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Instagram Video to mp3 - Everything You Need to Know

Liza Brown
Liza Brown
Originally published Dec 27, 21, updated Jun 12, 24
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Most media players are compatible with MP3 format, and there is always a need to convert the media files to MP3 to add comforts in streaming on any desired platform. You can convert the media files in Instagram to MP3 format to extend its usage in a different environment. In this article, you will learn about the efficient online and offline converters that work on the media file format and convert to desired output based on the user’s settings.

You will also study an incredible video editor that makes wonders on the media files undoubtedly. You can bring the best out of the captured content by editing the elements accurately with the help of reliable programs. Connect with this article to discover the perfect editors that meet your needs precisely.

instagram video to mp3

How to convert Instagram video to mp3

In this section, an elaborate discussion about the online and offline tools are available to give valuable insights on the conversion process. You would have come across ample tools in the digital space and identifying the right ones is quite challenging. This article guides you to choose the best converters and video editors that customize the content optimally.

Convert Instagram video to mp3 using online tools

Here, you will learn about the three efficient online tools that convert Instagram videos to MP3 format.

• Online Video Converter

It is a simple online converter with a user-friendly interface. Here, you will be entering the Instagram link in the first text box. The link should be direct to the Instagram videos. In the next field, choose the desired file format from the drop-down list. Select MP3 from the list and finally tap the Start button to trigger the conversion process. Click the Download button to save the MP3 converted Instagram video into the local system.

tool to convert instagram video to mp3 - online video converter
• OffMP3

Launch this webpage and paste the Instagram video URL on the text field. Then, click the download button to save the videos in MP3 format in your local system. The conversion process is simple and you can download the videos in MP3 format without any data loss. The procedure takes place at a faster rate despite the file size.

tool to convert instagram video to mp3 - offmp3
• Ace Thinker

Copy the favorite Instagram video link and paste it on the Ace Thinker webpage in the text field. Finally, tap the Download button to save the videos in MP3 format. It is a quick way to convert the Instagram videos in MP3 format at the system drive for future access.

tool to convert instagram video to mp3 - ace thinker

These are the reliable online converters that assist to convert Instagram videos to MP3 format to enhance their usage for further processing.

Convert Instagram video to mp3 using a desktop converter.

In this section, you will witness a reliable desktop converter that aids in converting Instagram videos to MP3 format.

• UniConverter

The Wondershare Uniconverter is a desktop program available for Windows and Mac versions. This converter converts the videos formats 30X times faster than the standard conversion speed. It is a reliable program and supports more than 159 file formats precisely.

tool to convert instagram video to mp3 - uniconverter
• Movavi

Another efficient program that converts the clippings without any watermarks. It supports more than 180 file formats and you can perform a wide range of video edits optimally. There are options to extract the audios from the media files flawlessly. It ensures the conversion takes place without any data loss.

tool to convert instagram video to mp3 - Movavi
• iTube Go

It is a video converter that helps you to convert the media files to more than 20 file formats efficiently. The iTubeGo is compatible with different social media platforms like Instagram, Vimeo, SoundCloud. It retains the original quality of the files and converts at 10X faster. You can also try to convert many files at a time hassle-free using this sophisticated program.

tool to convert instagram video to mp3 - iTube Go

Convert Instagram video to mp3 using Filmora.

Filmora is a sophisticated program that creates miracles with media files. Here, you can perform a wide range of editing works on the video elements and enhance its overall appearance. It has a user-friendly interface and the controls are explicit for quick access. The in-built toolbox and templates are outstanding and bring an impressive impact on the videos.

This application allows for easy import and export of the media files on its working timeline. Convert the videos to any file format and modify their sizes to fit optimally on any platform. There are options to add audio effects, filters, transitions, and special effects to acquire the desired changes on the videos.

The remarkable features of the Filmora Video Editor application:

  • Import and export the edited videos to any platform efficiently despite their sizes.
  • Few clicks are sufficient to create an astonishing impact on the videos.
  • Add texts, filters, transitions, sound effects to the videos to make them interesting.
  • The user-friendly interface satisfies both the professionals and newbie editors.
  • The preview option helps to get a view of the edited video before making the download.

These are the valuable functionalities of this editor and you can explore it more if you try to edit the videos at its interface.

The stepwise instructions to convert the Instagram Videos to MP3 using the Filmora app

Step 1: Download the program

Install the correct version of this tool from its official webpage based on your system OS. Then, launch it by tapping the tool icon. Next, import the Instagram videos into the working space by clicking the Import Media Files option. Drag it to the timeline for further processing.

Step 2: Convert to MP3

If you want to detach the audio from the video file, right-click on the media file at the timeline and select the Audio Detach option. This action separated the audio and video files for further edits. Then, click the Export button to make changes to the file format. In the Export screen, you can find options to change the file format. Here, you can choose the desired format and alter the values for resolutions. Finally, save the changes by tapping the Export button to store them in desired storage space.

tool to convert instagram video to mp3 - Filmora

Use the above discussion to convert the videos of Instagram to MP3 format. Follow the steps carefully to ensure a successful conversion process.

Q&A: Is it legal to convert Instagram video to mp3?

Do not violate the copyrights issues, you can download and convert your Instagram videos to MP3 format legally. Use it for personal use and adopt reliable converters to perform this process. Do not attempt to access other users’ Instagram content because it may lead to legal issues in the future.


Thus, you had an informative discussion on the best ways to convert the media files in Instagram to MP3 without any data loss. You can choose the online or offline converter tools to carry out this conversion process. Choose the Filmora app to convert the file format and continue with further impressive edits on the videos. It is a reliable program, and you can perform a wide range of edit operations flawlessly using this tool. Stay connected to discover the hidden functionalities of the Filmora application in detail. Connect to this article to make the best out of the Instagram videos.

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