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Best YouTube Names Generators [+ How to Brainstorm]

Oct 26, 2023• Proven solutions

It’s important to have a good name for your YouTube channel – something that people will remember. The following is a list of the 3 best YouTube name generators, an easy step-by-step for brainstorming, and instructions for updating your YouTube name.

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  1. YouTube Name Generators
  2. How to Come Up With a Good YouTube Name
  3. How to Change Your YouTube Name
  4. Requesting a Custom URL for YouTube

Part 1: 3 Awesome YouTube Name Generators

Need some help brainstorming your channel name? Here are 3 tools for getting started. Even if you don’t use one of the names you generate you’ll get some great inspiration.

1. SpinXO

Key points:

  -   Lots of options

      - Checks availability

This is a great generator. If you were brainstorming yourself, you’d probably write out a bunch of words related to yourself and the kinds of videos you want to make and see what goes together. SpinXO does that for you, and mixes in other words that sound good in usernames.

Here’s what happened when I tried to name a hypothetical baking channel:

youtube name generator spinxo

Not all of the results are great, but there are some cool sounding options in there.

One of the most useful features of SpinXO is that you can check the availability of the usernames. I liked the sound of CupcakesCupola, and when I clicked on it I was able to see that nobody else was using it on other sites.

youtube name generator spinxo

2. Name Generator

Key points:

      -   Can be hilarious

      -   Names tend to be a bit long

This is a fairly limited generator. You plunk in a prefix and a suffix, and it generates a random word or term to stuff between them. Here’s what I got for my fictional cupcake channel:

YouTube Name Generator

So, on one hand - that’s hilarious and I’m considering legally changing my name. On the other hand, all of the results look exactly like this (which means they’re all a bit too long). It shows you a longer list if you scroll down:

YouTube Name Generator

You can pick your favorite names and it’ll list them out so you can easily copy them into a word document. That’ll be useful if you’re collecting options from several sites.

3. Username Generator

Key points:

      -   Can generate a huge number of names at once

      -   You only input one word

For this name generator, you type in one important word and choose how many results you want to see. You can see up to 300 at once.

Username Generator

The generator will take your keyword and add endings (and occasional beginnings) to it. Some endings are words, and some are just suffixes. Here’s what I got:

Username Generator Sample

Part 2: How to Come Up With a Good YouTube Name – 3 Easy Steps!

The name of your YouTube channel needs to accomplish two things:

  1. Tell viewers what your channel is about
  2. Stick in viewer’s heads by being catchy and unique

Here’s how you can brainstorm the perfect name for your channel!

Step 1: Gather up relevant words

Open up a journal (or a word document) and start writing down words that relate to you and your channel.

You may want to make one list of ‘you’ words (personality traits, nicknames, titles, etc.) and another of words related to your channel’s category (i.e. gaming, makeup, or baking).

Step 2: Combinations

Start combining your ‘you’ words with your category words to see what sounds good. You may want to use one of the name generators above (anchor) for this part.

Try to keep your name fairly short (3 words or less) so it’s easier for people to remember. Don’t include numbers if you can avoid it.

Step 3: Say it out loud

Once you have a shortlist of potential names, read them aloud to yourself to make sure they sound good. Ideally, you want to get that ‘oh, that has a nice ring to it!’ feeling.

Part 3: How to Change Your YouTube Name

In the early days of YouTube, you couldn’t change your name, but now you can!

  1. Click on your account icon in the top right corner of YouTube and choose settings.
  2. Click Edit on Google.
  3. Update your name and click OK.

Part 4: Requesting a Custom URL for YouTube

Here are several types of YouTube channel URL, wouldn’t it be nice if, instead of a string of numbers and letters, your channel URL included your name? YouTube can do that for you!

You need…

  1. 100 Subscribers
  2. to have been on YouTube for 30 days
  3. use a photo as your channel icon/profile picture
  4. have uploaded channel art

Here’s how to get your custom URL:

  1. Click on your icon in the top right corner of YouTube and choose Advanced under Settings / the gear icon.
  2. If you meet the qualifications above, you’ll see ‘You’re eligible for a custom URL’ under Channel Settings.
  3. YouTube will show you the custom URL you’re approved for in the Get a custom URL box. You can’t change what’s there, but you can add to the end of it.
  4. Click Change URL after reading the terms of use.

You can delete your custom URL and claim a new one, but doing this might be confusing for your followers.

If you already have a YouTube channel name – are you happy with it? How did you choose it?

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