How to Create Collages Using iPhoto

By Mar 30,2017 10:10 am

We always store tons of photos of events like birthday party, summer trip, Christmas gathering and more. Creating unique personalized photo collages with these photos and post them on blog or Facebook page is a good idea. We can even add the photos to the digital photo frame or print it out for a physical poster display. For Mac users, iPhoto is a great tool to make a photo collage.

But before you make a photo collage using iPhoto, here are some important things for you to know:

  1. Technically, iPhoto can’t make fancy photo collages like other Mac Photo Collages software. So don’t expect too much of it. iPhoto only create greeting cards with a simple collage layout.
  2. The templates iPhoto offers are quite limited and ordinary that you might feel a little bit disappointed.
  3. iPhoto offers no share options to save photo collage to desktop or to post on Facebook, which is a basic feature of picture collage applications.

So, if this isn’t quite what you’re looking for, get Collage Maker for Mac instead or use some online photo collage service instead.

Download Mac Version

Create Collages using iPhoto

Here are the quick steps to create photo collage with iPhoto.

Step 1: Launch iPhoto and click “Events” in the side menu. Hold “Shift” and click each photo you want to include in your photo collage.

Step 2: Click the “+” button in the lower left corner and select Card in the pop up window.

Step 3: Choose “Picture Collage”, which should under Any Occasion section if you are using the iPhoto 11. You’ll notice that all the templates are sorted based on occasion.

Step 4: Drag photos to the template and pick background, orientation and design.

Step 5: Click the Buy button on the lower right hand corner of the application or go to share menu and email it to yourself or family members.

Here is a sample made in iPhoto as holiday greeting card:

iphoto collage

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wow.. Thanks for sharing the resource, .. thanks for remind me.. It really helpful for creating good collage for my extraordinary type of images.. {}
Nice software, thanks. I also think its possible to create cool collage with another progs, for istance this one is cool: RonyaSoft Poster Designer
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