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How to Cut/Trim Video in VLC on MacOS?

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Sep 28, 2021• Proven solutions

Do you face problems when you want to cut a video in VLC On macOS?

VLC Media Player, also recognized as VLC, is a primary, versatile cross-platform multimedia player and system. It bags within itself numerous features and has developed a tremendous name in the industry for digital video editing. It has several editing capabilities. You can edit or cut your video and execute other editing activities.

This article will help you understand how to conveniently cut/trim videos on VLC using macOS. Keep reading the article to discover more.

Section1. How to Cut Videos in VLC on Mac [Step-by-Step]

Section2. Tips for using VLC Video Player on Mac

Section 1. How to Cut Videos in VLC on Mac?

1. VLC Media Player

Mac users can wonder whether there are any variations when cutting VLC video on macOS computers. In truth, differentiation is a minor one. But it could be hard for anyone to find the saved video on Mac. I recommend that you configure the default directory position before cutting/trimming videos on Mac with VLC.

  • Define the default folder position where you need to save your edited version by moving to VLC Preferences 

  • Input/Codecs > Record Directory.

  • Set the default directory for cutting the video to VLC

  • Move to "View > Advanced Controls > Replay Menu" and press "Record." (This feature is identical to "cut/trim" and works fine.)
  • Resume the VLC and play the imported file, stop it before you hit the portion you want to hold by pressing the red button.
  • Search your edited video in the record folder that you set up in Step 1.

2. VLC Trimmer - Wondershare FilmoraX

FilmoraX is a convenient and efficient enough video editing app that lets you split videos into several parts and gives a variety of video editing tools to create a perfect movie.  

  • Edit video with various apps for editing images. 
  • More than 100 fun video features are included in this application. 
  • Insert title, text, transitions, PIP and 350+ effects to the video. 
  • Use the music you want as BG music for your video. 
  • Upload video to the application that you want, or to YouTube as well as other networks.

Download Win VersionDownload Mac Version

Step1. You can tap "Import" and pick files, or quickly click and drag files to the media library before transferring them to the timeline for edit.

Step2. If your clip has several various scenes, The "Scene Detection" feature will allow you to find the part you would like to remove quickly. Outline the video in the Media Library, right-click it, and then pick "Scene Detection" to access the Scene Detection window.

Step3. Select Detect and Filmora can instantly split your videos into various sections relying on scene changes.  

mac split option2

Step4.You can then remove undesirable scenes by pressing the Delete icon beside the clip, and then quickly get the desired section. Select the Add to Timeline button, and this will import different video parts straight to the timeline.

3. VLC Cutter - Video Proc 

VideoProc is a powerful video cutter with unique features, including recording screens and face cams and saving videos from your preferred video-sharing apps.

Install VideoProc and select the +Video button to import one or even more media files to the app. Click the Cut button on the Edit Toolbar.

Slide the green button to set the start and end of the desired video section. To cut the clip, select the orange scissor icon. Select the Done button to complete the cut.

Section 2. Tips for Using VLC Video Player on Mac

Although most people use VLC as a primary video player, it's a lot more than just that. Several features have been introduced over the ages. We have gathered together to show you some of the simple tips that you may not know and can use with VLC.

  • How to cut a part of a video in VLC?
  1. Go to View > Advanced Controls by using the menu bar from your usual VLC screen. 
  2. Recording buttons will show above your standard player control buttons. 
  3. Open the video you're trying to cut. 
  4. Run/play a video or scroll to the beginning point wherever you want to trim.

  • Is it possible to trim audio with VLC?

Go over to "View" on the main menu in the VLC window and select the "Advanced Controls" feature. Now access the MP3 file using the VLC media player and then head to the bottom and select what you wish to start trimming the MP3 file and press the red button at the bottom left of the browser.

  • Is VLC able to edit audio?

While VLC Media Player—a popular multimedia player —is not commonly used as an audio or video editor, however, you can undertake basic editing methods such as trimming off the front and back of an MP3 file, changing the equalizer levels to produce the correct sound, and converting...

  • How to disable VLC as a default player?

Press the Start button, and then select Settings. Click the Default Apps. From here you can pick the default applications that can be used to access your popular files. Switch the option in Video Player and Music Player to VLC Media Player by default.

  • How to speed up VLC?
  1. VLC is a very efficient video converter that can quickly trim and transform videos. 
  2. All you have to do is go Media->Convert/Save
  3. Pick your file and press 'Show more options' in the Edit Options box
  4. Type: rate=0.5 for half speed or: rate=2.0 for double speed at the end of the line.


In conclusion, the ways used to trim and cut videos using VLC Media Player on Mac are discussed in this article. Being a free media player tool VLC is decent for its success as a media player. It includes a plethora of simple editing tools for editing videos, but still, it isn't that great as a video editor.

In comparison, Filmora is a more flexible editing app that not only simplifies cutting/trimming but also has several other valuable video editing features. This video editing is not only beginner-friendly but also for specialists. We firmly suggest Filmora as the best video editing for Mac users. You should install this excellent video editing tool to experience it! 

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