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Must-Know Definition of Digital Storytelling

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Originally published Dec 07, 22, updated Mar 27, 24

The manner in wherein stories are shared, however, has altered. Digital storytelling video has become a potent tool for connecting and communicating with others in a way that was before unimaginable because of the combination of media creation technologies and the internet.

knowledge and power of a digital story

This article will focus on digital storytelling, including the development and practices that can help you create digital storytelling videos quickly and easily.

In this article
  1. Definition of Digital Storytelling
  2. Development of Digital Storytelling
  3. Practices of Digital Storytelling
  4. Essential Techniques for Making an Effective Digital Storytelling Video

Part I: Definition of Digital Storytelling

“Digital storytelling” is a simple, creative method by which individuals with limited or no experience in virtual machine filmmaking learn how to show a personal story in the form of multiple films. The resources utilized to express a story and convey a message include films, photography, animation, and music. These stories may distribute more widely and swiftly than ever through online platforms like webpages, journals, and social media sharing sites.

“Simply put, it is telling stories with digital technologies. Digital stories are narratives built from the stuff of cyberculture.”  -Bryan Alexander.

Additionally, digital storytelling can include a variety of digital narratives. A rising number of businesses are taking note and investigating the potential applications of a digital story. It is frequently employed to refer to filmmaking in general, and it has recently been used to describe commercial and non-profit advertising and promotion efforts.

Part II. Development of Digital Storytelling

Dana Atchley and Joe Lambert of the Center for Digital Storytelling started the digital storytelling advancement in 1994 by teaching others how to create digital stories. Although the power of storytelling has existed for thousands of years, it has only recently become possible for storytellers to "become digital" because of the advancement of personal computers and friendly modern communications.

High goals and outdated technologies coexisted throughout this period. Browsers were quite straightforward at the time, and dial-up remained still in use. There were no devices for accessing the internet, and most individuals read the digital narrative on their desktop computers.

tools and tips for virtual storytelling

In this regard, the Center for Digital Storytelling developed a digital story that emphasized first-person narratives that framed memories as potent stories using visuals, audio, and music. The capacity to add graphics and narration to stories gives them a unique significance for both the author and the audience of virtual storytelling.

Power of Digital Storytelling Compared to Traditional Storytelling

Compared to traditional storytelling, digital storytelling is far more integrative and incorporates non-linguistic factors that give rise to new narratives. Images, visual effects, and soundtracks are not merely additions to the story; they are crucial and inseparable components. As a result, digital storytelling demands variety, multisensory stimulation, and a variety of media channels.

online view of modern storytelling

While oral and written stories in traditional storytelling will only focus on listening and reading abilities, digital storytelling will emphasize other skills like interaction by encouraging knowledge acquisition and technology literacy by interacting with technological sources, thus possessing the power of storytelling.

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Part III. Practices of Digital Storytelling

People are enticed to interact with stories and take measures as a result of seeing them because of the structure of digital storytelling and the ease with which they are shared.

Here are a few industries where digital storytelling is used:

1. In Schools

The ability to convey a digital story is essential in today's schools since it allows teachers to better serve students from different language backgrounds.

Uses In Education

Digital storytelling creates online connections with students and provides feedback on their comprehension and progress. Students can learn crucial literacy skills like first-person viewpoint and narrative voice by telling personal experiences.

school session of digital narrative

Further than language arts and media studies, digital storytelling is utilized to teach other curricular topics. To assist themselves and their audience in understanding better why a famous person behaved the way they did, students could, for instance, recount an incident from their lives.

2. In Other Fields

Through several chances for engagement, a strong digital story encourages viewer participation. Digital storytelling is used in a diverse range of situations and contexts.

Uses in Marketing

Utilizing cutting-edge contemporary tools and the potency of an effective marketing tale, youtube digital storytelling may connect with an intended audience on a whole new level. Examples of digital storytelling videos about your brand draw in and engage your target market.

the power of storytelling in the marketing world

Using specialized storylines, you may utilize brand storytelling to enhance your company's appeal, humanize it, and highlight its core values. Virtual storytelling was once primarily used to describe filmmaking. It has developed to stand for marketing, promotion, and advertising by businesses and marketing teams.

Uses in Social Networks

The power of storytelling is the cornerstone of all effective social media networks. Accordingly, one of the fascinating methods for delivering messages and information is through a digital story. A digital narrative can help make your material more relatable, fascinating, and worthy of following on your chosen social network.

the art of modern storytelling in social networks

Social networking platforms can also convey stories about your company, products, or anything else to engage your audience through digital storytelling. Regardless of how simple or insignificant it may seem, each piece of data you publish supports the digital narrative you're trying to tell.

Uses Everywhere

Digital storytelling is utilized in numerous contexts, such as when victims of abuse or war share their stories to heal and enlighten others or when people with different developmental disabilities use graphics and music to tell their stories when text-based storytelling isn't an option.

youtube digital storytelling video examples in public

Additionally, youtube digital storytelling in public relations campaigns is crucial because it enables businesses to better engage with their target market and ultimately sway their opinions toward their marketing objectives. Another illustration would be that immigrants and newcomers are sharing their stories or the stories of their families to promote advocacy.

Part IV. Essential Techniques for Making an Effective Digital Storytelling Video

Digital storytelling, at its best, can be a potent tool for democratizing the record by involving individuals and groups whose views may otherwise go unheard.

The following digital storytelling methods can streamline the production process and assist users in producing quality digital storytelling content.

1. Develop a viewpoint

A digital story enables the writer to express themselves personally. Speaking from a digital story's point of view also outlines particular ideas that the writer wants the reader to comprehend. Determining the point of view becomes an essential component of the editing process because every component of the digital storytelling video requires to assist the audience in coming to the realization.

2. Make the Digital Narrative Significant

Audiences may click "like" on a story simply because it's entertaining, but meaningful stories are more likely to compel them to engage and act. Presenting a tale with great emotional resonance for your audience can arouse their feelings and foster a close bond with your business. So, consider what is important to your audience before creating a digital storytelling video.

3. Choose A Versatile Video Maker

A wide range of abilities and resources are needed to create a digital story. The final draft of the digital story is typically assembled using video editing software.

With the most recent improvements, Wondershare Filmora can provide users worldwide with better audio and video editing experience, resulting in excellent digital storytelling video examples. Users can access and add special effects, transitions, and more for their next digital story.

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Bottom Line

Everybody has a narrative, but the craft of digital storytelling can transform a story into something profound. Digital storytelling inevitably becomes a more potent and crucial instrument for engagement, provision of services, and social impact as more people use social media to keep informed and engaged.

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Liza Brown
Liza Brown Mar 27, 24
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