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Everything You Need to Know about Dailymotion Age Restriction

Shanoon Cox
Shanoon Cox
Originally published Dec 17, 21, updated Jul 23, 24
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Video entertainment plays an essential role in our lives. Video internment is the primary source of Dailymotion. The platform has over 300 million monthly users and more than 150 million videos, with the average number of monthly video views being 3.5 billion. Children under eight years spend more than 65 percent of their online time on video streaming platforms such as Dailymotion. With kids spending a high percentage of their browsing time on Dailymotion, this reinforces the need for restricting the type of content they can access.

Does Dailymotion Have Inappropriate Content?

Yes. Some content on Dailymotion is not suitable for kids. You will find suggestive or vulgar content on the platform. Some videos have harmful acts or behaviors that children could imitate. These include sexual references and behaviors as well as scenes of nudity. Keeping this in mids, here is how inappropriate content can affect young audiences:

Content With Violence Can lead to Child Anxiety and Aggressive Behavior

A significant number of videos on Dailymotion contain violent images, including war casualties and explosions. Research reveals that extensive viewing of violence could cause kids to become more anxious and aggressive. Kids who watch many hours of content with violence may become accustomed to violence and start to see the world as an unsafe and scary place. Exposure to content with swear words can also cause kids to become more physically aggressive.

Nude Scenes on Videos Influence Children's Sexual Behavior

Studies show that kids exposed to sexual content online start engaging in sex at younger ages. They may also have more sex partners and are less likely to practice safe sex.

Greater exposure to sexual content at a young age can result in a higher peak of thrill-seeking in youngsters. Among children exposed to sex scenes while watching Dailymotion videos, excitement-seeking sexual behavior can last into their late teens. What's the worst part? It can even last into their early twenties.

Kids Are Vulnerable to the Risks That Come with Misinformation

Because of their evolving capacities, kids can't distinguish between unreliable and reliable information on some videos. As a result, they can be harmed by misinformation and even spread it among their peers.

Gambling Content Can Lead to Gambling Problem in the Future

There are loads of gambling content on Dailymotion. Exposure to this type of content can make young audiences think that gambling is a great social activity. While gambling is a game of chance, some casino games resemble video games and applications that involve skill. Kids might find these games fun and think that gambling provides an exhilarating experience. In turn, they could have false or unrealistic beliefs regarding gaming, placing bets, and the odds of winning.

What's more? Becoming gamblers at a young age could disrupt the lives of kids. Problem gambling is bad for your physical and psychological health. Those living with this addiction often experience intestinal disorders, distress, depression, and migraine. Gambling addiction also leads to reduced study performance, relationship conflict, financial difficulties, and feelings of hopelessness and shame.

What Age Restriction Method Has Dailymotion Adopted?

The platform has put in place a parental filter that provides an extra level of protection for young audiences. You can also add an age restriction on inappropriate content before uploading it on your channel. That means kids won't be able to view your Dailymotion age-restricted content. To add age restriction on inappropriate content while uploading it, follow the steps below:

  • Log into your Dailymotion account.
  • Select Settings and then click Partner HQ.
Dailymotion age restriction
  • Click on Upload and select your video files from your device; alternatively, you can drag and drop the file.
  • Scroll down to the section that asks if your video is created for kids. Choose this option if your video is targeting young audiences under the age of 16.
how to set Dailymotion age restriction

The moderator team also receives reports of inappropriate content and can decide to place an age restriction on the video. Dailymotion strives to make its platform the best video community around. Therefore, they review all content people report to them, ensuring their community standards are protected. Anyone can report inappropriate content to the moderators; you don't need a Dailymotion account to report any content you find inappropriate.

These rules apply to usernames, channel names, keywords, live broadcasts, thumbnails, videos, and any other features on the platform. If you report content that has violated Dailymotion's terms and conditions but has inappropriate scenes for young audiences, their team will add an age restriction.

Dailymotion age restriction - report

With that in mind, here is how to report inappropriate content to the moderators: While you are watching a video, tap Report in the description of the video you are watching. That is the quickest way viewers can bring inappropriate content to the Dailymotion team. They will review the video and determine if it's not suitable for minors.

You can use the free text field if you would like to provide more information about your report. Dailymotion will use these details to contextualize your request. It will also allow them to process your requests fast.

If you come across a video displaying child sexual abuse, Dailymotion encourages you to report this to the INHOPE network. INHOPE supports a network of hotlines to fight online CSAM (Child Sexual Abuse Material). Dailymotion also advises you not to share content that displays child abuse because it is punishable by law.

Can Dailymotion Age Restriction Be Turned Off?

Yes. The age restriction feature is turned on by default, and it blocks young audiences from accessing Dailymotion age-restricted content. However, you can disable Family Filter if the content you upload on your account is appropriate and suitable for people of all age groups. Following the steps below will help you to disable this feature:

  • Got to your Dailymotion account.
  • Scroll down to the bottom of any Dailymotion page.
  • Click on Family Filter to turn off the Dailymotion age restriction feature.
  • Your Dailymotion age-restricted content will now be available to viewers aged 18 years or older.
turn off Dailymotion age restriction

Once you enable this option, you cannot deactivate it yourself. You have to contact the support team to do it for you.


As the world's 2nd largest video-sharing website, Dailymotion boasts over 350 million users. Young kids are among the viewers who watch the videos users upload every day. For this reason, when using Dailymotion services, you have to comply with child protection standards. So before you upload your videos on this platform, you have to ensure that it's appropriate for younger audiences. If it is not, you have to enable age restriction on the video to ensure that minors won't access the content.

Essentially, inappropriate content contains graphic images, violence, sexual references, sex scenes, or other mature themes. Identifying a video as suitable for people under the age of 16 will determine the availability of some features that Dailymotion offers, including the personalization of advertisements.