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Voice Control Integration: Another Reason to Use ChatGPT

Are you looking for a verbal mode to interact with your copywriting tool? Read this article and learn about the voice ChatGPT feature in detail.
Liza Brown
Liza Brown Originally published Sep 01, 23, updated Mar 27, 24

Since its invention, AI technology has stayed in trend, and the hype didn't leave anyone unknown. Once you start exploring the world of AI, you'll realize it has earned it fair and square. The innovation of new tools every day, with every tool more advanced than the previous, is revolutionizing our world. One such innovation is the integration of the voice ChatGPT feature.

From students to researchers and businesses to industries, everyone is aware of ChatGPT, an AI copywriting innovation. Recently, ChatGPT Google Voice was introduced for users who prefer verbal communication or are too lazy to write. In addition to covering voice to ChatGPT feature, this article will unveil other AI innovations as well.

In this article
  1. Part 1. How has AI Copywriting Integrated in the Current Industry?
  2. Part 2. Voice Control for ChatGPT: An Overview
  3. Part 3. Alternative to Proficient AI Copywriting: Wondershare Filmora
  4. Part 4. Other AI Features Offered by Wondershare Filmora
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Part 1. How has AI Copywriting Integrated in the Current Industry?

Our generation is not easily impressed when it comes to technology. It is because they have grown up using AI-driven technologies, tools, and, in some cases, gadgets. However, they couldn't resist being amazed by AI copywriting tools because of the following reasons:

1. Content Creation

Content creation on social media is the new obsession of our youth. That is where these copywriting tools assisted the most by automating the generation of ideas through prompts. From a mere prompt, it can generate scripts, blogs, and web content in seconds, saving resources and time.

2. Customized Advertising

Regarding brand marketing, a brand cannot rely on general content. You need to write customer-specific content to boost your SEO rankings and attract loyal customers. This is where AI copywriting tools can assist in personalized conversations and emails. The advanced training programs access and analyze customer's history of interests and act accordingly.

3. Customer Care Services

Along with having a large audience comes the responsibility of managing their queries punctually. It can lead to high costs and time to deal with customers manually. This is where AI copywriting tools act as instant and personalized chatbots. They help customers solve their queries and answer questions. These tools can be customized as per your brand's preference.

4. Multilingual Support

Whether it is local or global, when it comes to business, effective communication is the key. These tools offer multilingual support to globalize your brand and make it known among a multinational audience. AI copywriting tools can generate content in diverse languages and accents.

5. SEO Optimization

The continuous updates in the content optimization strategy can take much work to adopt. To cope with this hurdle, AI copywriting tools offer SEO-boosted content. Their SEO services include generating SEO titles, keywords, descriptions, and related content.

6. Productivity and Resource Preserve

AI copywriting is directly associated with improving productivity and offering resources to users. Those facing writer's block and research problems can heavily benefit from this adaptive technology. Furthermore, this can increase productivity and contribute to task achievement in other fields.

Part 2. Voice Control for ChatGPT: An Overview

Amongst other AI-driven copywriting tools, ChatGPT Google Voice was introduced by OpenAI in 2021. It has many variations, each of which offers auto-generative AI services in content creation. One of these variations is Voice Control for ChatGPT, offering voice generation through Copywriting. Users can generate content first from its copywriting feature, and the voice ChatGPT feature can narrate it.

Voice ChatGPT is not restricted to voice narration, where it also allows users to personalize their experience. Users can manage the playback speed of ChatGPT Google Voice from its settings. They can choose how they want to create content as it is a Text-to-Speech (TTS) and Speech-to-Text (STT) AI. Moreover, it contains NLP systems that enable it to understand natural human language and respond in a similar manner, both written and verbal.

Summing up, Voice ChatGPT is a great tool for students, teachers, or professionals. It can save time by narrating your written content and is a great aid in e-learning. In this era of intuitive lifestyles, this tool has managed to impress and assist everyone.

Steps for Using Voice Control for ChatGPT

With everyone being a fan of ChatGPT, people want to at least try the new upgrades and features it introduces. It always comes in handy to have prior information before using something. Following that, below are the steps for using voice ChatGPT:

Step 1: Open your browser and type "Voice Control for ChatGPT." After reaching the site, click the "Add to Chrome" button. After downloading is complete, enable the "Chrome Extension" permission. ChatGPT Google Voice will be automatically integrated.

voice control for chatgpt download

Step 2: After that, open ChatGPT on your browser and log in to your account. Once you reach ChatGPT's main interface, you'll see voice options there. From the "Mic" icon, you can give verbal instructions. Moreover, from the language button, you can change the language settings in which you and ChatGPT will communicate.

log in and start instructing

Step 3: Moreover, you can experiment with the playback speed of voice ChatGPT by accessing the "Settings" button. There, you can also modify the display settings or disable the voice settings.

manage settings for voice chatgpt

Part 3. Alternative to Proficient AI Copywriting: Wondershare Filmora

Although Voice ChatGPT is a great innovation, it still has some limitations that can limit a user's creativity. For instance, it does not have many voice options for voice narration, and users need to download AI voices manually. Moreover, it doesn't offer the integration of these voices in other applications or content.

This is where you need a tool that can expand your horizons as a creator, and we recommend Wondershare Filmora for that. Wondershare Filmora is an AI-integrated editing software that supports digital content. Along with other AI tools, it offers an AI Copywriting tool that can be your content-generative partner. With the help of this tool, users can generate video or audio scripts in minutes with simple prompts.

Edit Video with AI
Edit Video with AI

An interesting thing about it is that it has GPT-3 integration that takes the game to another level. Moreover, creators can use this script to create voiceovers through its other voice-generative AI tools. In short, Filmora doesn't limit video editing, but it provides utility.

ai copywriting filmora

Part 4. Other AI Features Offered by Wondershare Filmora

After reading about Wondershare Filmora, you must be curious about how it can assist in other content creation or editing types. Let's get to know about some of Filmora’s other editing AI features for digital platforms below:

Edit Video with AI
Edit Video with AI

1. AI Image

When reading a book or understanding the functioning of something, images often clarify our doubts. Moreover, one of the qualities of SEO-boosted content is the integration of accurate images in them. With Filmora’s AI Image, you can now generate images from texts in high quality and different resolutions.

ai image filmora

2. Speech to Text (STT)

When you’re a content writer, generating ideas and compelling words for audience attraction is already a task. Filmora’s Speech-to-Text AI can help ease your burden by assisting in one of the content writing genres. It can transcript your videos in an accurate manner, saving you time and effort.

speech to text filmora

3. Text to Speech (TTS)

Sometimes, you are procrastinating or are sick of creating voiceovers for your video, but not posting regularly can cost you. You can lose your audience by being absent and unconcerned. Filmora’s Text-to-Speech AI can help you generate voiceovers in 10 natural human voices. You can also transcribe this audio in 25 languages to address your global audience.

text to speech filmora


You are now aware of how Voice ChatGPT and copywriting tools are revolutionizing digital platforms. Not only do they help you personally, but they have also proved themselves on an international scale. However, if you are tired of switching between platforms, Wondershare Filmora is your stop.

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Mar 27, 24
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