the uploaded Vimeo video from the video manager section.

Follow these steps to speed up uploaded embedded Vimeo videos.

Step 1: Launch Vimeo and upload video

To upload a new video, move your cursor to the New Video button located on the top right corner of your screen and click on the Upload button. 

Step 2: Edit video settings

Tap on the video settings icon shown on the screenshot below.

Step 3: Speed up your video

Enable the video controls under the Embed section, then click on the gear icon below the video. Then select either 1.25x, 1.5x or 1.5x speed option.

speed controls vimeo video embed option

FAQs about speeding up Vimeo Video

1. Can you speed up the Vimeo video on iPhone and Android phones?

Yes. It's possible to speed up Vimeo videos using the built-in speed control feature when open with the browsers.

2. Why can’t I speed up Vimeo videos sometimes? 

If you can’t see the speed controls in the Vimeo media player, it means that the video may have been embedded with the Speed Controls option. The speed control option is only accessible to paid Vimeo users, i.e. PRO, Business, or Premium account. 


If you are looking for the easiest method to speed up Vimeo videos, I recommend using Vimeo’s speed control. But to speed up your Vimeo videos to any speed above the app’s maximum 2x speed and enhance the quality of the video, Wondershare Filmora would be the best tool to use.