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The Best Video Editors for YouTube

Oct 26, 2023• Proven solutions

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Table of Contents



Section 1: PC Video Editors

Windows Movie Maker
Vegas Movie Studio

Section 2: Mac Video Editors

Final Cut Pro X

Section 3: Online Video Editor





Part 1: Filmora


Filmora’s intuitive interface was designed to make video editing a fast and simple process. The less effort you have to put into the technical side of editing, the more energy you can devote to being creative.

In the main screen of Filmora, you are never more than a couple clicks away from any basic, advanced, or creative feature you want to use. The built-in music library, a wide selection of text and title options, filters, overlays, animated elements, and split-screen options can all be accessed from a clearly labeled toolbar above the timeline.

Besides fun things like filters, Filmora also has powerful tools like advanced color grading and an audio equalizer. Either of these features can be accessed in two clicks from the main editing screen. With your audio or video clip selected, simply click the editing icon and then either Advanced (for expanded color editing options) or Customize (for the audio equalizer).

Even features like picture-in-picture (PIP) and green screen are easy to use in Filmora. The PIP tracks are right under the main video track in your timeline. Although there is only one when you start a project, you can have up to ten. These PIP tracks can be used to layer photos and videos over top of each other. One of the most popular uses for the PIP track is facecam videos. After you drag your facecam footage into the PIP track, you can easily shrink it and move it to the corner of your main video.

The green screen has its own designated icon on the main toolbar. Simply select a clip or image in one of your PIP tracks and click it to access the feature.

Filmora is always adding new features to make editing even easier for online video creators. A few of the other tools included in Filmora are speed control, text customization, tilt-shift, ripple delete, and an audio mixer.

Download Win Version Download Mac Version

Part 2: Video Editing Software Comparisons

Here is a ‘top 4’ list of other popular video editors. The list will discuss their best features and how they measure up to Filmora.

Section 1: PC Video Editors

Here are two of the most popular editing programs for Windows computers:

Windows Movie Maker


Image source: intowindows

PC users can download Windows Movie Maker for free, which has made it a popular choice among video creators that are just starting out. Movie Maker has different timeline tracks for things like videos and music, and it is very easy to trim or cut up all of your media clips. The ability to sharpen some of your blurrier images, speed control, and a simple title generator, and some basic transitions are some of the program’s more noteworthy features.

Movie Maker does not come close to matching Filmora’s range of features, but it is easy to use. It could be a good option for video creators who have no room in their budget for paid software. Videos made in Movie Maker will be simple, but that is all some people need.

Vegas Movie Studio

Vegas Movie Studio, which used to be Sony Vegas, is a big step up from Movie Maker. While editing your clips, you can adjust their brightness, contrast, and color balance. On the audio side of things, Vegas has a great audio restoration tool you can use to get rid of unwanted background noises.

Although it does not have filters, overlays, and animated elements like Filmora, Vegas does have some very modern-looking titles and transition effects.

The biggest advantage that Filmora has over Vegas is that it is a lot easier to use. Vegas has some great features, but accessing and using them is not something you can just jump into doing. Filmora is so intuitive that most users can just open it up and start applying effects.

Vegas is very reasonably priced at $49.95 USD, but it is only $10 more for the ease and effect variety of Filmora.

Section 2: Mac Video Editors

Here are two of the most popular video editors for the Mac OS:


iMovie comes free with Mac computers, and it is a huge step up from Windows Movie Maker. It has some really nice audio editing tools, like an equalizer and the ability to set fade in and fade out times (which Filmora also has). When you are editing video clips, iMovie provides you with a stabilization tool, speed controls, and even some filters and overlays. There are text and title options available as well, although they are very basic.

The main difference between Filmora and iMovie is variety. Filmora has a huge range of titles in different styles; iMovie has everyday fonts with all the traditional credit/title animations. iMovie has close to the same amount of features as Filmora, but there is always less variety in those features, and they tend to feel dated.

The main difference between iMovie and every other editor on this list is the layout. The timeline is located in the top left portion of the screen, not stretched across the bottom, and the clips/sounds do not sit in different tracks. The iMovie interface is not actually very complicated, but it will be an adjustment for anybody used to a more traditional editing experience.

Final Cut Pro X

Final Cut Pro is Apple’s attempt at a professional-grade editing program. It is much more advanced than iMovie and offers 64-bit architecture and background rendering. Background rendering means that your imported clips are prepared for playback before you actually move them into your timeline, making the editing process a lot faster.

Final Cut Pro also boasts a huge selection of editing tools.

Like iMovie, Final Cut Pro does not use a traditional timeline. This will make it easier to learn for users upgrading from iMovie, but potentially more difficult for users coming from any other program. Final Cut Pro would be competition for Adobe Premiere if it were available on anything except the latest Mac OS.

Final Cut Pro X costs $300, making it a significant investment.

Section 3: Online Video Editors


WeVideo is a fairly simple cloud-based video editor. Its most useful feature is that it gives your team the ability to edit collaboratively. Multiple editors can upload footage and create their own edits of the project.

WeVideo has all of the most basic editing features – the abilities to trim clips, add transitions, and give your project a soundtrack. Other than the potential for collaboration, though, it has nothing that free programs like iMovie, and even Windows Movie Maker, do not have.

There are a few different pricing options for WeVideo. You can use it for free, but your storage space and the number of features you have access to will be very limited. Your videos will also be watermarked. Also, both the free and $19 packages limit your video resolution to 720p. You will need to pay at least $39 for 1080p, and it will cost you $69 to get rid of all the storage limits.

If you are going to pay $69 for video editing software, you are much better off using Filmora.

Section 4: The Pro-Choice

Adobe Premiere

Adobe Premiere is a professional editing software. In terms of functionality, it has every program on this list, including Filmora, beat. It has very powerful video and audio editing tools, and the program can be customized to suit the needs of particular projects.

Because it is designed for professionals and veteran editors, Premiere is far from a simple program. If you have not edited a video before, or are used to a simpler program, it will take you a long time to become good at using Premiere (it might be a good idea to find an online course).

It does have a few features designed to save time, such as an automatic audio syncing tool and the ability to apply changes you have made to one clip across multiple other clips. The Premiere is probably the best program for professional video editors, but Filmora’s ease of use gives it an edge with amateur video creators.


Filmora is the best video editing software for YouTubers and other online video creators. Windows Movie Maker and iMovie are decent basic programs for creators on a budget, and Premiere is an excellent program for professionals, but if your goal is to create awesome videos for YouTube, then Filmora is the best tool for the job.

If you want to find a video editing solution that empowers your imagination and creativity yet takes less effort, please try this robust and user-friendly video editing software Wondershare Filmora. It provides special effects, stock photo & video, sound library, etc., which will definitely enhance your productivity and helps to make money by making videos much accessible.

Download Filmora9 Win Version Download Filmora9 Mac Version

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