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How to Fix No Matches on Bumble and Get More Matches in 2024

Ollie Mattison
Ollie Mattison
Originally published Jan 10, 22, updated Feb 29, 24
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Bumble is one of the most popular online dating applications nowadays preferred by most people. Nowadays we have seen that the demand for online dating applications such as tinder and bumble is increasing day by day. In general, it is really fun to swipe through various profiles on Bumble and get matches. Many times it happens that you are not getting any matches on Bumble and here few reasons could be playing a role.

Here in this article, we would be talking about the reasons for getting no matches bumble and how to get more matches on bumble when you are getting no matches on bumble.

Part 1: Is it Hard to Get Matches on Bumble?

If you are wondering why your bumble is not showing matches, then there could be a reason that you have not filled up your bumble profile properly.

In general, it is not hard to get matches on Bumble if you have provided enough and relevant details on the application.

Fix No Matches on Bumble

Part 2: Why are There No Matches on Bumble?

If you observe that Bumble is not showing matches to your profile, then there could be something wrong with your profile. There are a few reasons behind getting no matches on bumble. Here are some of the reasons:

Your profile is not filled up properly

This is one of the most obvious reasons that maybe you have not added relevant information to the application which makes other users bored. You don’t put any photos of yours on to show how great you look. So blank information on the application makes your profile look unattractive. So always make sure that your profile is all ready to make a great appeal to users.

Your account settings are not configured correctly

Also, you might not have checked and set the right settings on your profile in terms of location and distance. Here you can expand the distance location based on your mood to extend matches on Bumble.

You are very choosy in swiping

There could be a reason that you are missing out on the right matches on your bumble profile because you are way too choosy in picking the right one. So you need to be a bit open up while swiping up profiles on Bumble.

Your expectations could differ

On bumble, we find most of the people who are looking for a serious relationship, and if your profile shows something opposite then there are some chances of not getting matches on bumble.

Part 3: How to Fix No Matches on Bumble?

If you are the one who is not getting matches on bumble, then here are some of the best-proven solutions to fix no-matches on bumble:

Get More Matches on Bumble

  1. First, you need to fill out all the relevant information about yourself on Bumble at one go. As we know profile with not enough information would look dull to others to make them swipe left. So put proper information and also add good 1-2 pictures of you to make your profile look attractive.
  2. You can also modify the location and other settings based on your expectations and filter out matches on Bumble. So once you configure the settings properly, you could gain more matches on Bumble.
  3. Also, you need to take time to find the right matches on your bumble profile. You can come up with an appealing profile description of yours which can make other users swipe right within no time.
  4. Make sure you are trying to be authentic and clear with your bumble profile. It should not include any harsh words in your description which could sound negative to others and make them swipe left. Also, rather than being too over with, your profile description should try to be genuine and clear.

Part 4: How to Get More Matches on Bumble?

We all who are using the bumble application have a purpose to gain more matches on your profile and when you are not getting matches on bumble you would feel that there is something wrong. So here following are some of the best ways to find out how to get more matches on Bumble.

Profile update

Your bumble profile must be updated properly and for that, you need to add relevant information. Also, make use of a photo verification tool that would prove your authentication to the users.

Come up with a classy and catchy bio

Always believe in making the first impression and here on Bumble, your profile bio is a great deal for you. So coming up with the short and classy bio on your bumble profile would give an extra vibe to your users and appeal to them to swipe right.

Link to your other social media platforms

Also, being a Bumble user would add an extra element to your profile if you link to your other social media platforms. You can add social media platforms such as Spotify, Instagram, etc. application as it would help users to know about your hobbies and interests. Here it will lead you to find out mutual interest and find out ideal partner.

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Super swipe

Bumble has one exciting feature for users called the “Super Swipe” option. Here you need to tap on the yellow-looking heart and it gets super swiped, which means that you are highly interested in the other person and keen to be in touch. This is a great way to let other people know about your interest in them.


Thus, we have understood that Bumble is the first choice of people who are looking for a partner through the internet. So when you feel that bumble is not showing matches, you can go through the possible reasons behind getting no matches on bumble and also the best reasons for extending matches on bumble.

Now it is time for you to follow the above-mentioned set of ways and extend matches on Bumble.