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Facebook Stories Downloader

Shanoon Cox
Shanoon Cox
Originally published Jan 11, 22, updated Jul 23, 24

Facebook stories are the perfect way to get candid and share a moment with our friends and followers. However, most people prefer to use the stories to upload memes, tutorials, and random videos. It compels the audience to download them, but unfortunately, Facebook shows no such option in the application.

Hence, there is only one way to download the stories. Getting our hands on Facebook stories downloader as well as Chrome Extensions. The article presents a detailed insight into Facebook story video downloaders and their guides. So, let us begin!

Part 1: Online and Best Facebook Story Video Downloaders

The market understands the hype of needing to download Facebook stories. Therefore, a wide range of story FB downloaders brings different features and quality to the lot. The sub-section spins around three online story downloaders Facebook, along with their guide. So, without waiting any longer, let us commence this.


YouTuFab is the perfect solution to download Facebook stories in a heartbeat. Supporting more than 1000 famous online websites, YouTuFab provides 4K UHD resolution, which means one can have a crispier output. YouTube, Facebook, Reddit, Instagram, Twitch, Twitter, and Dailymotion are examples of this tool's range of motion.

youtufab story downloader

Moreover, there is no constraint to the size of the story video that can be downloaded on YouTuFab. You can download unlimited story videos and music without getting worried about reaching the ceiling. YouTuFab is also the fastest way to download the story.

Following is the detailed procedure to download the Facebook story via YouTuFab:

Step 1: Initially, go to the official website of YouTuFab and enter the pasted link of your favorite YouTube story. Hit "Download" after that.

Step 2: The tool displays several formats to choose from after the link has been analyzed. Pick the format your find necessary.

Step 3: The downloading process will begin shortly, and it will be saved in your system after a couple of seconds.

The second workable story downloader Facebook changed the game completely with the compatibility programs. One can use this free and online tool through Windows, Mac, iPhone, and iPad.

fdown story downloader can also be relied upon to access live streaming stories once they are finished. It means that this amazing downloader knows it all. As far as security is concerned, FDOWN understands the users' privacy and doesn't copy the downloaded videos on the server.

Let us have a look at the guide that will help apprehend the steps to download the story using

Step 1: Copy the link to the Facebook story that you find motivational. After that, the user is expected to launch the website from the browser.

Step 2: Input the link in the search box and click on "Download." The algorithm requests you to choose the preferred quality between Normal and HD.

Step 3: The video starts saving in the system. If it starts playing instead of downloading, right-click and hit "Save as." The process is completed.


The third story FB downloader, bringing ease at the workplace, is SnapSave. Presenting a diverse range of languages to make navigation easy for beginners globally, SnapSave is at your disposal. You can download the videos in HD and 4K free of cost.

snaptube story downloader facebook

Moreover, the Facebook fanatic doesn't have to download any plugin or software to complete the work. SnapSave displays compatibility with Mac, Windows, iPhone, and Android, which states that there are no limitations to this tool.

SnapSave can be used to download the story by the following procedure followed from head-to-toe.

Step 1: For starters, use your system's browser to open SnapSave official website. The search box shows stating, "Paste Video URL Facebook." Import the pasted link in that space.

Step 2: Now, press "Download." The tool will take seconds to analyze the link.

Step 3: Choose the quality and again hit "Download." The video will be saved to the system in seconds.

Part 2: Chrome Extension for Downloading Story from Facebook

Chrome Extensions are installed to the Chrome browser to enhance the workability of its features and change the functionality multifold. The users can have effortless access to it as the extension modifies the browser's behavior. Therefore, adding a Chrome extension to download the story from Facebook feels like the perfect answer.

The sub-section of this write-up reflects upon Facebook story downloaders Chrome and their step-by-step guide. Let us have a glance at three of them.

Story Saver

The first refreshing and workable Chrome Extension is Story Saver. Story Saver has made the downloading process 100% more productive as the user doesn't have to play with the copy and paste of the link.

The user is only expected to download the extension and make his life easy. Story Saver also saves the story with a logical and readable name, thus making the process flawless. The Chrome Extension is not only associated with Facebook. It also presents its unmatched services with Instagram and WhatsApp.

story save story fb downloader

If you are unsure how the Story Saver extension operates, allow us to walk you through its step-by-step guide.

Step 1: Head to the Chrome Web Store to download the Chrome Extension of Story Saver. Search Story Saver in the box. As it appears, hit "Add to Chrome."

Step 2: The extension has been downloaded and can be accessed from the top right corner of the browser.

Step 3: Now, navigate the Facebook story you wish to download. After that, click on the Story Saver's extension, and there you go! The video would begin to download.

Swift Video Downloader for Facebook

Let us have an insight into another Facebook stories downloader. The Swift Video Downloader for Facebook has extensively brought a revolution to the workplace. The user doesn't have to keep the story's link handy to lubricate the process. There are no strings attached with Swift Video Downloader as the extension saves time while offering the best.

Once you have installed the Chrome extension, you do not have to worry about the device's use and compatibility concerns. The bundle downloading process means that one can keep multiple stories in one go, thus limiting the process's flaws. Swift Video Downloader for Facebook is the perfect idea to access movie fragments, motivational speeches, mini-presentations, and trailers.

swift video downloader for facebook

Follow the procedure below to understand how the Chrome extension should be used. So, here we go!

Step 1: Navigate to the Chrome Web Store and find Swift Video Downloader for Facebook. From there, you will find "Add to Chrome." Tap on it, and it will be a part of the Chrome Extension.

Step 2: Open your Facebook account and launch the video story that needs to be downloaded. The Swift Video Downloader will be shown in the top right corner of the browser in the icon. Press on it.

Step 3: The process will display the "Download" button above the story. Click on it to save it on your computer.

Download Facebook Videos

Last but not the least, allow me to introduce you to another wild Chrome Extension of the year known as Download Facebook Videos. Download Facebook Video is at your beck and call to download the favorite story music and video in seconds.

Essentially, you can also change the quality of the video. The extension gives the options of HD and Normal quality. Pick one according to your need and storage in the device in use. We have outlined the procedure to download the story via this Facebook story video downloader. Follow it carefully to have the desired results.

download facebook videos extension

Step 1: Download the Chrome Extension for "Download Facebook Videos" using the Chrome Web Store. After it is added to the browser, head to your Facebook profile.

Step 2: Open the story footage and copy the link. Visit the extension of Download Facebook Videos and paste the URL there. Wait for a couple of seconds.

Step 3: Choose the desired quality, and the file will be automatically downloaded.

Part 3: Introducing Wondershare Filmora to the Rescue

Most content creators and celebrities undergo complete editing of their stories before uploading them to enhance brand visibility and awareness. Wondershare Filmora is an impeccable video editor, taking the editing to the next level.

Filmora can be relied upon for making quick and advanced changes to the video. The user can make their watermark and insert text, animations, and transitions to engage them.

filmora fb story editor


Downloading Facebook stories has become equally famous as downloading movies and films. The article presented Facebook stories downloaders which are both online and Chrome extensions. Moreover, the detailed procedure was of these downloaders was also the crux of the article.

Wondershare Filmora was introduced in this write-up as the excellent video editor in the market. Make the right call to bring luck to your workplace multifold.