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[Top iOS Solutions] Finding Premium Slow Motion Apps For Video Creation

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Originally published Dec 11, 23, updated Mar 27, 24

iPhone is undoubtedly an awesome device to capture moments. Regardless of the iOS you are using; it has better lens and resolution sensors than Android. The launch of the iPhone 5S enables users to record video in slow motion with their smartphones. Although it is best in capturing and editing slow-mo, people still look for third-party apps

The reason might be that the iPhone slow motion app offers certain additional features. Maybe they provide more advanced settings and personalization. To find an answer, you should read this article, which lists the best iPhone slow-mo apps.

In this article
  1. Part 1: [Top 10] Slowing Down Videos With Finest iPhone Slow Motion Apps
  2. Bonus Part: Wondershare Filmora and Slow Motion Video Making: A Simple Connection
  3. Conclusion
Slow Motion Video Maker
Slow your video’s speed with better control of your keyframes to create unique cinematic effects!
Wondershare Filmora

Part 1: [Top 10] Slowing Down Videos With Finest iPhone Slow Motion Apps

Are you an enthusiastic user of the iPhone and want to create videos across it to save time? Provided are some quick and effective iPhone slow-motion apps that you can go with. These applications will help you create the best slow-motion content without taking up much effort:

1. Slow Motion Video Fx Editor

If you are seeking an iPhone slo-mo app, then this application holds all the relevant features. The application is designed to assist users in achieving slow motion and other speed effects. For precise and accurate slow motion, it offers basic slider and timeline settings. You can slow down a video at any scene by incorporating Advanced or Basic options.

slow motion video fx editor

Key Features

  • The application offers to manipulate frame rate by 240 fps and 12x slower.
  • Users can improve videos by incorporating music using its music library of 170+ tracks.
  • The platform provides sharing options along social platforms like Instagram and Facebook.

2. SloMo Slow Motion Video Editor

This iPhone slow-motion app has all the abilities to slow down videos and enhance them. It provides two options to slow down a video via playback speed or video frame rate. The playback speed slows a video instantly while the frame rates smoothen it. You can also choose a specific period for adding the slow-motion effect.

slomo slow motion video editor

Key Features

  • The frame manipulation goes up to 120 fps, and the playback speed goes 12x.
  • The application offers 40 color filters to enhance your video’s visual outlook.
  • There are multiple ratio options to export a video to upload it to different platforms.

3. Slow Motion Video Editor

Create ultra-slow motion or ultra-high motion videos with this iPhone slo-mo app. It offers distinct speed manipulation options, such as up to 10x to slow down a video. In addition, the application offers built-in speed templates to help you add speed effects to dance videos. Users can also retain the original audio of the videos after speed alteration.

slow motion video editor

Key Features

  • An intuitive user interface that offers a seamless slo-mo editing method.
  • Import music from iTunes into this iPhone slo-mo app and add it to your videos.
  • Publish your slo-mos directly to other editing apps like GoPro and InShot for additional editing.

4. Slow Motion’ Video Editor

Make professional-grade slow-motion videos using this iPhone slow-motion app. The application can record and edit videos at 60 to 240 fps, ensuring smooth, slow motions. With its modern and accessible user interface, achieving slow motions is easy. Other speed settings include split-second freezing frames and time-lapse videos.

slow motion video editor ios

Key Features

  • The application passes subscription charges via iTunes for a seamless and trusted process.
  • You can trim the unnecessary parts of the video using its Trim tool.
  • Offers one-click functionality to share videos across Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, or Email.

5. Slow Motion Video FX Edit

Do you want to be in control of your slow-motion videos while editing? This iPhone slow motion app offers custom speed manipulation options like 12x and 240 fps. You can add freeze frames if you want to highlight a specific part of the video. With its interface, speed manipulation is just as simple as dragging a slider.

slow motion video fx edit

Key Features

  • Enhance your video’s visuals with up to 40 stunning visual filters to enhance colors.
  • The application offers weekly, monthly, and yearly plans to suit your requirements.
  • You can add music from your library to videos or specific scenes via this app.

6. Slow Fast Motion Video Editor

Apply slow motion effect to the specific parts of your videos using this iPhone slow motion app. You can access it on the app store; the application is free to download. It features a timeline editing interface and a playback speed of up to 8x for Slomo. It separates the video frames, and you can change their speed, and afterward, it merges them.

slow fast motion video editor ios

Key Features

  • The ability to incorporate music from your music library into videos with this app.
  • You can manually trim out video segments and merge them back.
  • Showcase your creativity to other social platforms directly from the app.

7. Slow-Fast Motion Video Editor

This iPhone slow-motion app download unlocks a professional way of creating slo-mos. The user interface is professional and accessible for all types of editors. It displays a velocity graph to change the playback speed to 8x at specific video frames. This application slows down video to 1/10th of its actual speed. It also maintains the pitch of audio while creating fast or slow-motion videos.

slow fast motion video editor

Key Features

  • There is no restriction on video length to edit in this iPhone slow-motion app.
  • It doesn't export video with Watermark addition, which is remarkable for branding.
  • You can edit and export a video in Portrait or Landscape display.

8. TimeFreeze

If you want to create slow-motion videos effectively, then this iPhone slow-motion app can do it. It works by manipulating the video frame rates from 24 fps to 120 fps. Along with slowing down videos, you can slow down high-motion video to normal as well. The user interface is basic and lacks technicalities to be accessed by skilled people.

timefreeze slow motion ios

Key Features

  • The application supports all iOS 12.1, macOS 12.1, and newer versions.
  • Uses advanced image processing algorithms for video frame manipulation.
  • The application is free to use and only takes up 25.3 MB of your iPhone’s storage.

9. Vidma - Video Editor Music

You have read about many applications that offer to transform normal videos into slow motions. However, this iPhone slo-mo app is much more than just a speed changer. It slows down your videos via a velocity graph and maintains the audio pitch during the process. Using this application, you can slow down videos to 0.1x while also having video reverse options.

vidma video editor music

Key Features

  • With 1000+ music tracks and hundreds of visual effects and filters, your videos can stand out.
  • Along with the slow motion, you can also create time-lapse and apply speed ramping presets.
  • Export your video in high-quality 4K resolution without any quality loss.

10. Vizmato: Video Editor & Maker

Vizmato stands as a multipurpose video editing app with slow-motion capabilities. Beyond the creation of compelling slow-motion scenes, Vizmato adds dramatic flair by reversing the speed. Furthermore, the software extends the speed manipulation feature via a custom option. In this way, everyone gets a chance to design their videos per their preferences.

vizmato video editor and maker

Key Features

  • It offers 20+ visual themes, 40+ effects, and 140+ music assets to uplift your videos.
  • The tool can transform images into slideshows, making a video of your memories.
  • You can record and add voiceovers with this iPhone slow-motion app.

Bonus Part: Wondershare Filmora and Slow Motion Video Making: A Simple Connection

Having no fun while editing video with the iPhone slow-motion app? It’s obvious because such applications are limited to slowing down your videos. So, using Wondershare Filmora could change the game in video editing of all types. Users from every field can rely on Filmora to get unique and polished content. This editing platform is available online for Windows, macOS, and mobile phone users.

Wondershare Filmora is integrated with artificial intelligence to boost your productivity in editing. You can use Filmora’s asset library to get media or create your own with AI. Using Filmora will amaze you at every step of editing and creating engaging media.

Free Download
Free Download

Steps to Slow Down Video with Speed Ramping in Filmora

Speed ramping is a way to slow down or speed up videos smoothly. A slow change in videos gives a more professional outlook to videos. Have you observed this feature in any of the above-discussed iPhone slow-motion apps? The answer is no, so let’s benefit from speed ramping in Filmora by following the given steps.

Step 1Start Working on the New Project

Begin your video editing journey after downloading Filmora on your device. After downloading, open this platform and select “New Project.” This way, you will access its editing screen to begin working. Start with importing your video and bringing it to the timeline.

add media to filmora timeline
Step 2Discover the Speed Ramping Option with Templates

Place your cursor on the video and right-click to choose “Speed Ramping” from the list. Now, you can see an editing screen on your right. Pick any of the templates for effortless speed ramping.

look for speed ramping section
Step 3Customize Speed Ramping to Smoothly Slow Down Videos

Otherwise, hit the “Customize” and direct downward. Go to the editing panel and hold the dots to move downward if you want to slow down. You can speed up video portions by holding the dots upward. Meanwhile, you can play the video to see the changes.

customize speed ramping function
Step 4Use Optical Flow for Good Quality and Move to Save Changes

Extend the “AI Frame Interpolation” menu and hit the “Optical Flow.” That’s how you will get a high-quality video with slow speed. Keep editing or save changes through the “Export” button on the upper right.

perform optical flow and export

Find Core Functionalities of Wondershare Filmora

Before using Filmora, it’s important to explore it to avoid confusion. Considering this point, you should discover some of its main features below:

1. AI Copywriting

Except for AI, no one can provide you with an engaging script on short notice. Thus, Filmora integrates an AI copywriting feature for generating the desired script within seconds. It accepts natural language prompts, not limiting experts to giving commands. This feature is considered professional in creating YouTube descriptions to rank the content.

2. AI Copilot Editing

Humans typically need suggestions in editing, whether they are beginners or professionals. What could be better than having an AI as your personal editing assistant? Filmora offers an AI copilot editor that answers your editing-related queries. Besides, it navigates you toward practical solutions by providing links or buttons.

3. AI Audio Denoise

Sometimes, background noises ruin the vocals of the audio. Remove that noise with the help of AI, which can detect the noise type for exact results. This feature can enhance your audio by performing reverb reduction. It can make the voice clear that is present in surroundings, like electrical voices from devices. Audio denoise proves vital in recording podcasts and online course recording scenarios.

4. AI Portrait

It’s a human urge to look beautiful, and video editing apps are not denying it. Filmora also provides more than 70 AI portrait effects to beautify facial features. Moreover, it can assist you in removing the background and keeping humans in video frames. Some AI stickers include Heart eyes, Emojis, and Sunglasses that can evoke humorous emotions.


Until now, you might find your answer about using iPhone slow-motion apps. The overview of such premium apps has guided you to select an app that best aligns with your needs. If you are still confused, use Wondershare Filmora, an incredible video editor. This platform is available for iPhone, Android, Windows, and macOS with its limitless editing tools. 

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Mar 27, 24
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