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Ultimate Guide to Podcast Names (Plus 50+ Podcast Name Ideas)

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Originally published Dec 21, 22, updated Mar 27, 24

Coming up with the right name for your podcast channel requires a lot of brainstorming. Yes, as you should know, your podcast name gives listeners the first impression of what your podcast is about. So, for that reason, it's crucial you come up with a name that your listener will easily understand when it pops up on their screen.

Well, to save you from stress, we've created this give to explain all you need to know about coming up with a good podcast name. Plus, you'll discover over fifty podcast name ideas that you can use to start your journey as a podcaster.

In this article
  1. Why Does a Podcast Name Matter?
  2. How to come up with A Cool and Catchy Podcast Name
  3. Best 50 Names Ideas for You To Consider
  4. Bonus Tip: Try & Use Podcast Name Generators
  5. What Should I Do if My Podcast Name Is Already Taken?

Part 1: Why Does a Podcast Name Matter?

As mentioned earlier, a podcast name gives listeners the first impression of your podcast. But it's not just that - it's also;

  • Your Brand Identity in the industry: As a podcaster, your name indicates your brand. It is what people will tag you with whenever they try to remember your show.
  • The power behind your potential listeners' first impression: With a good podcast name, you can easily communicate who you are and the value of the information listeners could get once they start listening to the podcast.
  • A Core Factor that determines what kind of listener you attract: Yes, if the sole purpose of your podcast is to share knowledge on various technical innovations, the name you use will determine if you attract tech lovers or not. Using the right name helps you attract the right audience.

Part 2: How to come up with A Cool and Catchy Podcast Name

When thinking of a perfect name for your podcast channel, several things should be considered. It ranges from making it short and sweet to consider your target audience, incorporating your brand name, and much more. Keep reading to find out more.

1.    The topic of your show

topics of shows

The name you choose for your podcast channel must revolve around what your show will be all about. It does not matter if you intend to make the name playful or plain. Just make sure you choose a name that gives your audience a concise idea of what information to expect from the podcast show.

2.    Target audience

podcast target audience

When choosing a podcast name, it would be best to keep your target audience in mind. What phrase is popular among them? What kind of tone would make your podcast name attract them? Etc. You should do thorough research and find out what your audience likes. Thus, it will help you decide on a podcast name your audience can relate to.

3.    Searchability

podcast to be found

Having a searchable podcast name is very smart, and you can do so by incorporating keywords related to the theme of your show into your podcast name. Doing so will not just help you improve your podcast title SEO ranking but also enhance its potential to appear more in search queries, thus impacting your podcast audience growth.

4.    Make it short and rememberable

make podcast short and rememberable

Research shows that 75% of podcast names online are 29 characters or less. So, avoid lengthy words. Although you can use up to 225 characters in your podcast name, it's better to make it short and memorable, and it should convey the value of your show to your audience. For example, if your podcast is about football, you can use Football Weekly Roundup, EPL Digest, etc. Using short names will make it easy for first-timers to remember your podcast name the next time they intend to search it online.

5.    Incorporate your brand name (optional)

Although this might be optional, adding your brand name to your podcast name is a smart way to promote your brand in the industry and become more popular.

Part 3: Best 50 Names Ideas for You To Consider

Having discussed the essential things that must be considered when coming up with a podcast name, you may still be overhead. No worries, here we'll show you the best 50 examples for podcast names. Whether it is an interview or a comedy, we hope you find one you like and give a little inspiration for podcast naming.

  1. Chitchat Chatroom - Interview
  2. Talk Live - Live interview
  3. The Sport Space - Sports
  4. Podcast Dive - Documentary
  5. Gaming Digi - Gaming
  6. The Splendid Table - ChitChat
  7. Mr. Clean - Hygiene
  8. Pro Sport - Sport
  9. The Gym Hack - Fitness
  10. Las Vegas Bettors - Gambling
  11. Bet The House - Gambling
  12. Happy Vibes - Comedy
  13. History Jumper - History
  14. My Wrestling - Wrestling
  15. Betting Geeks - Gambling
  16. Chit Chat - News/Interviews
  17. Good News - News
  18. First Audio - Music
  19. Quality Forecast - Weather forecast
  20. Find Yourself - Reorientation
  21. Comedy Atmos - Comedy
  22. Good Health - Health and Fitness
  23. Hollywood Legends - Documentary
  24. Have a ball football - Football News
  25. Webinar Pro - Digital marketing
  26. Unmasked
  27. Audio Bulletin - Music
  28. Travel Weekly - Lifestyle
  29. Love Talk - Healthy Relationships
  30. History's Worst Decision
  31. Breaking A Habit
  32. Facebook Pods
  33. Stand-Up Comedy - Comedy
  34. Let's Eat - Healthy Eating
  35. Lazy Cook - Cooking
  36. Audio Preview - Song previews
  37. Successful Ideas -
  38. Printing Dollar - Online Money Making
  39. The Rumors - Share the latest trending gossip
  40. The Scary Stories -
  41. Escaping the Future
  42. Tech360 - Technology
  43. Sharing Stories
  44. Extra Napkins -
  45. Good Housewives - Women's talk show
  46. The Independent Moms - Women talk show
  47. Political Updates - Politics
  48. Crypto Talks - Cryptocurrency
  49. The Good Investor - Stock market & real estate
  50. Smart Agents - Real Estate

Bonus Tip: Try & Use Podcast Name Generators

After exploring the fifty podcast name ideas mentioned above, you can try a podcast name generator tool if you still find it challenging to come up with a name for your podcast. Such a tool can enable you to quickly generate different names that you can use for a podcast channel. All it takes is only a few clicks. Here we've listed some popular podcast name-generator tools you can find online;

Additionally, you can also try using professionals that generate name ideas for podcasts, for example Castos, to seek help. Now, let's see how we can use a generator to make a podcast name. We are taking 'Getwelder" as an example to show you a step-by-step process.

Step1 Open the Getwelder podcast name generator official website on your device's browser.

Step2 Navigate to the search box that displays the message "Describe your podcast as if you were explaining it to your parent". Then, you can enter a description of your podcast, as shown in the screenshot below.

navigate to the search box

Step3 Click Generate Podcast Name and wait for the tool to process your description to find ideal podcast name ideas.

Step4 All available name ideas that were founded will be displayed on your screen. Just find the one that suits your requirements. Make sure the name you choose has not been taken.

click generate podcast name

Part 5: What Should I Do if My Podcast Name Is Already Taken?

It can be so annoying to see a podcast name that you brainstormed for taken. Unfortunately, in such a situation, you've got no choice but to start thinking of a new title or to come up with a variation for the name.

Additionally, you can reach out to the initial owner of the podcast name to know whether his/her show is still active. If, fortunately, the show is no longer active, you can discuss with them to remove the podcast name to be able to use it. Some might be willing to sell it to you.

If you're wondering this is so, this is because using a podcast name that already existed could create confusion and a potential legal issue that might compromise your long-term success in the industry.

Final Words

There's a lot to consider when choosing a podcast name. But we hope the guide above will help you develop the ideal name for your show. Nevertheless, make sure to view all the tips mentioned above. Doing so will enable you to come up with a name that doesn't just stand out but is also search engine friendly.

In addition to that, keep in mind that recording quality podcast is essential. So, make sure to invest in the right tools to ensure you deliver a quality show to your listeners. One of the podcast tools you can invest in right now is Filmora!

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Liza Brown
Liza Brown Mar 27, 24
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