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The Definitive Guide to Whiteboard Animation

Liza Brown
Liza Brown
Originally published Feb 15, 22, updated May 20, 24
The Definitive Guide to Whiteboard Animation

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Detailed tutorials provided by the official channel

We think about moving videos with actors and actresses when we talk about motion. But, when we speak about doodle videos or drawn videos, we feel about whiteboard animation.

Introduction to whiteboard animation 1

This article covers all the necessary information about whiteboard animation, Filmora whiteboard animation, whiteboard animation cost, etc. Under whiteboard animation, sketches adjust in a manner that results in continual animation reflection.

 Part 1 What is Whiteboard Animation?

whiteboard animation2

Whiteboard animation is a style that shows static watcher images getting drawn on the white screen. The graphics are at the core of a narration that walks the audience through the story by the draws. These animations are modest to understand, but they make us involved all of an impulsive.

Whiteboard animation could be a video in the middle of narration that walks the viewer through a story by viewing the illustrator's hand drawing it onto a white background. Established in 2007, whiteboard animation may be a new and exciting way of communicating to the viewer in a very personal way.

It applies effects like time-lapse and stop-motion to bring stories to life. Its uses include internal and external television and internet advertisements, software and product demonstrations, whiteboard animation lectures and educational videos for all ages, and various artistic possibilities like untrue storytelling.

Whiteboard animation videos are traditionally made by simply recording the artist live as they draw the content for the video while at the same time reciting the story. An efficient technique in these visually-oriented times, but a tricky balancing act for even the most effective illustrators and speakers.

Part 2 How Can Whiteboard Animation Be Used?

Reasons to use whiteboard animation3

While working with whiteboard animation for pc or going with whiteboard animation hand drawing in digital mode, it is important to understand how can whiteboard animation be used for? Let’s try to figure out that in the following points:

01Represent complex ideas in a simple way

A whiteboard video can offer assistance if the item or framework you need to portray is complex or exceedingly specialized. Individuals frequently get bored amid clarifications, and the more point by point those clarifications are, the harder it is to focus.

Whether you're pushing an item on a press page or sharing a new trade prepare with your team, employing a high-quality whiteboard movement video to induce your point-over will keep up tall intrigued for as long as the video is playing. This can be because whiteboard liveliness is fast-moving, outwardly point by point, and frequently colorful, making them simple and fun to watch—for as long as it takes to clarify the thought.

02You can cover a part of your thoughts all at once.

For reasons comparative to those displayed over, a whiteboard video is perfect on the off chance that you would like to cover an expansive sum of data within the introduction. With ideas unfolding visually as the storyteller portrays what's going on, you'll be able to get absent with counting a part of diverse thoughts within the same video without losing the watcher intrigued.

03You need to get other business attention

Did you know that whiteboard activity recordings are fair as compelling for Bshowcasing? The industrial-yet-casual look-and-feel of whiteboard activity loans itself astoundingly generously to a corporate environment.

Whiteboard movement administrations can donate you a noteworthy edge over competing companies once you approach other businesses along with your offer.

04You should maintain a strategic distance from awful performing artists at all costs

With whiteboard liveliness, you don't ought to enlist on-screen characters to play in your video. This cruel noteworthy took a toll on reserve funds. Still, it can moreover spare you genuine embarrassment—good, persuading performing artists can be troublesome to find, and awful ones will have your group of onlookers wincing through the complete introduction. Movement ousts this issue inside and out.

05You plan to use social media marketing

If you need to utilize YouTube or social media advertisements for your promotion, whiteboard liveliness recordings alone will do the job. Individuals like them, so you've got a great chance of getting sees and clicks—and sales. 

(Fun truth: Did you know there are 3billion looks conducted on YouTube alone each month? If you need your share of that activity, utilizing whiteboard activity recordings may be your best wager.)

06You want to create a story

On the off-chance that you need your video to tell a portion of your brand's story, no one will do that way better than whiteboard movement administrations. Disney demonstrated that liveliness was an incredibly viable way to tell stories nearly a hundred years ago. Why not take after that convention?

07You want to use humor

When you need to consolidate humor into your video introduction, whiteboard activity is one of the most excellent ways to induce giggles. Novice performing artists can be unbalanced and irritating when they attempt to be clever on camera, but in whiteboard animation's laid-back visual fashion, it can communicate humor immaculately.

08You need to reuse ancient sound substance

If you want to repurpose other sorts of the substance you've got lying around—say, a podcast scene or a discourse you gave—you can combine preexisting audio with whiteboard liveliness. This will assist you to capitalize on the substance you've as of now made, and it'll undoubtedly breathe new life into it.

Part 3 What is Whiteboard Animation Cost?

cost of whiteboard animation4

Should you contract an artisan or fair do-it-yourself for whiteboard activity? Let's have a conversation around sweat equity.

You can set up a video camera yourself and utilize video altering computer program to make a Whiteboard Liveliness. However, it'll likely require a couple of weeks of your time, and your comes about will be far from a professional studio's quality. Expect ineffectively drawn pictures and composed words that are unreadable. 

Whiteboard activity program can be fetched as small as $50plus saves a couple of weeks of your time. These cheap programs utilize an inactive picture of a hand and clip craftsmanship. But the ultimate item isn't unique, and its esteem is an excellent Control Point introduction. 

Another choice is Adobe Eventual outcomes, an industry-standard activity program. It's what they utilize to create National Commercials. It costs $16in any case, and learning the computer program requires a bachelor's degree.

Part 4 Some Whiteboard Animation Tools That Worth Using

Whiteboard animation software or whiteboard animation app permits you to form whiteboard animation videos. Animation software offers a visual, drag-and-drop interface to simplify the designing process for creators.

Wondering what whiteboard animations are? They're explainer videos where a hand sketches on a whiteboard. Before, this was manual, where a lecturer writes on a whiteboard. But because of whiteboard animation software, you don't have to have a whiteboard or compose aboard again.

Whiteboard animation tool has built-in hand styles and virtual whiteboards that automatically process animation formation.

Wondershare Filmora Video Editor and Camtasia are some of the best videos altering computer programs with cool features compared to other competing video varying Software. 

Wondershare Filmora

Get started easily with Filmora's powerful performance, intuitive interface, and countless effects!


Here are a few steps to follow for making whiteboard animation videos in Filmora and Camtasia:

01Write a Script

scripting a story 5

Much like a standard video or a brief skit, there must be a script if a whiteboard animation video succeeds. It is excellent to have compelling images and information, but without a logical story, they're nothing.

It is not a blog, storyboard, or a collection of bullet points. You hope for a proper script, which says everything about the video. Why? Because then you'll know precisely what images should be added further in specific segments, what the narrator must show, and what transitions are necessary.

02Start with the Storyboard

preparing a storyboard 6

Now you have got a script, and you've got a clear idea of how you want your video to return across. It's time to start out building the storyboard. With a storyboard, you may be able to sort out your thoughts far better. You'll see how each frame comes onto the screen, and a unit of ammunition ties into the opposite.

When you create your storyboard, you may have a simple idea about how your final product will look. If there is some alteration you're not proud of, this can be the instant where you'll make changes.

03Create Images

Create images

You may find this part very easy if you're a precise person. It's all about crafting fun and unique images that will help deliver the data you want to bring across. Attempt to create striking photos which will excite your audience. The simpler, more distinctive, and attractive you'll be able to make those images, the higher your end product.

04Animate Those Images

Animate images

With your images drawn and in situ on the storyboard, it's time to animate them. When animating your whiteboard animation video, confine in mind that every frame will likely show for no. quite seconds. This forces you to form every single movement count – with only some seconds per frame available, and quick movements are often preferable to extended scenes of stillness.

05Record and Sync the Audio

Record and sync the audio

The audio is arguably one of the main essential parts of a whiteboard animation video. So, before recording the audio for any part of your project, practice reading through your script several times until you recognize it by memory and cannot struggle when speaking into the microphone during the particular recording process.

The final step involves getting your audio. Every animated video must have narration because it helps to elucidate what's happening within the images that folks are seeing. Record your audio, and ensure it's perfectly in sync with your content.


So, whether you are going with hand whiteboard animation and then modifying and animated with Filmora or the Camtasia whiteboard animation, both result in good whiteboard animation. Whereas, if looking for comprehensive video editing tools, the obvious choice will be Filmora.

Key Takeaways from This Episode

In short, the article gives you the basic understanding of:

What is meant by Whiteboard Animation?

Different examples of whiteboard animation videos to explain the techniques

Steps to apply whiteboard animation with Filmora

Further, the article has explained Whiteboard Animation with different examples to clarify how it looks, and some websites may help you lead more about Whiteboard Animation videos. The most important question answered above is how to make videos ideally at Filmora. I hope your queries are explicit after reading this post.  

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