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How to Add Captions to Instagram Videos

Caroline Laurent
Caroline Laurent Originally published Dec 19, 22, updated Mar 27, 24

Are you fond of using Instagram? Instagram is one of the widely used social media platforms that many people use to connect with each other. You can share photos, videos, and stories with your followers to provide a highlight of your daily activities and experiences.

Moreover, you can use filters provided on Instagram to make your photos or videos more engaging. You can also add captions to them to easily reach your target audience. In this article, you can learn how to add captions to Instagram videos efficiently. We will highlight three different ways that can assist you in adding captions to your Instagram videos.

In this article
  1. Why Should You Add Captions to Instagram Videos?
  2. Generate Captions to Instagram Videos Automatically
  3. Add Captions to Instagram Videos Manually
  4. Add Captions to your Instagram Video with Filmora

Part 1: Why Should You Add Captions to Instagram Videos?

Have you ever wondered what the benefits of adding captions to Instagram videos are? Read this part of the article to know the actual reasons for adding captions to Instagram:

1. To Make Movies Trailers Comprehensive

If you are posting movie trailers on Instagram, there are chances that people won't understand the dialogue immediately. To make your movie trailers more understandable, it's recommended to add captions before posting them as Instagram videos.

2. Helps During Sound Issues

Sound issues on your Instagram videos may occur unexpectedly. In such situations, adding captions to Instagram videos can help those users who face audio problems frequently.

3. Accessible to Deaf People

Being a blogger or influencer on Instagram, it's your responsibility to make your content accessible to physically disabled people. Thus, adding captions to your Instagram videos can help deaf individuals to understand and connect with your content.

4. Connects with a Wide Audience

Not every follower on your Instagram understands your native language. Thus, to increase your target audience globally, you must add captions to your posted videos on Instagram. This will make your content diverse as various people across the globe will be able to comprehend your Instagram videos.

Part 2: Generate Captions to Instagram Videos Automatically

For your lengthy videos, adding a large number of subtitles can be time taking and hectic. However, by using the auto-generate feature of Instagram, you can make your task easier. Through this cool feature, Instagram will add captions to your videos automatically. To learn how to add captions to Instagram videos automatically, check the following steps:

Step1 Open your Instagram app and tap on the "Plus" icon given on top. A pop-up menu will open, displaying options such as Post, Reel, Story, and Live. For now, tap on "Post" to proceed. Now select any video from your device that you want to post.

tap on the plus icon

Step2 After choosing a video, tap on the "Arrow" icon given on top. Apply a filter and then tap on the "Next" option. Now locate the option "Advanced Settings" and turn on the toggle of "Show captions" given under the Accessibility section.

enable show captions option

Step3 Once done, go back and hit the "Share" button. Thus, your Instagram video will be posted with auto-generated captions.

hit the share button

Part 3: Add Captions to Instagram Videos Manually

Do you want to add captions to your videos manually? If you want to create captions for your Instagram video in a customized manner, Instagram provides you with this facility. For adding captions to Instagram videos manually, read the following instructions:

Step1 Begin by opening your Instagram app on your device. Afterward, tap on the "Plus" icon given on top and select "Post" among other options.

press the plus icon

Step2 Now, you will be able to see the gallery of your device. Here, select the video you want to post, along with captions. Tap on the "Next" option on the top right and then apply a suitable filter to your video. Afterward, you can add captions manually on the video by pressing the "Aa" button. Once done with adding the captions, tap on the "Done" option to confirm the captions.

add the instagram captions manually

Part 4: Add Captions to your Instagram Video with Filmora

Do you want to add video editing captions for Instagram? Wondershare Filmora is a professional tool that offers several features to edit and enhance videos. It's a complete editing tool supported by the Windows platform. If you want to add captions to your Instagram videos without any hassle, this tool provides a "Speech-to-Text" feature. This feature automatically transcribes the voice used in your video into captions.

Free Download
Free Download

With the help of advanced algorithms, Filmora can generate accurate captions through its Speech-to-Text feature. You can also choose your preferred font style and add animations from this feature. Furthermore, Filmora can also be used as a great video editing tool. You can trim, crop, resize, merge, and split videos on this tool with a single click. It also offers tons of attractive effects that can be used to increase the visual appearance of your videos.

Steps to Add Captions to Instagram with Filmora

Do you want to add customized and permanent captions to your Instagram videos? Read the simple instructions provided below to add Instagram captions:

Step1 Start a New Project.

Download and install Filmora on your PC and open its interface. From the left section, click on "Create New Project." A new screen will open, from which click on the "Arrowhead" icon to upload the video. Browse the desired video from your PC and import it to this software.

add your instagram video
Step2 Navigate to the Speech-to-text Feature.

After uploading the desired video on the tool, drag it to the timeline. From the timeline toolbar, click on the "Speech-to-Text" icon. It will open a small menu from which you have to specify your language. Afterward, choose either a clip or a complete video file to apply this feature. Once done, click on the "OK" button.

initiate the speech-to-text process
Step3 Edit the Instagram Captions.

Now, wait until the transcription process gets completed. Now subtitles will be automatically added to your video. Double-click on the added subtitles that will open the editing menu. Here, you can adjust the captions according to the time. By navigating to the "Preset" section, you can select various styles for captioning.

access the preset options
Step4 Export the Instagram Video.

Afterward, you can go to the "Custom" tab to adjust text font, style, alignment, opacity, and other elements according to your desire. Once done, hit the "OK" button. Now you can click on the "Export" button to save the Instagram video with captions. This tool is capable of exporting your video into various file formats. Moreover, you can also export the video file directly to Instagram with a single click.

confirm your changes


Many people like to use Instagram to share photos and videos in an attractive style. If you are a content creator on Instagram and want to enhance your target audience with diversity, adding captions to your videos can be a great idea. In this well-structured guide, you can learn how to add captions to Instagram videos in multiple ways. We have also recommended Filmora as an efficient tool for adding captions to Instagram videos effortlessly.

Caroline Laurent
Caroline Laurent Mar 27, 24
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