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Learn Pencil2D Animation Tutorial Overview

Liza Brown
Liza Brown
Originally published Jan 06, 22, updated May 20, 24

Animation is one of the trendiest technologies. The basics of animation were formulated in the 2000s from the moving page trick. The first few animators learned that animation is nothing but continuous switching of frames from one to another. One animated still is switched to another and then another in a quick sequence such that it makes a sequential moving frame. Today, animation has come a long way from where it started and today it is used for several commercials, tutorials, and even educational lecture videos. Pencil2D animation is an amazing animation tool that can be used by even neophytes. Want to learn more about 2d pencil animation and its super cool features? Well, you're at the perfect place. Today we'll be telling you more about pencil 2d animation and giving you a small overview of its usage.

 Part 1 What is Pencil2D and How to Install?

2d pencil animation is popular open-source animation software. The software is pretty cool for those who are newly starting off with animation. The open-source software is available on all major operating systems including Windows, Mac OS, and Unix. Using this amazing software, we can make amazing cartoon characters using traditional cartoon-making techniques such as tracing drawing, skinning. Using this software, you can save animations in the native animation formats or extract the animation to PNG, JPG, or other formats. Wish to explore more about pencil 2d animation software? Follow the steps listed below in order to download the pencil2d animation software.

● Firstly, you need to ensure that your device has ample space on it.

● Next, you need to head to the official website of pencil2d.

● Further, you need to select your operating system. You can find different versions of the software, namely windows 7/8/10, windows XP/ Vista, Mac OS, and Linux

● Once downloaded, you need to start the installation setup. Note that this may take a while to download.

● Once downloaded, you can start familiarizing yourself with the software.

 Part 2 Overview of the Application Interface

1. The brush tool

The brush tool must have reminded you of paint software in windows. The brush tool is a popular and highly utilitarian basic tool in Pencil2D animation software. You can either access it via the user interface or quickly access it by using the B key on your keyboard. As the name suggests, the brush tool is literally just a brush that allows you to draw and paint any sort of drawings of different shades, colors, and thickness. If you wish to change the color, you can find a color palette on the left side of the interface.

brush tool pencil2d

2. The eraser tool

You've a brush tool; it's almost common sense that there'd be an eraser. The eraser tool has an eraser as its icon. If you wish to use the eraser, click on the eraser tool or simply click the E button on your keyboard. Once you've selected the tool, you need to simply hover over the parts you wish to erase.

eraser tool pencil2d

3. Bucket tool

The bucket tool is another useful tool that you can find in the left tool pane of pencil 2d animation. The tool icon looks like a bucket and it is used to fill an entire area with a particular color. You can choose the color you'd like to fill from the color pallet available on the left side. Alternatively, you can also access the bucket tool by pressing the "K" key on your keyboard.

bucket tool pencil2d

4. Custom colors

A cool feature that you can find on pencil 2d animation software is the custom color one. You can merge and mix colors according to your choice and create your own color. To do so, you need to click on the small color box that you'll find at the top right of your screen. By doing so, a huge color wheel will appear on your screen. Now you can either enter values of the R, G, and B if you wish to merge different colors and make a new one or select a particular color from the huge color wheel that appears in front of you. These colors vary in gradient, shade, and a lot of different factors.

custom colors pencil2d

5. The Undo button

The Undo button is a highly useful functionality for the lazy ones who do not wish to erase the mistake they made. By undoing, the previous step gets reverted and you can start over again. The traditional undo shortcut, Ctrl+Z does work in the pencil 2d animation. Alternatively, you can also use the undo feature via the user interface. You can do so by heading over to the edit option in the topmost bar. The first option in the drop-down menu would be undo.

undo pencil2d

 Part 3 How to Create Animations with Pencil2D?

Creating animations in pencil 2d is slightly sophisticated and certainly needs minimal practice. Follow the steps listed below in order to learn how to animate through pencil 2d to make your first animation.

1. Ensure that you've turned on your bitmap on the first frame

Animation works through quick switching of frame which makes it appear as though the object is in motion. By turning on the bitmap, pencil 2d animation ensures that you've no blank frames at the start of your animation.

create animation pencil2d 1

2. Draw your animated character

Since you're trying to animate, you need to have an animated character or object. Hence, the first step to making your first animation is by drawing the object or character that you wish to animate. Try to make the character as realistic as possible. To start with, maybe you can try animating just a stick figure; this is because animating a complex character is rather difficult for beginners.

create animation pencil2d 2

3.The three circular buttons

Once you're satisfied with the character you draw, you need to spot the 3 circular buttons which are arranged in the "+","-","+" order. By pressing the first "+" button, you can add an empty slide. If you click on the "-" button, it will delete the most recent slide and if you click on the next "+" button, it will duplicate the current slide.

create animation pencil2d 3

4.Repeat until you get an animation

Now that you know how to deal with multiple frames, you can continue creating frames and making the animated characters move by tweaking with the drawing in every frame. For instance, if you wish to show that the animated character is running, in one of the frames the left leg should be forward and in the next one, the right leg should be forward. Keep repeating this process of tweaking with frames until you've your desired animated video.

create animation pencil2d 4

Now that we've seen the process of animation via Pencil2D, you must have realized that it's pretty orthodox and complicated. Moreover, you cannot carry out rigging and other newer animation techniques. Hence, we introduce you to Wondershare Filmora Video Editor, your all in one animation making platform. Here you can animate without any hassle. Wondershare Filmora makes your job easier with multiple animation features, you needn't even draw your animated character. You can simply import a custom-made character and rig the character. Further, you need not deal with multiple frames and personally pay attention to each frame. All in all, Filmora makes your job simple and your animations much more seamless.

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Key Takeaways from This Episode

Animation is actively being used for multiple purposes.

Today we took a look at one of the orthodox yet popular animation tools, Pencil2D.

The Pencil2D animation tool offers you multiple functionalities and allows you to make animations.

Next, we also took a look at Wondershare Filmora Pro, your one-stop shop for all animation needs. You can find multiple animation features here and it's all so simple.

What are you waiting for? Your next animation is just one click away.

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