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Complete Overview: What Is Google Podcast App?

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Originally published Dec 05, 22, updated Mar 27, 24

To understand what is Google Podcast app, first, knowing how it works is important. Google Play Podcasts has always been one of the top frontrunners in the podcasting world, which later turned into Google Podcasts.

The free and easy-to-use platform contains a range of shows from different genres and creators for listeners to enjoy is a more simplified manner. Read ahead for details about the mobile-intuitive app, the types of content available, popular shows to try, and how to create such episodes- all in one post.

In this article
  1. More Details on Google Podcasts
  2. Google Podcasts Features
  3. How does Google Podcast work?
    1. The Habit Coach with Ashdin Doctor
    2. BTS
    3. Speak Better English with Harry
    4. Behind the Bastards
    5. Huberman Lab
    6. On Purpose with Jay Shetty
    7. TED Talks Daily
    8. This American Life
    9. Sky Sports Cricket Podcast
    10. True Crime All the Time
  4. How to record your podcast show for Google Podcast App
  5. Hot FAQs on the Google Podcast App

Part 1: More Details on Google Podcasts

So, what is Google Podcast App and what users can expect from the software. The mobile-based application from Google is made mainly for podcasts, finding relevant ones, and posting your episodes on a personalized channel.

Google Podcast app has a simple, clean UI with a minimalist design and specific features optimized with AI technology.

google podcast app

The podcasts available in the app were originally in Google Play Music. But after its discontinuation in 2020, the podcasts have moved to this separate platform. However, the links of the available shows and branding have become new, so it is important to update that information on your channel and transfer the audience there. As for this app itself, it is still ongoing.

Part 2: Google Podcasts Features

Now that you know the Google Podcast platform, it is best to discuss the expected features. You can use the software to find different podcasts and listen to them, adding them to a queue or your library for later. New episodes and shows are always up in the recommendations.


You can subscribe to different shows per the preferred Genre you want to listen to. Then, you will get updates on the new shows or posted episodes as notifications. Unsubscribing from the podcast is easy as well.

subscribe to different shows

Browse Genres

When you search on Google "what is a podcast," the answer mentions that they are auditory shows with different content types. On the Google Podcasts app Android or iOS version, you can access a vast library of content across different Genres like history, news, comedy, business, education, sports, technology, health and fitness, education, and more.

vast library of content across different genres

Customize what you hear

You can easily change everything about what you hear and its type of playback, depending on your preference. Plus, you can skip silent parts easily, control filtering of mature content, and increase playback speed. Also, track your downloads, listening history, and subscriptions.

control filtering of mature content

Manage a queue

To simplify, you can queue the episodes you will hear in a sequence you want instead of browsing each time to find and play an episode. You can easily add or remove episodes from the queue and rearrange the queue order.

add or remove episodes from the queue

Google product integration

You can listen to podcast episodes on the Google Podcast platform using Google Home or Google Assistant integration. Sync the accounts and use AI software to control what you play. You can hear the episodes on Google Podcasts with Android Auto integration in cars.

listen to podcasts using google home

Use RSS Feed

With the RSS feed, you can also include your personalized podcast. These can include shows from other sites or platforms and is accessible on the app through the Activity menu > Subscriptions > More > Add by RSS feed. Add the RSS feed URL and press the Subscribe button.

add by rss feed

Part 3: How does Google Podcast work?

People often wonder does Google have a podcast app on both Google Play Store and Apple App Store. The answer is yes, and you can use the features mentioned before on both versions in the same way. After downloading the app on your device and registering your account, you can find podcasts.

Steps For Finding podcasts in the Google Podcast app:

Step1 Access the Google Podcasts app.

Step2 To find different types of content, you can click on different sections of your UI.

Click the podcast title to open and find all episodes.

click the podcast title

To know about the episode details, click the name of the episode.

Downloaded or in-progress episodes are accessible through the Activity/Library menu.

go to activity or library menu

Step3 Tap the Home icon to return to the main page.

For a better understanding, you can check out the video tutorial for a visual representation of how the app works.

Part 4: 10 Popular & Trending Podcasts on Google Podcast App

Using simple steps and processes, many users have used Google Podcasts to prepare and post their content. Here are 10 of the top podcasts that are available on the platform. Knowing them will give you an idea of what type of podcasts get higher audience pull.

1.    The Habit Coach with Ashdin Doctor

Genre- Health & Fitness

the habit coach with ashdin doctor cover image

This podcast covers different discussions on the productivity steps people can take to improve their lifestyle. These include options like health improvements, destressing, sleep improvement, and more.

Total number of episodes- 835

2.    BTS

bts cover image

Genre- Music

A fan of the Korean global superstar boyband named Marianna started this podcast to discuss different details about the band. The creator posts shorter but interesting episode clips.

Total number of episodes- 14

3.    Speak Better English with Harry

speak better english with harry cover image

Genre- Education

The creator discusses different English language elements, giving listeners advanced tutorial notes and facts. His content is suitable for foreigners who want to improve their proficiency in the language, with tips and suggestions.

Total number of episodes- 400

4.    Behind the Bastards

behind the bastards cover image

Genre- Society & Culture

The creator of this podcast discusses major names that did huge controversial movements and acts across history. One of the examples of types of characters the podcast discusses is Adolf Hitler.

Total number of episodes- 569

5.    Huberman Lab

huberman lab cover image

Genre- Health & Fitness 

This podcast covers discussions about brain structure and connections and how it functions. The neuroscience-centered episodes discuss the effect and condition of brain chemistry in the context of health, behavior, and perceptions.

Total number of episodes- 94

6.    On Purpose with Jay Shetty

on purpose with jay shetty cover image

Genre- Health & Fitness

The host, Jay Shetty, records interviews with different insightful individuals from different walks of life for the episodes. Discussions center around diverse topics; all centered around self-growth and improvement.

Total number of episodes- 384

7.    TED Talks Daily

ted talks daily cover image

Genre- Education

Experts from different sectors give speeches, compiled into episodes under this podcast channel. Topics discussed range in style and content, suited for different audiences.

Total number of episodes- 177

8.    This American Life

this american life cover image

Genre- Society & Culture

This was a known public radio channel that created a platform for podcasting, posting diverse content for viewers. The discussions and content cover various incidents and themes in the episodes.

Total number of episodes- 782

9.    Sky Sports Cricket Podcast

sky sports cricket podcast cover image

Genre- Sports

The discussions in this podcast surround different topics related to recent changes and events in cricket. The commentators talk about topics or incidents in the matches, give reviews, and more.

Total number of episodes- 605

10.True Crime All the Time

true crime all the time cover image

Genre- True Crime

The hosts in this podcast discuss different cases across the country, detailing the background of the crime and more information. The content is well-researched, and fans of thrillers and true crime documentaries find this podcast interesting.

Total number of episodes- 313

Part 5: How to record your podcast show for Google Podcast App

Now that you know what the Google Podcast app is, you can also use it to post your show content. However, one cannot use this app to create new shows; one can only add the RSS feed of the show's URL to the platform.

Instead, you can try out Wondershare Filmora to create and record podcast episodes. It allows users to record their voiceover and edit the content, after which directly posting the content is simple. Also, you can transcribe the language you are using with the Speech-to-text feature on Filmora and add it to the accompanying video for foreign listeners.

Best Features for Podcast Recording/Editing with Filmora:

  • 1000+ royalty-free songs & audio effects in the backdrop.
  • Making podcasts more accessible with Speech to Text (STT).
  • The silence detection removes the silence & unwanted voice part in one click.
  • Automatically detect your voice and lower the background.
  • Create eye-catchy podcast videos by adding adorable animations using an advanced keyframing tool.

How to use Filmora for recording and editing podcasts?

Step1 Launch the Filmora app on your Mac or Windows desktop.

Step2 Click on Create New Project.

Step3 Drag and drop the media you into the editor timeline. Click the Record button to start adding your voiceover. From the drop-down menu, choose the Record Voiceover option.

choose the record voiceover option

Step4 Link your microphone device and complete the setup process. Press the Red Circle to begin recording.

press the red circle

Step5 After completing the full recording, press the Red Circle with a square in the middle to stop recording. Press OK.

press ok

Step6 After the recording is done, use different editing tools on this platform to make edits. Click on clip in the editing timeline and choose the Edit icon above it.

choose the edit icon

Step7 Adjust the pitch, ducking, fade in/fade out, and other effects. Then, press OK.

adjust the pitch

Step8 Finally, press the Export button. Choose your format, save location, and the Export button below.

Part 6: Hot FAQs on the Google Podcast App

1. Is Google play the same as Google Podcasts?

Google Play Music used to have podcasts before but discontinued them in 2020. The Google Podcasts app is the new version that hosts the same episodes but with different links and branding.

2. Where did Google Music podcasts go?

Google Play Music for Podcasts is not in service any longer. It was rebranded into Google Podcasts.

3. Are Google Podcast ads free?

One common question that comes with are Google Podcasts free is if the ads cost money. The ads podcasters add to their content are paid as it is a revenue model for earning increases for the creators.

Final Words

Overall, the Google Podcasts app is highly useful for finding and listening to different types of podcasts per Genre. There are different useful features here for listeners, while creators can also use them to promote their content. You can use Filmora to create suitable podcasts for your channel on the app.

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Liza Brown
Liza Brown Mar 27, 24
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