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Best 6 WebM to GIF Converters

Shanoon Cox
Shanoon Cox
Originally published May 16, 22, updated Feb 29, 24
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Video content has become an essential element on almost every platform. With its growing rise to fame, multiple video file formats are now available, including MP4, WebM, and GIF files. The WebM video format is helpful in web-based scenarios due to its high quality and smaller file size support.

Most browsers with HTML5 support the WebM format. In contrast, GIF formats offer a much smaller file size and increased compatibility with all web browsers. If you want to convert your WebM to a GIF file, you can use the various format converter tools available. Here, discover some of the best WebM to GIF converter tools to help you with the task.

Part 1: Best 3 WebM to GIF Converter Software

We have some info for you if you are looking for software that can help convert WebM to GIF files. Here are our top picks for programs that you can easily use as WebM to GIF converters:

1. Wondershare Filmora






Wondershare Filmora is one of the most prestigious video editing software that can also act as a WebM to GIF converter tool. Filmora offers its users various visual effects, stock footage, intuitive templates, and more to enhance their video content. Users can create robust and lively videos suited to their skill level using Filmora.

Filmora can turn all your video storytelling dreams into reality with its creative assets and easy-to-use features. After editing a WebM video on Filmora, you can export it to your local system’s library into several file formats, including GIF. Thus, you can convert WebM to GIF files efficiently and instantly using Filmora.

wondershare filmora 11 editor


Filmora offers built-in templates and creative assets for an easy start.

You can add smooth transitions and effects to your video using Filmora’s keyframing.

Filmora offers powerful motion tracking tools for better quality realistic visuals.

Filmora’s Auto Reframe option lets you resize your videos easily and automatically.


The free version of Filmora retains a watermark on the video.

2. Adobe Premium Pro




Adobe Premium Pro is a professional-level video editor and filmmaking software. Premium Pro can help you with everything from creating marketing content to cinematic masterpieces. You can shape your stories with Adobe’s one-of-a-kind tools. Premium Pro contains everything you might need to make your content shine, from audio tools to professional templates.

If you want to convert WebM to GIF, Premium Pro can help you. Using Adobe's powerful features, you can import your WebM file to the program’s interface and customize its various aspects. Once you have finished the conversion, you can export your video file into a format of your choice, i.e., the GIF file format.

adobe premiere pro converter


Premium Pro now offers up to 100GB of cloud storage with Adobe’s Creative Cloud.

You can edit up to five projects at a time, accompanied by live sharing.

Premium Pro allows powerful and accurate auto color adjustments on your projects.

You can send your camera’s feed directly to Premium Pro for live processing.


The software requires technical skills and is not well-suited for beginners.

3. Movavi Video Editor Plus





Movavi is a great video editing software that can help harness your creative abilities and inspirations into meaningful content. Movavi can also act as a WebM to GIF converter tool for both Mac and Windows computers. With its unique special effects, animations, and templates, you can bring all your intuitive ideas to life.

Movavi offers fast processing and high-quality results. The program supports multiple formats that can be converted into one another, such as WebM to GIF and vice versa. Once you import your WebM file into Movavi’s interface, you can customize every aspect of the video to enhance your vision and export it to a GIF format with just a few clicks.

movavi video editor plus


You can record your desktop screens and add them to your video using Movavi.

It offers various advanced editing options such as Chroma key and motion tracking.

Using its Stabilization feature, you can fix motion distortion and shakes in your video.

Movavi lets you adjust the audio and normalize the audio volume using its Equalizer tool.


Movavi offers limited control over some effects, such as title additions.

Part 2: Top 3 WebM to GIF Converters

If you are looking for web-based tools dedicated to video file format conversions, we have a lot in store for you. Below, you can find the top 3 WebM to GIF online converter tools to make your task easier.

1. CloudConvert

CloudConvert is a notable file converter tool that offers services across the web. The tool features an easy-to-use and interactive user interface. CloudConvert provides extensive support to help convert your WebM files into GIF images in a few simple clicks. You can use it to transform your WebM to GIF without losing the quality of the product.

cloudconvert online converter


CloudConvert offers up to 25 free conversions per day, with premium quality results.

It supports more than 200 file formats for images, videos, audio, etc.

CloudConvert offers enhanced security for your file without the risk of viruses, redirects, popups, etc.

Before conversion, you can change your file's various aspects, including the resolution and frame rate.


CloudConvert does not offer support for batch conversion.

2. Convertio

An incredible web-based tool that can help you convert WebM to GIF files is Convertio. This tool offers high-quality conversion from a wide range of supported formats. Compatible with all modern browsers and OS, Convertio features a simple interface that ensures a smooth and trouble-free conversion process.

convertio gif converter


Convertio offers major Cloud Storage services integration, including Google Drive and Dropbox.

The tool offers batch processing support so you can convert multiple files at the same time.

It is highly versatile and offers conversions for multiple file types.

Convertio also offers a video compression feature.


You can only upload maximum file size of 100MBs on Convertio.


Another notable online tool that you can use as a WebM to GIF converter is It is an intuitive website dedicated to GIF file format. You can access this free web-based service to convert a file into GIF format or edit your created GIFs in virtually every way possible. The conversion process is also quick and straightforward on

ezgif video to gif converter


You can easily adjust your output file's size and dimensions on EZGIF.

The tool offers easy markers and pauses options to help you accurately select the start and end positions for your GIF.

You can crop, rotate, or trim your video prior to conversion.

EZGIF can also help you create GIFs from images.


The website currently does not offer integration with Cloud Storage services.

Part 3: How to Convert WebM to GIF Using CloudConvert?

CloudConvert is a remarkable WebM to GIF converter tool that offers web-based services across multiple platforms. If you want to convert your WebM video file to a GIF format, here is how you can do that using CloudConvert:

Step 1: Upload Video

After opening the website on your device, click on the “Select File” button on the program's interface. You can choose to upload your file from the local computer, by a URL, or through a cloud storage service.

upload video file

Step 2: Specify Options

You can now select the specifications of your video, such as choosing the resolution, aspect ratio, and frame rate. CloudConvert also allows you to trim your video during the conversion process.

edit gif settings

Step 3: Convert to GIF and Save

Once you have specified your video details, hit the "Convert option." When CloudConvert has converted your video format from WebM to GIF, click “Download” to save your file.

start the convert process


The choice of a suitable file format depends greatly on the final use of your video. Your video file type can influence the quality and the file size of your content. Format converters are handy tools if your file is incompatible with your chosen platform.

If you want to convert WebM to GIF files, you can do so effectively with the converter software and websites mentioned above. If you're going to refine your video with post-processing further, you can try the wonderful features offered by Wondershare Filmora. The software comes loaded with remarkable tools to help your video content stand apart.

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