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Facing Instagram Video Issues? You May Find the Answers Here

Liza Brown
Liza Brown
Originally published Dec 27, 21, updated Jul 23, 24
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Instagram is the perfect platform to share emotions between the connected ones. Here, you can find a wide range of posting options to share pictures and videos. While sharing the desired content into this common platform, you will witness different issues. In this article, you will learn about how to fix video blocked Instagram problems. You will also study the tips and tricks associated with the smooth functioning of Instagram.

Additionally, find a permanent solution to resolve Instagram glitches, not uploading problems and blurry video content. This article helps you to upload quality content at the Instagram interface and allows you to work with this social media precisely. Quickly step into this content and enlighten with the essential information on optimal usage of Instagram for sharing videos and images as per your requirements.

instagram video issues

Solution to common Instagram video issues.

Here, there are surplus solutions are available to fix the errors while posting Instagram videos. Choose the ones that you struggle to fix and resolve the issues effortlessly. Use Instagram in your comfort and overcome unnecessary issues.

- How to fix the Instagram video glitching issue?

To fix the Instagram video glitching, you can perform the following procedures on your device.

  1. Search for the updates of Instagram and switch to its latest version to overcome this issue.
  2. Next, restart your phone to fix any firmware problems.
  3. Check for the internet connection and ensure a stable working.
  4. Finally, you can uninstall and reinstall the app and resolve the glitching issues in no time.

These are the simple ways to get rid of Instagram video glitching problems. Use the above techniques to sort out them quickly.

- How to fix the Instagram video not uploading issue?

If you struggle to upload the Instagram videos, then try the below-discussed way to resolve it.

  • The video upload problem may be due to an unstable internet connection. Check the connection and make sure the condition is stable. Try to upload after regular intervals because there might be issues with the Instagram servers.
  • Check whether the video meets the standards of Instagram as the files should be .MP4 format and contains audio codec. The bit rate value is 3500kbps. The videos size must be within 50MB. The resolution must satisfy 4:5.
  • Find out whether your account is active. If your profile is blocked, then you will encounter uploading issues.

Quickly sort the video uploading problems at Instagram using the above-discussed ideas.

- How to fix Instagram video blocked issue?

Another crucial issue with Instagram videos is getting blocked while uploading them to the profile. Choose the below ideas to resolve this problem precisely.

  • The videos are blocked on Instagram if your account is inactive. Check the state of your Instagram account and ensure it is active without any issues.
  • Any content that is violating the Instagram policies will be blocked from uploading. Ensure the content is safe and it abides the Instagram policies for a successful upload.
  • The Videos on Instagram tend to block when it is reported by the other users that it is inappropriate content. Before making any uploads on Instagram, check whether it meets the standards of Instagram to avoid blocking problems.

- How to fix Instagram video blurry issue?

When you find the videos are blurry, then search for optimal video editors in the digital space to sort out this problem. Filmora app is a perfect tool that has a wide range of built-in functionalities to edit the video content precisely without compromising the quality factors. Here, you will be learning to edit the video content at the Filmora tool to enhance its overall appearance.

Filmora application is a prestigious video editor program from Wondershare. You would have come across many tools in the digital world. This app is unique and gives you optimal results. Using Filmora, you can perform perfect edits like cut, crop, trim and rotate operations on the videos. You can add flavors to the existing content by inserting audio tracks, sound effects, transitions, and filters. These are available in the Filmora library for easy access.

You can also use templates to build the videos efficiently instead of editing them from the scratch. In the working space of Filmora, you can find options to edit the aspect ratio, resolutions to refine the video content. The blurry issues can be sorted out if you work on these resolution factors.

The Key Features of Filmora application

  • Enhance the quality of the video content by working on its resolution factors.
  • Perform quick edits on the videos by resizing them to meet the Instagram standards.
  • Add desired transitions and special effects to impress the viewers.
  • You can include any audio effects to the videos to sound better while playing them on screen.
  • Quickly import and export the videos at this Filmora timeline effortlessly.

Filmora application offers a simple interface where even the average person can work efficiently without any prior knowledge related to video editing. The professionals are impressed by the advanced built-in features to make standard edits on the videos.

The stepwise procedure to edit the resolutions to overcome the blurry effects on the videos using the Filmora application.

Step 1: Download the tool
Go to the official website of the Filmora app and download the correct version of the program. Either select Windows or Mac-based on your system OS and install it. Then, launch the app and import the videos by tapping the ‘Import Media Files’ option from the Menu. Drag into the timeline to work on the video attributes.

how to use filmora to solve instagram video issue

Step 2: Adjust the parameters
Tap the ‘Export’ button and from the pop-up screen press, the Advanced Setting option to change the video attributes like resolution, frame rate and bit rate. By modifying these values, you can fix the blurry effects on the videos. Perform the desired changes and save them by tapping the OK button.

use filmora to solve instagram video issue

Now, finally hit the Export option to save the edited video on desired storage location flawlessly. You can edit the videos according to Instagram standards and save them in the local drive for quick access.

Filmora app is a fabulous video editor that brings wonders to the video content effortlessly. It is enough if you tap the perfect controls to insert the desired changes into the videos.

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Thus, this article had given enough insights to fix video blocked Instagram issues. Post your favorite content on the Instagram wall and connect with your loved ones. Create a video in pace with the Instagram standards and make use of the Filmora application to edit the content optimally to overcome uploading errors. Follow up on the video requirements before posting them on the Instagram wall.

Filmora application serves you and assists in creating standard videos for your needs. It is the perfect app to add flavors to your Instagram videos. Connect with this application and discover awesome ways to edit the videos optimally. Stay tuned for more information on the best edits of Instagram video using the Filmora video editor.

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