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Samples of Cartoon Character Face to Inspire You

Liza Brown
Liza Brown
Originally published Apr 21, 22, updated Jul 12, 24
Samples of Cartoon Character Face to Inspire You

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Being able to draw facial features is an essential skill for any animator. Whether you are a beginner at drawing faces or an experienced cartoon artist that has been drawing for years, this is a skill that can gradually improve with time. With the implementation and use of simple shapes, creating various facial features and cartoon styles can be done quickly.

how to draw cartoons face

The methods of creating funny face cartoon characters are suitable for everyone, even if they do not have a single day of illustrating experience. These methods presented in this article are easily accessible to provide you with different results depending on your budget and your desired outcome.

The act of drawing cartoon faces can be effortless, and in this article, we will give you some fundamental samples of how you can draw cartoon faces of your own.

Part 1 Learn to Understand the Core of Cartoon Style

First, you need to simplify the different parts of the cartoon character face to pick up on very subtle facial expressions and features. For example, the eyes' shape and size will help determine if the person is feeling sad, excited, happy, excited, or sad. In addition, the amount of lift under a person's eyebrows can help determine whether a person is mad or not.

These facial expressions are crucial to how a person communicates. It has got to the point that we can read someone's face without truly understanding which parts of the face convey that emotion. However, these days we get exposed to everyday adaptations of facial expressions, especially with the invention of Instagram, Snapchat, and cartoon face filters.

Consequently, cartoons are a combination of different shapes that are being put together and are not difficult if the focus is on each shape individually and the process breaks down step by step.

Cartoons are a mixture of different shapes put together. It's not difficult if you focus on each shape individually and break down the process step by step.

Finally, understanding these unconscious and subtle differences in facial expressions is crucial when planning out an animated character. Afterward, when understood, you can simplify the features to be recognizable by your audience.

understand the core of cartoon styles

Part 2 Top 12 Cartoon Face Examples

Cartoon character faces are gaining immense importance in design art due to their universality. Cartoon faces can represent people in several situations and add a comic or satirical twist to dull topics by highlighting their importance. However, drawing cartoon faces require a lot of skill and differentiation, and graphic designers, while working on basic and universal templates, always try and introduce unique elements.

Here are the top 10 examples of cartoon character faces you can choose from when you want to make your designs:

01Men and Women

This sketch features different facial expressions made by older men and women.

top 10 cartoon face examples 01

02Stretch and Squash

This photo shows the difference between squashing and stretching the face and provides references for extreme squash and extreme stretch.

top 10 cartoon face examples 02

03Dramatic Expressions

The expressions drawn here are super fun and dramatic. However, it is a great way to have fun and practice how to draw facial expressions simultaneously.

top 10 cartoon face examples 03

04Quick Expressive Sketches

With this, you can practice how to draw different facial expressions by doing quick sketches like this one. Perhaps you do not need to pay attention to perfection.

top 10 cartoon face examples 04

05This Is Good This Is Better

With this facial expression, you can see a good look and an even better expression. It shows the difference that subtle changes can make to your facial expressions.

top 10 cartoon face examples 05

06Male and Female Expressions

This includes both male and female expressions to express the facial reaction of both genders, like some funny cartoon characters face.

top 10 cartoon face examples 06

07Quick Sketches

This type of facial expression will help you get better at drawing cartoons, and you can use do some quick sketches every day.

top 10 cartoon face examples 07

08Jay Leno's facial expression

Here, it is being exaggerated on a few of his most prominent facial features, including his chin. It is kind of a fat face cartoon character.

top 10 cartoon face examples 08

09Robert Pattinson Facials

In this photo, his head shape was distorted to show the thinness of his face, and his big hair also accentuates this prominent feature further.

top 10 cartoon face examples 09

10A,I,U,O,AE,M Facials

With this, you can practice how to draw your facial expression by pronouncing a, i, u, o, ae, m.

top 10 cartoon face examples 10

Part 3 How to Draw a Cartoon Face - For Beginners

Here, we have written down 7-step to follow on how to draw a cartoon character face as a beginner effectively.

Step 1: Plan and Prepare

This is the first step is to plan out exactly what this character will convery through its expression while drawing a cartoon character.

Step 2: Drawing A Cartoon Head

Next is time to start sketching out the shape of the head based on the plan you have made. Whatsoever shape you decide to use for your character, start with a circle to serve as the basic shape for the head.

Step 3: Drawing Cartoon Eyes

Now, you need to draw the eye of the character, which is a crucial step because the eye is the essential part of their expression. To get the character's eyes in the right place, you should carefully sketch the horizontal or vertical dimension lines.

how to draw a cartoon face 01

Step 4: Drawing A Cartoon Nose

The simpler the nose is, the better it looks in a cartoon. Ensure to keep a proper ratio between the mouth, eyes, and nose so that it does not look too crowded together.

how to draw a cartoon face 02

Step 5: Shaping the Face

In shaping the face, one needs to be mindful of the character, which will help to determine how to shape the jawline and head. For example, for a girl, the face should be narrower and have the chin come to a bit of a point at the end, whereas, for a boy, it requires that the face is a bit bolder and focuses more on the definition of the jawline.

how to draw a cartoon face 03

Step 6: Drawing A Cartoon Mouth

The mouth is another essential part of the cartoon character's expression and a key indicator of how the character is feeling. It portrays whether you want the character to smile, frown, yell, be nervous, or be neutral.

how to draw a cartoon face 04

Step 7: Drawing Cartoon Hair

Next, you need to draw the cartoon hair, and, in some cases, the cartoon hair is a significant part of their appearance as it is a way to convey your character's personality, appearance, style, or gender.

how to draw a cartoon face 05

Step 8: Coloring

Another part requires you to paint your character to improve the texture and make it beautiful.

Part 4 How to Easily Turn Yourself into a Cartoon

Are you looking to turn yourself into a cartoon? This is very necessary as it provides you with a great way to integrate diverse characters into your brand's marketing while simultaneously keeping your content personalized.

However, after converting a picture to a cartoon character face, you can decide to animate it, and the best tool is Wondershare Filmora Video Editor. Animation is a great way to advertise your business, especially during times like these. it is a clever way for leaders, CEOs, and managers to connect with their remote workers and boost engagement, company culture, and ultimately work morale. Filmora is also a great tool to create creative and powerful animation with tons of follow-come effect that enables you to carry it out effectively and efficiently. In this section, we will guide you on how to turn yourself into a cartoon easily:

Step 1: Visit and sign up for a free account, then click on the "build your character" option from the dropdown menu.

how to turn yourself into a cartoon 01

Step 2: Next is to select the cartoon gender you want.

how to turn yourself into a cartoon 02

Step 3: Finally, you can customize your character’s facial features such as skin, hair, color, clothes, and animated gestures.

how to turn yourself into a cartoon 03

Step 4: Once you are satisfied with the result, you can save it on your device or share it on social media

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Ending Thoughts

Thus, we saw how to easily cartoon your character's face via some samples to help you out. With the method listed above, you can easily use it to create a square-faced cartoon character or draw a fat face cartoon character.

This article also explained how to cartoon yourself. However, to cartoon your video or create a cartoon animated video, we recommend that you use Filmora, its keyframing feature to help you carry this out effectively.

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