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100+ Cool Gaming Channel Names for Every Gamer

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Feb 19, 2024• Proven solutions

Introducing a new gaming channel is not an easy task at all it requires a lot of prior planning and preparations to make it work. One of the most important things is to find the best name for a YouTube channel for gaming. Finding a gaming channel name could be as challenging as finding a name for a newborn baby. If you believe or not but names for gamming channel could make and break your game within a less time. So it is very important to find a name for a gaming channel carefully as it holds a major role.

Therefore, names for gaming channels should be catchy enough and represent your work. It surely is a difficult thing but we have got some best gaming channel name ideas and tips to help you out with.

Part 1: How to Name Your YouTube Gaming Channel?

Before you plan in finding the best gaming channel name, there are few things you need to consider in finding the right one for you. An effective gaming channel name for YouTube would help in growing your audience.

gaming channel names

Here following are some of the basic principal you need to remember while finding gaming channel name ideas:

It should be catchy

Names for gaming channels need to be fun and easy to say. It should reflect the off-the-wall comedy you’ll find on the channel.

Easy to Say

The gaming channel name should be easy to say because it would easy and relatable for viewers. Also, they could easily share and discuss with their friends.

Easy to Remember

Gaming channel names need to have a great word association and a short, punchy title, names like this succeed because they’re so easy to remember and grasp.

Reflect Your Content

The name of your channel should be in some manner describe the theme of the content. So it gets much easier for users to get some prior idea about your content.

Unique Enough

The gaming name for the YouTube channel should be unique enough where you can play with a variety of combinations and make it look a classy one.

Part 2: 100+ Best Gaming Channel Name Ideas

Along with the quality of content, the name of the YouTube channel would also be noticed by the viewers to check the provider of the content. A YouTube channel name is an identity of yours and helps you to establish a great brand for you.

Here below are some of the best 100+ best gaming channel names ideas every gamer could think of considering:

  1. Super Signals
  2. Power players
  3. Teach us
  4. Try us
  5. Crames
  6. Power bomb
  7. On demand
  8. Lost and Found
  9. Daily Dose
  10. Gaming Clouds
  11. Power Guides
  12. Half Bread
  13. Streaming for you
  14. Connections truly
  15. Stay on Channel
  16. Cross the Sea
  17. The Tailored game
  18. The G
  19. Funny big
  20. Absolute game
  21. Game Friendly
  22. Bumper channel
  23. Stream Daily
  24. Underrated us
  25. Core game
  26. Insight game
  27. Angry monkeys
  28. Play Perfect
  29. Game night
  30. Awesome us
  31. On-Demand game
  32. Fun game
  33. Fun Footage
  34. My Games
  35. The Pushers
  36. Dream game
  37. Favourite game
  38. Top Squad
  39. Captain us
  40. We are
  41. See us
  42. Think and play
  43. Hopes on You
  44. Power package
  45. Subscribers
  46. The Central game
  47. My Day
  48. Team Of none
  49. Game and win
  50. Chamber of players
  51. Free gamers
  52. Best Home Games
  53. Stream us
  54. Game Of us
  55. We Consistent
  56. The player Group
  57. Be none
  58. Millennial us
  59. The Boss
  60. Mind players
  61. looking pro
  62. Watch and play
  63. Game Over
  64. The Artful gamers
  65. Risk takers Channel
  66. Masters gamers
  67. YouTube game style
  68. Play Party
  69. Play road
  70. Core gamers
  71. Iconic ones
  72. Happy play
  73. Real survivors
  74. Watch more
  75. Play often
  76. Lucky Adventures
  77. Playing guru
  78. The ones
  79. Gameplay
  80. 24*7 plays
  81. Be players
  82. Game crazy
  83. Play hunt
  84. Zero games
  85. Super gamers
  86. Gaming shift
  87. Hello play
  88. Let’s play
  89. Garden play
  90. Daily watch
  91. Every day plays
  92. on the game
  93. Get set to play!
  94. Teach us
  95. Epic risers
  96. Play bliss
  97. Play mood
  98. Less calm
  99. The smashers
  100. Silent finishers
  101. Death players
  102. Rising stars
  103. The finishers
  104. Gameture

Part 3: Get Inspired from YouTube Name Generators

If you are wondering to find the best name for YouTube channel for gaming and are still clueless then let me tell you that there are many online YouTube name generators available to get the best gaming channel name ideas.

Here following are some of the best YouTube name generators to help you with finding the names for the gaming channel.

1. BNG (businessnamegenerator)

The business name generator tool helps you by generating unique business or channel name ideas, based on the keyword you submit. So basically this name generator creates a unique name based on the keywords association and serves the names for gaming channels that are unique, engaging, and attractive to the audience only.


Business Name Search

Domain Name Generator

Blog Name Generator

Brand Name Generator

Podcast Name Generator

Startup Name Generator

Store Name Generator

2. Kparser

This is a free keyword research tool available online to help you with gaming channel names for YouTube. Kparser creates thousands of long-tail suggestions from Google, Bing, YouTube, eBay, Amazon. Also with the help of using long-tail keywords in Kparser the title, description, and tags, there are high chances to reach on top by relevant queries very fast. It can process the range of keywords in less time, giving a variety of options to optimize your page on a higher level.


15 Sources of parsing

38 Languages

248 Regions

Keywords search using different languages

Real-time data

Advanced filters

3. Name Bounce

Name bounce is a name generator that uses powerful search technology to disrupt the standard manual naming process for entrepreneurs. It collects more than hundreds of domain name ideas just with one simple search and makes it easy for entrepreneurs to bring the plan to life online.

It has a very simple interface and it generates thousands of unique business ideas within a few seconds only. You just need to put one or two simple words in the search box and your job is done. It surely is considered as finding the best name for YouTube channel for gaming.


Intelligent search algorithm with relevant results

Search multiple domain extensions

Length, syllable, and search term filtering options

Ability to save a brainstorming list on site

Part 4: Create Gaming Videos with Excellent Video Editor

The task of editing your gaming videos and uploading them over YouTube is an interesting task to attract more viewers and comments. But we understand that choosing the right video editor could be a very difficult task to think of. You need to have a clear idea of what you are looking for in a video editor and what is your need. There are various video editors are available online but to be a little extra you need to pick the right one.

Wondershare Filmora surely could help you with creating excellent gaming videos. It offers a wide range of powerful video editing tools to create videos efficiently. The design of Wondershare Filmora is such that it creates an easy experience for users to start with the video editing.

Download Win Version Download Mac Version


  • Motion Tracking
  • Zooming and Panning
  • Color Matching
  • Keyframing
  • Stabilization
  • Audio Ducking
  • Green Screen
  • Splitting, rotating, cropping, trimming, brightness controls
  • Tilt-shift

Thus, Wondershare Filmora is often suggested by professionals as a gaming video editor need. It offers so many effects and gives you a final result so immediately. Wondershare Filmora is a well-known and effective video editor for professional editing needs.


Thus naming a game channel plays a significant role in the success of your YouTube channel. Keep in mind that a good channel name could be a reason for success and bad can become a cause of failure too. So finding the best gaming channel names contains a heavy portion and should be taken very seriously.

Click here to find out cool gaming intro templates.

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