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Fix Facebook Watch Video Icon Tap Missing!

Shanoon Cox
Shanoon Cox
Originally published Jan 04, 22, updated Feb 29, 24
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Facebook gives its users a lot of interesting video content to enjoy and benefit from. The best part is, the social media platform makes it pretty easy to access video and all other types of content. To make video content more easily accessible, the social media giant added a video icon in the shortcuts bar for users’ convenience.

But nowadays, many people find Facebook video icon missing from the shortcut bars or tabs. What are the reasons? How do you fix the issue? In this guide, we share with you all possible reasons and a comprehensive solution to the problem.

So, let’s get started:

Part 1. Possible Reasons for Facebook Video Icon Missing

Facebook Video Icon in Shortcuts Bar

The Watch video icon tab is a very useful option in Facebook. Using this feature, you can quickly and easily watch your favorite videos and movies online on the platform. Since it provides free access, people enjoy and prefer this social media site a lot. You’ll a lot of fun watching interesting video content here.

But what is there is no TV icon on Facebook video? Well, there could be so many reasons behind this, and the most common ones are discussed below:

Reason 1: You’ve not updated your Facebook application.

An outdated application may lack some of the latest features. So, if this is the case, make sure you update the app asap to access this interesting feature.

Reason 2: It’s been a long time since you deleted your Facebook data on your computer.

Cached data can cause problems accessing the latest apps, data, and features on your device. So, delete the old data, and then see the difference.

Reason 3: If you’re a new user of Facebook, you do not get the option to enable the Watch Video tab.

Many new users find difficulty accessing the problem. In such cases, you can approach online help guides and videos to know how to add the Facebook video icon when you access the platform on your device.

Reason 4: You’ve not updated the software of your device.

Much like an outdated application, it’s important to update the software or operating system of your smartphone, PC, or laptop. An outdated app may not support advanced features like a Facebook video icon. So, update the software of your device asap.

Reason 5: Your phone’s screen or display is too small to see the icon.

No tv icon on Facebook video could be because the tiny display of your device hides many icons and features. So, you may need to scroll down and up a lot if this is the case.

Reason 6: Finally, in order to see the Facebook video icon, you may have to disable another icon in the shortcut bar. Once you’ve done this, only then can you add this icon back on it.

These are the most common reasons when you see Facebook video icon missing. Fortunately, you can fix most of these problems yourself because these are not major ones.

But in some cases, for example, when you don’t know Facebook settings, you’ve to go for alternative solutions.

Part 2. How to Solve Facebook No TV Icon on Facebook Video?

Step 1: Open the Facebook app on your device. You’ll see no TV icon on Facebook video in the app.

facebook shortcuts bar

Step 2: Click on the hamburger icon on the top-right of your screen.

facebook hamburger menu icon

Step 3: Scroll down and go to Settings & Privacy. On the following screen, go to Settings.

facebook settings and privacy

Step 4: On the next screen, scroll down until you see the “Shortcuts” section.

shortcut bar

Step 5: Now, tap on “Shortcut Bar,” and if you don’t see VideoHome option,” move on to the next step.

shortcut bar settings

It might be because you’ve to delete existing Facebook data stored on your device. So, let’s try this.

Step 6: Open the “Settings” app on your device.

Step 7: Now, go to “Apps” and wait until the list loads on your system.

mobile settings apps

Step 8: Once it’s loaded, scroll down until you find the Facebook app.

mobile app facebook

Step 9: Click on the Facebook app option. Next, click on the “Storage” option.

facebook settings on mobile

Step 10: On the next screen, you’ll see two options – Clear Cache and Clear Data. First, click on Clear Cache to remove cached Facebook data.

clearing facebook data on mobile

Step 11: Now, click on Clear Data to delete all Facebook data stored on your device.

Step 12: Go back, and open the Facebook app on your device. You’ll see that you’ll have to log in to your device again. Enter your Facebook username and password.

Step 13: Now, you should be able to see the Facebook video icon in the shortcut bar of the Facebook platform.

facebook tv icon for video

Step 14: Again, go to “Settings & Privacy > Settings > Shortcut Bar.

Now, you should see the VideoHome shortcut option in the list. If it’s disable, you’ve to enable it by tapping on the toggle button.

facebook video icon setting

So, in case of no TV icon on Facebook video, you can follow these steps to resolve the problem. It helps restore the watch video icon in the Facebook shortcut bar.


Part 3: Other Solutions for Facebook Video Icon Missing

Here are some other solutions you can try to solve the issue:

Install a Fresh, Updated Facebook App

If none of the methods explained above work, then try uninstalling/deleting the app from your device. To do this, simply tap and hold the app and uninstall it.

Now, open the Play Store or App Store, and install a new copy of the Facebook app. Finally, login by using your username and password, and see if the Facebook video icon is there or not.

Get to the Facebook Help Center

In case nothing works, the final solution can be to report the “no tv icon on Facebook video” issue to Facebook. Many users have been able to resolve the issue by contacting Facebook manually.

Simply report the issue, and it will get fixed later or sooner. In this case, you’ll be able to see the Facebook video icon in the shortcuts car in your app.

To do this:

Step 1: In the Facebook app, go to Menu.

Step 2: Click the Help and Support option, and then, tap Report a Problem.

Step 3: You’ve to tap the Watch icon again and select Watch as your issue.

Step 4: Now, type your issue and submit to get it fixed.

facebook help center for watch icon

Part 4: Why Facebook Video Icon is Important?

The first and foremost reason is that it gives you quick access to useful video content online. Many businesses, small and bid, connect with others on Facebook. It’s great for both personal and professional objectives. In addition, Facebook video formats are designed to capture the attention of the audience immediately. It’s flexible and creativity, helping you reach your goals.

wondershare filmora video making

You can use different tools to create impressive Facebook videos, Wondershare Filmora is one such good tool. This is one of the best video-making and editing tools delivering professional results.

Wondershare’s Filmora provides standard transitions, trimming, overlays, and many more effects, making it an enthusiast-level video editing software. Using its clear, pleasing and intuitive interface, it becomes very easy to edit and make impressive videos in no time.

Some of its top features include the following:

1. Highly Intuitive Interface

The tool has a full editor view that resembles that of many popular video editing applications. The simple and dark interface features non-skeuomorphic controls. You can switch between light-gray and black windows as per your comfort. It provides you with a full-screen video preview and you can even adjust sizes of the panels.

2. Instant Cutter

You can use the Instant Cutter tool of Filmora during clip import and for large high-resolution content. Simply drag multiple clips onto one window and use the Merge sub-mode to combine them.

3. Plenty of Transitions

Wondershare’s Filmora brings you 100+ transitions arranged in 10+ categories, including 3D, Slideshow, Warp, Speed Blur, Plain Shape, Linear, etc. You also get access to lots of special effects and color editing options, text and tile effects, music and audio options.

wondershare filmora image filters

In addition, the tool offers many video formats, including FLV, MKV, AVI, , MP4, MOV, and WMV. You can even choose an animated GIF format and 4K formats as per your needs.

All in all, Filmora is a super flexible and versatile video editing tool packed with countless features.


Now, you know how to solve the Facebook video icon missing issue. Try our any or all of these ideas to solve the issue and get instant access to impressive video content.

Once the issue has been resolved, you can use Wondershare Filmora to create impressive video content. Whether you’re using Facebook for personal or business purposes, it’s a great tool to create engaging content.

Once you’ve created eye-soothing and pleasing content using Filmora, you can post it on Facebook. Your target audience can watch is using Facebook video icon. You can also watch how the video looks using the same Facebook watch video icon.