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Best Podcast Apps for Android

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Originally published Jan 10, 23, updated Mar 27, 24

The use of podcasts has increased manifold over the years; with this, more and more podcast apps are launched. Besides allowing you to enjoy your favourite content, these apps also offer features like tracking the content, offline download, multiple platform support, organization of podcasts, and more.

With the myriad of options available, selecting the best podcast app for Android can be a daunting task. This article will be a perfect read if you are searching for the best podcast app for Samsung and other Android devices.

android podcast apps
In this article
  1. How We Tested and Picked Out the Best Podcast Apps for Android
  2. Comparison Chart of the Top 6 Podcast Apps for Android
    1. Spotify
    2. Google Podcast
    3. Pocket Casts
    4. Podbean
    5. Castbox
    6. TuneIn Radio

Part 1. How We Tested and Picked Out the Best Podcast Apps for Android

Before we move ahead with our list of the selected top podcast player for Android apps, we would like to share the process and let you know how we tested these apps and finalized the shortlisted ones.

To shortlist the suitable apps, we took a few Android devices (the same make and specifications) and installed the apps. These apps were then tested on several parameters like

  • Interface
  • Ease of navigating
  • Downloading the podcasts offline
  • Search option
  • Saving the episodes

Moreover, external factors related to these apps, like popularity among the users, frequency of overall listening, etc., are also analyzed. After testing multiple apps on these varied parameters, we picked the top 6 podcast apps for Android.

  • Spotify
  • Google Podcast
  • Pocket Casts
  • Podbean
  • Castbox
  • TuneIn Radio

Part 2. Comparison Chart of the Top 6 Podcast Apps for Android

The following table compares the selected Android apps.

App/Features Supported Android Versions Free Version Easy to Use Modern Interface Other Highlights
Spotify Android 5.0 and above Yes Yes Basic Daily Drive Playlist
Google Podcast Android 5.0 and above Yes Yes Yes Speeding and skipping of episodes supported.
Pocket Casts Android 5.0 and above Yes Yes Yes Multiple filters for easy search
Podbean Android 5.0 and above Yes Yes Yes Intelligent audio effects.
Castbox Android 5.0 and above Yes Yes Yes Zen Mode and support for 70 languages. More powerful AI searching engine.
TuneIn Radio Android 5.0 and above Yes Yes Basic Allows you to access radio stations from across the globe.

Part 3. Round-Up Review for the 6 Best Podcast Apps for Android

In this part of the topic, we will review the above-listed 6 podcast apps for Android in detail.

1. Spotify

If you already use Spotify on your Android device for music streaming, it will also work quite decent for the podcast. Though the number of features might not be as elaborate as the other dedicated podcasts app, they will serve the basic requirements.

There is a free version of the app with an audio ad, while the paid version can be subscribed to have an interrupted ad-free experience. The app has a user-friendly interface and comes with cross-platform integration.


Why we regard Spotify best for Android

  • The convenience of having one app for music and podcasts makes Spotify the best free podcast app for Android.
  • User-friendly and visually appealing interface.
  • A Daily Drive Playlist personalized playlist is created to show the latest updates on the news, along with music and podcast recommendations.
  • Comes with a free as well as a paid subscription.

Limitations while using

  • The number of podcasts available on Spotify is not as huge as other apps.
  • The filters are not too friendly while looking for a particular podcast, and also, at times, the searches are incorrect.

Ratings and user reviews of Spotify

Spotify is a widely used streaming service that supports a variety of additional tasks, including podcast content. The podcast content on the platform is not as huge as other apps, plus its free version comes with audio ads. Overall, TrustRadius has rated the app as 2.1.

User/Media Remarks
A user on TrustPilot I love this platform and listen to my playlist 98% of the time—just a suggestion to let the user decide what to listen to and find the playlist.
A user on G2 Spotify for every mood, and the app is worth every money spent, offering high-quality audio for music and podcasts. Offline listening is a great feature; even the free version also has several skip options.
A user on MouthShut It is a user-friendly app, and its premium version offers high-quality sound. In addition, the Playlist Enhance feature is good, and the platform offers music from worldwide.

2. Google Podcast

It is one of the best podcast apps available for Android devices that comes with a clean interface and a huge collection of podcasts in various genres. Moreover, being a full-fledged podcast app, it offers all the needed features like managing the podcast, forwarding, rewinding, sleep timer, and more.

google podcast

Why we regard Google Podcast best for Android

  • Works as a full-fledged podcast app with all required features and options like a sleep timer, personalized recommendations, and more.
  • Podcasts are available in different genres like sports, health, comedy, music, technology, and many others.
  • It can import favorite podcasts using public RSS feeds.
  • It allows speeding up and skipping through the episodes.
  • It enables downloading episodes for offline listening.

Limitations while using

  • Does not support desktop downloads.
  • Podcast episodes cannot be saved without downloading them.
  • There is no option to create a personalized playlist.
  • No option to bookmark an episode spot on the app homepage (unless you have a subscription to the show).

Ratings and user reviews of Google Podcast

Google Podcast is one of the most widely used apps for listening to podcasts on Android devices and comes with integration to several Google services. On the Google PlayStore, the app has over 6l reviews with a rating of 4.6.

User/Media Remarks
A review on Producthunt Google Podcasts is ready for primetime. The app will steal people away from the other apps.
Google Play Store I love the content of the free audio available. I love listening to podcasts on the app, but I cannot figure out how to create a podcast queue.
A user on SourceForge The app is excellent for listening to podcasts, offering thousands of content in one place. The interface is excellent and simple and offers support for multiple platforms.

3. Pocket Casts

With compatibility with multiple systems, including Sonos, AirPlay, CarPlay, and others, this is one of the best free podcast apps for Android. The interface is simple, allowing quick and easy access to the latest and old collection data. Multiple filters present in the app further let you search the desired content effortlessly.


Why we regard Pocket Cast best for Android

  • Excellent user interface with powerful features.
  • Support several modes like PIP, slide-over, and split view for enabling easy viewing.
  • Its trim silence feature allows removing the length of the podcast by trimming the silent portions
  • It supports additional features like setting the sleep timer, setting the speed of the podcast, adding the podcast to the favorite list, booting the volume, and more.
  • Support episode search and filter based on the duration.

Limitations while using

  • It does not support a feature for skipping the previous or the next podcast.
  • Annoying ads on the screen.

Ratings and user reviews of Pocket Casts

Pocket Casts is one of the best podcast casts available. The intuitive interface, along with a good collection of podcasts and advanced features, has earned the app ratings and reviews on multiple platforms. For example, the PCMag has rated the app as outstanding with a 4.5 rating.

User/Media Remarks
A user at Google Play Store Great app and one of the most reliable one. The progress tracker is accurate and allows a seamless switch between the devices.
MobileAppDaily review The app is filled with endless podcasts and offers an enjoyable listening experience. The app has been awarded several titles and comes with many features.
A user at ProductHunt The app synced well even while switching from Android to iOS and is the best app for the podcast.

4. Podbean

If you are looking for an app that offers organized content in multiple categories, Podbean is the right choice. Once downloaded, the app allows you to stream and download the podcast for an enjoyable listening experience. In addition, the device offers multiple platforms and support that allow you to use it anywhere you want.


Why we regard Podbean best for Android

  • Organized a huge collection of podcasts in an array of categories.
  • Easy to use interface with main sections at the homepage.
  • Comes with intelligent audio effects like intelligent speed and volume boost.
  • You can record podcasts and edit sounds with cool effects.
  • Support with platforms and devices, including Chromecast, Alexa, and more.

Limitations while using

  • The interface has bugs and glitches.
  • While you listen to the podcast on Android, the free version comes with ads.

Ratings and user reviews of Podbean

The Podbean app has existed for a long time and is used by people for hearing the podcast, hosting, publishing, and several other tasks. It is one of the top-rated apps with a huge podcast collection. The G2 has rated the app 4.5.

User/Media Remarks
A G2 User Podbean is a good podcast hosting provider app that is straightforward to use. In addition, the app allows fast uploads and downloads.
Google Play Store The app is majorly good, but there are a few bugs, like the status changing from the episode being played to not being played.
A Capterra user Podbean is a wonderful app for hosting, and the experience of working with the app is great.

5. Castbox

It is a free app with additional features and with a paid subscription. The app is known for its wide collection of podcasts and support for around 70 languages. To sync on multiple devices, the app also facilitates cloud syncing. The live cast feature is quite interesting; you can join and interact in a live podcast.


Why we regard Castbox best for Android

  • It has a huge collection of podcasts to choose from.
  • Features Zen Mode that comes with ambient sound to help with good sleep.
  • Support to around 70 languages.
  • Support for Chromecast, Amazon Echo, and Cloud syncing.
  • Comes with a powerful AI engine offering personalized recommendations.
  • In-audio search through automated transcription.
  • Live Cast feature to join the live podcast and also interact with people.
  • Allows creating podcast shortcuts for the home screen.

Limitations while using

  • The free version of the app has too many ads at the interface.
  • The free version allows subscribing to 100 channels. For more, you need to upgrade to the paid version.

Ratings and user reviews of Castbox

Castbox is a preferred app due to its content collection, interface, and additional features. The Appgrooves has rated the app 4.8, based on the reviews on their site.

User/Media Remarks
Google Play Store Till a few days ago, the app was my go-to podcast platform. Unfortunately, there is a commercial after every 5 minutes. The commercial could stop the sound is not acceptable.
A user on appgrooves I have been using the app for years, and there is no issue. The paid subscription offers a seamless experience. Though recently facing a few issues with the download of the content.
The Podcast Host It is a great app that offers podcasts and radio station and support needed features like playlist and widgets.

6. TuneIn Radio

Though TuneIn is one of the best radio apps, it works great for podcasts. Majorly focusing on live talk radio, the app is also used for podcasts, live sporting events, audiobooks, AM and FM radio stations, and more. The app is available in a free and paid subscription with added features.

tunein radio

Why we regard TuneIn Radio best for Android

  • Offer access to podcasts, radio stations, live sporting events, and more.
  • Compatible with mobile phones, car audio systems, speakers, and others.
  • Visually appealing easy-to-use interface.
  • Allow content filtering based on different genres, including location, language, popularity, and more.

Limitations while using

  • Does not support scrubbing content from iTunes and other platforms.
  • The free version comes with ads.

Ratings and user reviews of TuneIn Radio

It is an excellent app for users looking for multiple contents on one platform. The app allows you to enjoy podcasts, radio stations, sporting events, music, and more. On the Google Play Store, the app has a rating of 4.7.

User/Media Remarks
Google Play Store Have been using the premium subscription of the app for years. The content is good but facing issues with the interface.
Lifewire App allows accessing thousands of radio stations from across the globe. Podcast in several categories like comedy, music, science, food & cooking, and more can be explored.
TrustPilot I tried the free trial offer but keep getting charged even after disputing it with the card company. Finding no option to contact them.


So, we hope your query on the best podcast app for Android is resolved. All the above-listed Android apps are great for listening to and enjoying podcasts. But, based on your budget, features needed, language support, and additional functions preferred, the best suitable one can be shortlisted.

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Mar 27, 24
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