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How to Change Quicktime Player Speed on Mac?

Shanoon Cox
Shanoon Cox
Originally published Apr 07, 22, updated Jul 12, 24
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Quicktime Player is an Apple Inc. software that is compatible with all current versions of macOS X as well as Windows.

The user interface of the Quicktime media player is straightforward to navigate. The majority of video formats may be supported, as well. Like VLC, you can quickly speed up or slow down videos with Quicktime player using specific hotkeys or by manually altering the speed of the video.

Man using quicktime player on mac

A broad number of formats may be handled by QuickTime, including music, graphics, and panoramic photography. All of your music and video files will play without a hitch, and it is a fully complete media player.

Many customers buy a Mac computer and instantly install QuickTime, the default video player, under the notion that it is a basic video player with few additional functions. In fact, the QuickTime player has a slew of hidden functions that are pretty useful, but only a few people are aware of it. The option to increase the Quicktime player speed is one of these hidden features' which is most popular and helpful. This is particularly true if you have to sit through a presentation or lecture.

How to Speed up Videos in Quicktime Player?

If you want to watch your movies on Quicktime player as quickly as possible, go with a long-term solution. The pace of the clip may be raised or lowered from the toolbar, and the settings of the application can be altered.

Thus, in easy words when you download a video to your Mac, you can control the speed at which it plays back on your computer using Quicktime player.

Control Speed on your computer using Quicktime player

There are two ways to achieve this goal, one is manually through settings whereas the second way is using hotkeys. Let’s discuss both by understanding how to increase QuickTime player speed manually.

Manually Setting Up Quicktime player speed

  • Open the Quicktime player installed on your computer.
  • Embedding video within the interface is recommended.
  • Go to the Toolbar and choose the Windows tab from the drop-down menu.
  • To access the A/V controls, press the A/V Controls button. There will be a dialogue box that appears.
  • Locate the Playback Speed option and adjust the speed of the movie by increasing or decreasing it.
  • Close the box and go to watch the video in its entirety.

Speeding Up playback Speed Quicktime Using Hotkeys

  • There isn't a special hotkey for Quicktime that allows you to speed up or slow down the video. Using your mouse and keyboard, on the other hand, you may do the task in an instant.
  • Open the video in the Quicktime Player on your computer by clicking on it.
  • Play the video clip, and then hit the “OPTIONS” key on your keyboard to stop it.
  • Press the Fast Forward button on the player and the left mouse button at the same time. It will speed up the pace at which the video is played back.
  • The tap will cause a 1.1x choice to appear at the top of the screen.
1.1 speed
  • Increasing the speed is accomplished by repeatedly clicking until the desired speed is achieved.
  • However, keep in mind that there has been a glitch that has existed for years that causes the audio to stop working after you reach 2x speed. To get around this problem, just accelerate to 1.9x and then stop.
  • If you come across anything you like and want to view it again, you may stop the video by pressing the space bar twice. However, pressing the spacebar will cause the playing speed to be reset.

How to Slow Down Videos in Quicktime Player?

When viewing a movie on your Mac, you may discover that you need to slow it down on a frequent basis. You may discover a range of slow down video editing tools that can help you slow down a video on the internet. Furthermore, various video players may be able to let you quickly slow down your movie. QuickTime Player is one of those programs that may be customized to your individual needs.

We sometimes overlook the enormous capacity inherent inside the dependable and dependable QuickTime Player. QuickTime contains a number of key capabilities meant to help you deal with your media files and play video and audio files.

Steps to follow to slow down Quicktime Player speed

Like speeding up the QuickTime playback speed, the users can simultaneously slow down the playback speed as well. It can be done manually and through the use of specific keys already present on the keyboard.

Manual Setup

In order to manually slowdown QuickTime video, follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • Launch the Quicktime player application
  • Click on “File” and choose the video which is already saved or downloaded on your MAC.
  • Once the video is loaded in the Quicktime player, click on “View” on the toolbar on the top.
  • As you click on “View”, a drop-down menu will appear. Locate the “Playback speed” option from the drop-down menu.
Quicktime View
  • When you click on “Playback speed”, another dialogue box will appear right next to the drop-down menu, which will have options regarding the playback speed.
Adjust Playback Speed
  • Click on “Half speed” and press the play button to watch the video with a slower playback rate.
Half Speed

Slowdown QuickTime speed using Hotkeys

  • Open the video or the clip you want to watch.
  • If Quicktime is your default player, the video loads in it.
  • Otherwise, launch the QuickTime application
  • By clicking on “Open”, choose your specific clip or video.
  • Once the video is loaded, press the ““OPTIONS”” key next to cmd and simultaneously press the rewind button on the task bar of Quicktime. It starts to slow down the playback speed of the video.

What If Quicktime Player Speed up With No Sound?

No sound may be heard when the video is played back if it was encoded in a format that QuickTime cannot understand. Verifying your QuickTime installation is the most obvious way to find out whether it has decoded all of the video files. Let’s investigate the issue to its root.

Updating Your Quicktime to the Latest Version

The user must carefully study the QuickTime player. For some reason, your QuickTime behaviour is out of whack.

People often neglect to keep their QuickTime software up-to-date, which results in problems with video playback, such as no sound or stuttering, among many other things. To fix this issue, just download and install the most latest release of QuickTime player.

Examine the System and Driver

Faulty speakers, audio issues in the system, and update failures will ultimately cause media playback difficulties.

To find the root cause, you should first check internally to see whether your speakers are working correctly. Speaking straight to Siri and hearing her reaction is the fastest and most straightforward option.

Another reason you may be hearing no sound on QuickTime is because of a recent system update. Apple, as we all know, often releases new operating systems, and you must keep track of the most current versions of updates in order to keep your system running effectively.

You just need to ensure that your machine is running the most recent version. As a result, your system will resume regular functioning, and QuickTime will be immediately fixed and restored.

Inspect if the File is Corrupted or not

Checking the file to see whether it has been corrupted is a good idea regardless of whether QuickTime and your system are up and running. To make matters worse, the lack of sound in QuickTime will be the consequence of a corrupted video file.

Try opening the file in a different programme or player to see if the issue may be resolved. If this is the case, your source video file is either destroyed or corrupted. You may wish to consider regaining access to the file in this situation. The likelihood of your file being corrupted by malware or a virus is relatively high. Remember to be patient if this does happen to you.

It is necessary to use third-party repair programmes to successfully fix the file. Consequently, using third-party software to recover and restore the source file should be considered if you are in a situation where the source file is crucial and do not have a backup. As we'll see, there are a number of options available, including Filmora.

How to Play Videos at 2X Speed with Sound in Quicktime?

Follow the below-mentioned steps to play video at 2x speed with sound in Quicktime:

  • Launch QuickTime.
  • Click on Edit, which is located on the toolbar on the top. A drop-down menu will appear.
  • From the drop-down menu, click on QuickTime Preferences.
  • Then select Audio from the dialogue box.
  • Then moving forward, change the music synthesizer to Promethean Audio Device, Promethean USB Audio or USB Audio Device. These options might vary depending on the user's specific hardware.
  • Click on Apply and then OK.

Use Quick Time Features in Filmora

What is Wondershare Filmora?

For users to quickly and easily create high-quality films using a variety of sophisticated editing tools, Wondershare Filmora provides an extensive set of powerful tools for video editors. Wondershare Filmora's user-friendly interface makes it easy for anybody to become an expert video editor on Mac.

In addition to the usual video effects, Wondershare Filmora provides filters, animated components, and other video effects. In order to alter a movie, you may use filters and overlays to add a variety of effects and graphic overlays. There are several options for titles, openers, and bottom thirds to pick from in Wondershare Filmora.

Wondershare Filmora

Using Wondershare Filmora's drag and drop, users may include moving graphics into their movies. Additionally, users may quickly combine many videos and photographs and choose the good royalty-free music from a wide range of options, all in one spot.

Among the many functions offered by Wondershare Filmora include the ability to edit in 4K and GIF format, noise reduction and colour correction, and an advanced text editor and an audio mixer. A wide range of operating systems can run Wondershare Filmora.

Although there are many other video editors out there vying for attention, Wondershare has been one of the few that has managed to stay relevant in an increasingly competitive industry saturated with old and new video editors all competing for the same consumer base.

Unique and Distinct Features of Filmora

Software is not nearly as good if it does not have the appropriate set of functionalities, and most users will not bother to use it if it does not include these features. Listed here are the most eagerly anticipated features of Filmora's latest version:

Motion Tracking

The Motion Tracking module enables you to identify an object or point inside a video and then have the computer track that object or point to generate a moving path.

It allows you to capture the motion of a moving object in the frame and add text, subtitles, effects, and other components to the frame that follow the moving object's motion as it moves around the screen. After you've constructed that path, you may link any other item to it and have it follow the initial object.

Colour Matching Feature

This team has always considered that Filmora's colour grading and correction tools were excellent, but their most recent addition to the 'Color Matching' program has garnered them even more praise.

Colour matching is crucial when trying to merge several video images obtained by two different cameras. In this semi-automated module, you may match video from multiple sources or footage acquired at different times of day with one another.

Keyframing Feature

Keyframing is an essential feature for users who wish to boost the appeal of their video by incorporating critical animation sequences throughout the film.

It enables you to create custom animations and have fine-grained control over the effects you apply to your projects via the use of keyframes.

Keyframing becomes critical when creating special effects, custom title cards at the beginning or middle of a film or conjuring precise paths for visuals or picture-in-picture movies to follow.

Audio Ducking

Audio ducking is a method used in video editing and production that allows the narrator's voice to be heard consistently and clearly over other sounds on the recording that are happening at the same time, such as background music, without being dominated.

Transitions and Vast Amount of Effects

Over 300 special effects, objects, overlays, transitions, and music and audio effects are available whenever and wherever you need them. The bundle includes 25 sound effects and 26 royalty-free recordings, making it a complete package.

Then there are 176 transitions, each of which may be customized to liven up your project. You may also alter and manipulate visuals and text to make your project more aesthetically appealing.

Hardcore Video Editing

Moving on to the heart of this application, Filmora latest version's video editing features are both excellent and user-friendly. [pagebreak] The editing options in Filmora are comprehensive, with the most noticeable being cutting, audio manipulation, transition creation, visual effects, and a plethora of additional features and functions.

The above editing functions are simple to carry out by selecting a specific section of the video on your timeline, double-clicking it, waiting for it to appear in the preview section, and then applying effects and transitions, adding audio, stabilizing and correcting the video using any of the editing options available to you.

Simplified Exporting Of Your Masterpiece

Exporting a finished project is as simple as any other activity in Filmora latest version. Indeed, the option to export your completed project is clearly presented on the main page and instantly visible to the human eye. After you've completed making changes, all you have to do is click the 'Export' button.

How to change video playback speed in Filmora

When using fast-motion/slow-motion effects on a video, the clips are sped up or slowed down in comparison to their original speed.

If you're looking for a "close up in time," the slow-motion effect may be the best choice, while the fast-forward effect may be used to produce dramatic or amusing videos.

Filmora is widely praised and utilized by professionals throughout the globe because of its user-friendly design and uncomplicated editing features. For this, it is often chosen over other editing programs.


Follow the below-mentioned steps to change video speed in Filmora:

  • A wide range of video formats is supported by Wondershare Filmora, including MP4 and AVI, WMV and MOV, and FLV and M4V, etc. Enter the media library and click Import to import videos from your PC. The software will use the video files on your computer. Drag and drop is also an option for adding files to the User's Album.
Import Media Files
  • Right-click on the video track on the Timeline and then drag movies from your User's Album into it to access the Speed and Duration choices.
Custom Speed
  • A pop-up window will be shown. The rapidity or sluggishness of the motion effects is denoted by speed numbers. Then you may go at your own speed. Just click on the preview box to test out effects like sped-up or slowed-down videos. 0.5 speed is a good choice if you think it's too much.
Detach Audio
  • Video playback speed similarly affects the audio playback speed. Delete the video's audio if you want to maintain the original playing speed of the video's audio.
  • You must first double-click the audio clip in the audio editing window in order to adjust it. Adding and deleting fade in/out effects and reducing background noise are all options.
  • After you've finished adjusting the video speed, click Export. To save your movie in a standard format, just choose Format from the File menu.
Export Audio
  • It's also possible to publish your videos to YouTube and Vimeo or create a DVD if you'd like.
  • Choose Device from the drop-down box and choose the proper symbol to view your new video output on your iPod, iPhone, or iPad.


While watching a movie, you may want the audio to be slower or faster, and you may want to adjust the atmosphere with the help of the music track, either when merely a soundtrack is being played or while a movie is being watched. This article, which includes images, explains in great detail how Mac users can achieve this using playback speed Quicktime. It also explains how to alter the speed at which a video play by in Filmora. Filmora has a variety of easy and advanced editing options, as well as video effects like slow motion and fast motion.

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