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How to Make a Unique Bumble Profile That Stand Out

Ollie Mattison
Ollie Mattison
Originally published Jan 11, 22, updated Jul 12, 24
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Dating apps like Bumble do an excellent job by just letting you meet people from anywhere while sitting at home eating pancakes. What makes this app so unique is that you get to meet new people who share the same interests as you and want to meet a partner ready to meet up and have some fun. Sometimes the match you make from these dating apps ends up becoming that relationship that lasts for the rest of your life. Just like you have to look good when approaching a person upfront, you need to create a good bumble profile that would get you the kind of dates you want. You don’t have to be as sexy as Micheal B Jordan or Chris Hemsworth. You just have to make sure some things are in place in your bumble profile. We will help you achieve this. You would find this article helpful.

Part 1: What Makes A Good Bumble Profile?

Here are some bumble profile ideas. The criteria listed here would help you formulate your bumble profile in a way that would get you dates and matches as you want. Your profile has to meet a standard to be classified as a good bumble profile.

Good Photos

The mistakes most people make are that they don’t remember that this is an app that connects people worldwide. You can’t just go putting in anything that can go in. Your pictures have to be standard. You can’t look bad and expect anyone to match up with you. Also, you have to make sure that most pictures on your bumble profile are personal photos because when you are always in the midst of friends, no one wants to go through the stress of figuring out which one you are. Especially your cover photo, it should be a personal and intelligent photo of yourself.


A good bumble profile has to be verified in the sense that people nowadays use other people’s faces to scam others on these dating apps. Bumble gives you a chance to verify your profile by using face ID software and your location. This would give you more matches on Bumble because the risk of matching and meeting with someone who isn’t verified is a high one.

An Enticing Bio

When we say enticing, you don’t have to do much. Your profile has to draw people. For instance, you could ask something off the top of your head that would make people match with you so that they can answer. A couple with amazing photos, your questions would surely bring some answers. You could also write something unique about yourself that would make people think, what kind of person is this? People want to know people who have done some extraordinary things.

Part 2: Get Inspired by 8 Best Bumble Profile Examples

Bumble Profile Examples for Male

Note: the following bumble profiles are from Pinterest.

bumble profile example payton

bumble profile example malcom

bumble profile example donny

bumble profile example jeff

Just like the criteria that have been listed above, we can learn from these photos having profiles of different men on Bumble trying to get a match. The first guy said a skunk hadn’t sprayed him in ten years. That is not something you hear every day, so you see that this guy has a great sense of humor. From the second to the fourth guy, they have all made it clear that they are here in search of dates and not to mess around. You can also learn to take photos like this to get matched.

Bumble Profile Examples for Female

bumble profile example diane

bumble profile example jessica

bumble profile example erin

bumble profile example heather

These Four photos speak for themselves. Looking at all four of them, you would get an idea of creating a bumble profile as a lady. There is nothing to it because most girls are photogenic, so they already have one criterion there. Now, the next thing is your bio. You just have to be creative, let people know your interests, and try to be funny like the examples.

Part 3: How to Write an Impressive Bumble Profile?

After posting an appropriate photo, your bio should be the next thing on your agenda because this is something that gets you matched up as it can hold your interests and other things for people to see. Your pictures could lie, but the things you say on your bio can spark up attention. Here are some bio Tips

Less Than/ Greater Than Bio

Do you want to make an excellent first impression? Well, this would be of great help because this feature would make your bumble profile look very interesting and draw more people on board. Less than more significant than is saying things like Glass table > Wooden tables. Your preference is greater.

First And Last Bio

This makes your profile interesting because it requires you to say something like movies or books, crush, or anything, then tell the first and last one you had. For instance, movies, first Rambo and last Red notice. Anything to keep your profile interesting.

About Me/About You

This would surely stir up some replies because here you are saying things about yourself that make you exciting and then you are asking other people to tell you something about themselves too.

Three Simple Things

This would also stir up some replies because, in this format, you have to say some unique things about yourself and then ask those viewing your profile to say theirs back.

Talking About Things You Like

This one is very common though, most people use this trick, but it always works, say the things you like, and this would bring you matches that share the same interests.

Part 4: Bonus Tip – Use Videos To Win His Or Her Heart

After starting the conversation with the one you liked, you can choose to send attractive photos or videos to express yourself. Try an easy-to-use video editor Filmora for free!

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On Bumble, people are trying their best to get matches, so you would find many things on different profiles. You have to be yourself and be creative as well. This would help get you matches.