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Easy Ways To Get Free Views on YouTube! Alternative Methods

Oct 26, 2023• Proven solutions

If you’re looking to get free views on YouTube, rather than just assuming views are free, it probably means you’re looking into alternative ways to jumpstart the growth of your channel (i.e. buying views). The best way to grow your channel is to focus on putting out quality content consistently. We do not recommend the following methods, but they do exist. Here are a couple of alternatives to purchasing views which are along those same lines (if you want to know how to grow organically without resorting to tactics like these, click here) When YouTube first started, getting views and subscribers was a lot easier. That’s not to say that creator didn’t have to work hard on their channels, just that they had a lot less competition.

YouTube has become so popular now that it is not uncommon for creators to look for alternative ways to stand out. Some might choose to buy views to kick start the organic growth of their channels (which is not a good idea), while others are looking for free ways of getting those views.

Two of these alternative methods are:

Part 1: Get More Views with View Exchange Platforms

Part 2: Get More YouTube Views with Bots

Get free YouTube Subs

#1: View Exchange Platforms

There are a variety of websites to choose from, but the main purpose is the same: you watch other people's videos in order for them to watch your videos.

Here are the most popular view exchange platforms:

1. View2be

View Exchange Platforms - View2be

View2be accounts are free. After you sign up, you will need to start watching videos from other YouTube publishers who are also members at View2be in order to earn coins. One of the differences between View2be and other view exchange platforms is that here, you can also complete some other tasks such as liking videos in order to earn more coins.

You can then spend the coins on views and likes for your own videos.

2. GrowViews

View Exchange Platforms - GrowViews

With GrowViews, you will need to login with your YouTube account. This is how the platform lists your YouTube videos.

After signing in, you just need to click on the Play button. The site’s player will work on the background, playing videos from other YouTube creators.

For each video that you watch, you will get 1 credit that you can then exchange for views on your own videos.

3. YTMonster

View Exchange Platforms - YTMonster

Just like with the previous two view exchange platforms mentioned, you can also create a free account with YTMonster. This will give you access to a dashboard where you can choose how to use the credits that you earn as well as keep track of what you have already spent credits on.

With YTMonster, you will be able to contact other video publishers like you and exchange not only views but comments, likes, and even subscriptions as well. You can even start campaigns to grow your YouTube channel as quickly as you can.

4. KingdomLikes

View Exchange Platforms - KingdomLikes

At KingdomLikes, you also create a free account. This platform isn’t only for YouTube views, it is for the exchange of social actions across multiple websites. One of the main advantages of using the KingdomLikes is that you can also use this same platform to get likes or views on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, as well as on YouTube.

Just like with the other platforms, you will need to watch other people's videos in order to earn views for yourself.

5. AddVisits

After creating your free account on AddVisits you'll get to a dashboard where you'll need to enter the URL of the YouTube video you want free views for.

AddVisits reviews each video submitted in this way to ensure that it complies with YouTube’s Terms of Service. Once your video is approved, you define how many points you are willing to give to people who watch your videos or like them. In exchange, you watch other people's videos and get points as compensation. You can then exchange those points for more views or likes.

#2: Get More Views with YouTube View Bots

When most people think about getting free views on YouTube, they immediately think about bots.

Bots can be dangerous for your channel. The wrong bot can really hurt your search rankings and if you get caught using bots you can lose your account.

If you are going to try a bot, make sure you choose one that offers high retention views (most can’t, but may say they can). High retention views mean YouTube interprets the data as someone watching your video for a period of time, vs just clicking on it and then leaving the page. A bot that can’t offer high retention views just ends up making it look like a lot of people clicked on your video, but none of them liked it enough to watch. That will cause YouTube to rank your video very low in its search results.

Making great content and polishing up your YouTube SEO skills will help you grow your channel over time, and this is probably the best way to go. However, you have a lot of options for how to get free views on YouTube if you want to try to kick start that growth. Besides, using a good video editing software is also important. Filmora provides lots of templates and effects which allows you to edit YouTube videos faster and better.

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