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18 Bumble Conversation Starters to Ignite Your First Message

Ollie Mattison
Ollie Mattison
Originally published Jan 11, 22, updated May 20, 24
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We all know that no matter how long you have been on bumble or how many dates you have been on, it always feels good to see the screen pop up and the notification saying that you have been matched. There is the feeling that comes with that. While it is excellent to get matched, what gets our adrenaline pumped is starting a conversation on bumble after being matched. The bumble conversation starter is the second step to getting a date and the most crucial step. We have some bumble first message ideas in the sideline below.

bumble conversation starters

Part 1: Why Does Bumble First Message Matter?

The main reason why the bumble first message is important is that it helps both parties to know what kind of person they are dealing with. Also, it helps to figure out what the person wants for sure. We all know that we are there for dates, but sometimes your first message could give an impression. Let us talk about the diverse characters that this first message could imply

An Empathetic Character

This is naturally kind, and this is someone who starts a conversation with something that makes the person on the other end feel good or exceptional. Opening up with a compliment or cute question could send this impression.

A Confident Person

This is someone that doesn't start going around the corners. They just blurt out what they want in one sentence. They make it cute, though, and in a way that the match hardly refuses. With their first message, they let you know why they like you and make it clear their intention of dating or whatever they want.

A Funny Person

We all know that this feature is mainly one that guys possess. Men have a fantastic sense of humor. This is a bonus for most people. Making your match laugh would be one of the best things you could do to get your match to like you.

An Intelligent Person

If you are this kind of person, you could seem a little complicated at first because you make observations that are not always obvious. Also, you could do things to get your match to talk to you about deep things. These people have the most successful bumble conversation starters because it works almost every time. They converse in such a way that it keeps the other party interested.

Part 2: 18 Bumble Conversation Starters to Make You Look Cool

9 Bumble Conversation starters For Boys

bumble first message for boys

  1. When I got out of bed this morning, I thought today was going to be like every other day, but then I stumbled upon your profile.
  2. Without me putting a gun to your head or sending an assassin after you, will you go out for drinks with me?
  3. Lunch or Dinner?
  4. I don’t know what we are both doing after we have known each other for a minute without having each other's number.
  5. If I could rate you on a scale from 1 to 10, I would say that you are a 9, and I am the 1 missing to complete you.
  6. Meat pie or muffin, I want to know what you like to have during an afternoon break from work.
  7. I just saw your pictures and I couldn’t help but come to you and say that your eyes are beautiful.
  8. Can I a teal one of your pictures so I can show it to Santa and let him know that this is who I need as a Christmas present.
  9. What would you like to do with me this weekend?

9 Bumble Conversation Starters For Girls

bumble first message for women

  1. I see that you like food a lot, I recommend the Mexican restaurant downtown, they serve the best food.
  2. Wow, is that you on your profile? You look like you could take out John Cena
  3. Recommend a movie for me from the ones that aired last year.
  4. Who would you prefer, Nicki or Cardi?
  5. Guess we are both stalking each other, I just moved to San Diego
  6. Would you rather lose your legs or your hands
  7. What made you look weird in high school?
  8. Who is the one artist that makes you smile?
  9. You look so handsome, how come you don’t have a girl.

Part 3: 5 Tips For A Conversation Starter On Bumble

Stay Positive

Most times the pressure on you when sending a message to someone on bumble for the first time is daunting. It is easier to stay positive, send in something like "Congratulations" the person hasn't done anything, so it is courtesy to ask you a question based on what you sent. Then the following things follow after that, the first line of conversation is done and dusted.

bumble conversation tips

Be Straightforward

Always go in for what you want, throw the net into the river, you might catch something. Just go straight to the point, you could say to your match that you love their lips or their body shape. Just make sure you let the person know what you are in for.

Be Funny

The funny guy or girl either has people around them or draws the attention of everyone all the time. This is always a winner. Just start with a joke, see who you are dealing with, and then boom, you are in.

Don’t Be Afraid To Be Cheesy

Don't be scared. You are here for dates, so you are allowed to be cheesy. Girls especially find cheesy men attractive, don't overdo it, but it is a good idea.

Start With A Compliment

You don’t know what to say first, you are looking at your match and you are saying wow this man or woman is beautiful, why don’t you just say that? you could also compliment a dog or the car on the profile.

Part 4: Use A Video To Win His Or Her Heart

You cannot go wrong when you edit a bunch of pictures or videos together and post them on your profile. Video editing works like a charm, it is one of the beauties of the dating world today. There is software used for this kind of thing. One, in particular, is the Filmora software, it is good for both business purposes and casual presentations. It has a very simple application that most people can operate, it helps you bring together different media on your phone and edit them to your taste.

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Final Words

Not many people can proudly say that they can easily send the first message to their match without getting scared or feeling like they don't have anything good to attract that person. Well, I hope these tips help ease your stress when you send a message for the first time to your match.