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Online Facebook Video to MP3 Converters | How to Convert FB to MP3?

Shanoon Cox
Shanoon Cox
Originally published Jan 11, 22, updated Jun 12, 24

The usage of videos has enhanced multifold, and there is no denying that fact. However, the audio and music tracks are equally workable in the industry. The MP3 formats have a small size, and sharing them is easy compared to the videos. Moreover, most people like to listen to Ted Talks in MP3 format as they perform the daily chores at the workplace or even at home.

Essentially, the music producers do not like the idea of a video and prefer audio tracks that run in the background. Therefore, the article shall shed light on the conversion of Facebook video to MP3 online through five different converters. Wondershare Filmora would also be the crux of the article.

Part 1: Facebook to MP3 Converters Online

The conversion of Facebook to MP3 has become popular. Therefore, one needs a Facebook video to MP3 converter that can be accessed online and is free of cost. The section shall introduce the top five Facebook MP4 to MP3 converters so that the users can pick the one that suits their workplace operation effortlessly.


The first of the lot is AceThinker, which has extraordinary expertise in converting private Facebook videos to MP3. One doesn't have to download software or create an account to use its unmatched services. A stable internet connection and a system can do the trick.

acethinker interface

AceThinker doesn't only work with Facebook. You can convert a video into MP3 format for different social websites, including Dailymotion, Twitter, Soundcloud, Bandcamp, Instagram, etc. As far as the browsers are concerned, you can visit AceThinker on Chrome, Firefox, Thunderbird, Safari, and Opera, and whatnot.

Windows and Mac operating systems shouldn't worry about the compatibility of this amazing video to audio converter. The tool wouldn't disappoint you and allow you to ace your way into the workplace.


The preference for online video converters is improving day by day due to the accessibility and ease of use they bring to the table. Most people face storage issues with their systems, so an online converter does the trick. OnlineVideoConverter is one such exceptional tool that is at your disposal to convert Facebook private video to MP3 in seconds.

onlinevideoconverter interface

OnlineVideoConverter is your free solution to turn your video into MP3 so that it can be shared with friends easily. As compatible with Windows and Mac operating systems while offering support for iPhone and Android, you don't have to worry about the device in use.

As far as formats are concerned, OnlineVideoConverter showcases its compatibility with MP4, M4V, MP3, FLV, M4A, MOV, WMV, FLAC, MPG, OGG, AVI, and WAV. There are no restrictions to the number of videos to be converted, which means that OnlineVideoConverter takes the user's flexibility under consideration. Moreover, it has one of the fastest conversion speeds in the world.

The next online tool excessively used by motivational speakers, bloggers, vloggers, and gamers ix X2Convert. As a converter for FB video to MP3 online, X2Converter allows you to get the audio in HD quality. Henceforth, if you need to professionally deal with the converted audio, X2Convert has to be your first and final choice. converter

The tool is perfectly workable with Mac, Windows, Linux, Android, iPhone. The end-user doesn't have to download any additional plugin or software to access or use the tool. The conversion feature presents different tabs such as Audio, Video, MP3, and WEBM. There is an extensive range of resolution and speed to make the process effective and productive.

X2Convert also takes the user's privacy seriously. It means that the team of this online tool doesn't monitor the browsing history or invade the video's privacy. Therefore, the user should have no concerns about content safety and security.

YouTube 4K Downloader

The next Facebook to MP3 converter and downloader is YouTube 4K Downloader bringing revolution from a layman's life to a creative professional in the field. With more than 900 supported websites to access the content, YouTube 4K Downloader is free to use.

youtube 4k downloader

Moreover, this converter is free of viruses which means that one doesn't have to be concerned about the security of their videos and other content. There is no requirement to download software to extract audio from a Facebook video. You can also download video playlists and channels to bring revolution to the workplace.

YouTube 4K Downloader is compatible with all browsers and offers no limitation to the number of videos to be converted. Taking care of the audio quality, this converter has no competition among other online converters in the business. Additionally, the user can download the complete video, download the video without sound, or download the audio-only.


ODownloader gained popularity in limited based on its diverse range of workability. The procedure is simple if you are a beginner in the industry. ODownloader is a perfect way to convert FB to MP3 and conclude the process in seconds.

odownloader convertr

After the user inputs the targeted video to the program, ODownloader gives different choices. It displays quality and size with the required formats to choose from. It enhances the user experience and control over the needs. There is a good range of languages that you can choose from to improve your understanding of the interface.

This feature helps ODownloader be accessed globally without worrying about language barriers. With that said, this converter also comes up with an Instagram and YouTube downloader.

Part 2: How to Convert Facebook Videos to MP3?

We hope that the user would have chosen the perfect FB video to MP3 converter after knowing the workability of the top five Facebook to MP3 online converters. Therefore, let us shift our focus to the procedure needed to convert a Facebook video into an MP3 format. For this, we will be incorporating the services of AceThinker.

Step 1: Visiting AceThinker

For starters, launch AceThinker from any browser and operating system. Input the link into the search bar and hit "Enter."

past facebook video link

Step 2: Video Link Processing

AceThinker processes the video in a couple of seconds. The user is recommended to pick "MP3" as the targeted output format.

Step 3: Downloading Audio

Now, right-click on the "Downloader" to select "Save link as." The audio file is downloaded shortly after the command.

export the mp3 file

Part 3: Bonus Tip: Wondershare Filmora as an Impeccable Video Editor

If you have downloaded the video from Facebook using these wonderful video downloaders, it is time we shift our focus to something more important. Before Facebook videos are uploaded, the bloggers carefully edit them. It helps make the content engaging, visually appealing, and competitive. That's when Wondershare Filmora comes in.

Wondershare Filmora has the perfect editing tools to bring innovation to the lot. You can make audio adjustments in the video, transform, and compose it, and add visual effects. Most content creators like to insert transitions to give the video a new look. The "Motion Tracking" enables you to capture the moving object's motion with the frame and text.

filmora editor interface

Besides this extraordinary feature, Filmora has got you with the keyframing functionality. One can sprinkle animated moments onto the video to make it intense and captivating. The keyframing also adds effects, customized title cards, and picture-on-picture videos and images. Essentially, do not hesitate to split the video and make it workable.

Following are some renowned benefits of using Wondershare Filmora. Let us have a look, shall we?

  • The interface is surprisingly simple and easy to navigate. The beginners find no difficulty in scrolling through different tools and functions.
  • There is a never-ending library for transitions, effects, titles, animations, and whatnot that can be used in movies and short films.
  • Filmora enables you to unleash your imagination by creating visually appealing content through advanced video and audio editing features.
  • Wondershare Filmora is at your disposal with 24/7 customer support. The team of Filmora is there whenever you have run into a complicated mess.
  • The tool has functions for all content creators globally, including gameplay streamers, movie makers, content creators, bloggers, and vloggers.

Wrapping Up

There are different types of people in the world as some prefer videos over audio but others have a certain inclination towards MP3 audios. Considering this notion, the article presented a detailed insight into the top five FB to MP3 converters and what they bring to the house. Their detailed discussion shall truly help creative professionals and content creators to make a suitable decision.

Wondershare Filmora was a significant part of this write-up that introduced some workable editing features. The user is expected to test its features and make the right call so that their Facebook videos get the hype they deserve.