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Best Video Screen Grabbers

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Originally published Nov 03, 22, updated Mar 27, 24

One common thing that happens to all of us is that we see something on our screen and want to share it with our close ones. Perhaps, you copy the link and share it with them, adding some texts like "give it a look." So, a video screen grabber is going to ease your problem. It will help you capture anything on your laptop or computer screen.

The screenshot is a perfect example of this topic as it works similarly. This feature is so easy that anyone can use it, there are various apps available in the market, and all you need to do is get yourself the best app to ease the process. We have listed a few apps; you can go through them and choose one for yourself.

Part 1. Best Video Screen Grabbers

1. Filmora

We all know what Filmora is; it is one of the most powerful editing apps; the set allows you to easily and quickly create short video stories with the help of your photo and video clips. If you are looking for intelligent editing with the help of which you can do everything, then this app is perfect for you. There are various versions of Filmora available on the market.

You can check the package of all the plans and choose one for yourself that best suits your requirement and need. If you are a student, you can get a great discount on purchasing the package; moreover, this software is available on all platforms. You can also consider watching the tutorial to learn more about the features of this app. This editing app is all you need if you are looking for software that carries all the features.

filmora recorder

Steps to record the screen on Filmora

  • After installing the software, you'll have to double-click on its icon to go through all the features. Press on the record menu and choose the record PC screen option.
  • With the record button to start a new recording session, the recording will automatically start after the countdown of three seconds. Once you're done, press the F9 button to stop the recording.
  • Once you save the file, it will automatically get transferred to the Filmora video editing app, and you can consider editing it if there is anything needed.
Free Download
Free Download

2. Snagit

You're looking for great tools to capture your laptop screen but don't know which one to choose as so many software are available in the market. Snagit can be the app that can fulfill all your needs as it is the best screen video grabber. The report says that no one software can offer so many advanced features to non-prime users.

Snagit allows you to edit your images, take screenshots, and record videos. This software is perfect for offering feedback, preparing training material, and precise documentation. The best part of this software is that its packages are not that high compared to other editing software. This software is compatible with iOS and Android users and is one of the best screen recording apps available in the market.

  • Quick editing services, including resizing, framing, snipping, etc.
  • Best software for prototyping new app designs.
  • Best screen capturing application.
  • Shortcuts are available to ease the process.
  • Bug-free.
  • Integrating with Microsoft office documents, email, etc.
  • Doesn’t offer a free trial.
  • Poor customer service
  • Poor image size adjustments.

3. Droplr

Droplr is a tool of great use, and every individual should have this tool on their pc. It is an all-in-one screenshot and sharing software for windows. Professionals say you can save a lot of time by upgrading this application. This tool will do everything for you, starting from shooting a video and ending with editing that video and making it look professional.

Developers are working on this software, and this application will be available on all platforms soon. This app is so simple that you don't need any tutorial video to understand it. Just consider downloading it, and you are all set for the day. You can visit the official site to check the features offered by the software.

droplr recorder
  • You can share any big file with your colleagues.
  • Creating direct and short links for various files.
  • Dragging and dropping files to cloud storage.
  • Easy process
  • Clean UI
  • Your computer will redirect you to the browser to see the screenshot.
  • Bugs can slow down the process.
  • Viewing multiple SS at the same is not possible.

4. Ashampoo Snap

If you're looking for software that can capture an image real quick, then Ashampoo Snap is what you need. It is the most flexible and fastest solution to edit, share and capture anything on your monitor as video recordings or screenshots. This app has all the latest advanced features that make it different from others, and it offers all the essential tools without any package.

The software is available on both platforms, so if your plans take a snap of your computer screen without any issue, then this application is what you need. You can perform various complex editing tasks very quickly, such as downloading videos and images from the internet and later sharing them without difficulty.

ashampoo snap
  • You can create GIFs with various clips.
  • Perfect for a multi-display environment.
  • Can stream or record games at high quality.
  • Compatible with all kinds of devices.
  • Easy process
  • Edit your videos through the automatic process.
  • The cost of packages is very high.
  • A limited amount of options in video export.

5. CloudApp

This is one of the best recording software available on Google, and instantly edits, or records videos without any issues; you can also take and share screenshots with your friends and colleagues in just a few steps. Its advanced features have made this app the best editing and recording software. This software is available on various platforms and can be used easily without any issues.

You can consider watching the tutorial videos to learn more about this app and its features. There are various types of packages available, and you can go through them and purchase one that suits you best for you. It will help you get control over all the features.

cloudapp recorder
  • You can screen record anything with and without the audio.
  • You can share the screen recording with just a few clicks.
  • Instant file share
  • GIF capture
  • Easy to use
  • Video screen recorder
  • Lack of support from the official team.
  • Charges of subscription are comparatively higher than other sources.

6. Vidyard

So, if you plan to communicate through video and screen recording, no other app can be better than Vidyard. This software is the best video solo screen recorder and contains all the advanced features needed for video recording and editing. You can perform numerous tasks through this application, and moreover, this software is available on all platforms, so you can install it on any platform and can prefer using it.

You can perform various tasks in just a few clicks, such as team updates, employee onboarding, sharing and recording videos for customer presentations, and many more. In simple words, you can add a spark of professionalism to your work by installing this software on your device. You can go through the pricing and check which plans suit you best for you.

  • Easy video recording and screen capture.
  • High-quality recording videos.
  • You can share the video directly through the app to various social media platforms.
  • You can add GIFs to your video or can create one.
  • Easy process
  • Edit your videos in just a few clicks.
  • Doesn’t include all the latest features.
  • No demo plan is offered.

7. Vimeo Record

Now, it has become very easy for an individual to record and share video directly from the browser in just a few clicks; all you need is a Vimeo record. This is one of the best applications available in the market; its features have made it one of the best screen recording applications. Whether it's design feedback or a product demo or anything, with Vimeo record, you can record, edit and share video text in just a few steps.

After the recording, the video directly gets transferred into the app, where you can make various changes or use the tools to make the video look more professional. Moreover, you can directly share the video on various platforms.

vimeo recorder
  • Allows you to share the video on various platforms.
  • Can transfer your video in GIF form.
  • Easy process.
  • You can opt for a free trial.
  • You can experience excellent sound quality.
  • Can edit your videos in just a few simple clicks.
  • You can't accept ads to support your video.
  • Very poor customer service; they take a lot of time to respond to an issue.

8. Open Broadcaster Software

OBS (open broadcaster software) is a helpful program that almost all creators prefer to use to edit and recreate their videos. The report says that this software is perfect for YouTubers and people who stream and mainly use software interested in recording their screens. This app not only allows you to record but also allows you to add audio and other tools within the software. Now, you don't need a separate app for editing your videos, and you can do all the needful through this app.

Open broadcaster software is free and open source, which simply means anyone can use it. There are thousands of great features available in this app, and you can consider watching a tutorial video to gather knowledge about everything related to open broadcaster software. This application is available on all platforms, and the report says you can quickly increase your reach by getting attached to this platform.

  • This is a free tool that anyone can use without hesitation.
  • This software offers videos of excellent quality.
  • You can use more additional features by being their member.
  • You can add any audio recording or song to your video.
  • An excellent option for YouTubers and streamers.
  • Developers are coming up with an updated version of this software.
  • This application doesn’t offer any integration services.
  • This platform offers no free trial.
  • It May lag at times.

Part 2. Related FAQs of Screen Grabbing

How do I screen grab a video?

Start playing the video and pause the video on the part where you want to capture the screen. Change your screen type to your preferred one, and then tap the screen capture button to take a screenshot.

You can also open your screen capture on your paint app to edit the video if needed. You can also install a third-party application to do the following.

Can the website detect screen recording?

Yes, the website can detect the screen recording, and they can only do it when the process is done through any tool or browser, like extensions, plugins, etc. Moreover, you can use programs like Hyercam that have no direct link with the browser, and the website will also not be able to detect them.

What can I use to record a long video?

If you are an android user, you can use the video recorder feature available under the camera app, or you can also prefer using a third-party application to do the following.

The report says that Mac users face this issue a lot of time, so it's better you consider installing a third-party application on your device.


Often such a situation arises in front of us where we want to screen record apart and share it with our friends or relatives, but we fail to do that due to the lack of knowledge about screen recording. Yes, it is possible to screen record or capture a part, and you can also edit it through many applications. If you are also searching for similar software, then prefer selecting one from the above-given list as it contains the top screen recording application. This feature also allows you to edit the video and share it directly from the platform.

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Mar 27, 24
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