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Guide To Slowing Down Videos in Snapchat Discussing the Details

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Originally published Dec 13, 23, updated Mar 27, 24

Applying slow-motion effects using sophisticated cameras or apps was a matter of the past. In this digital era, mobile technology makes all kinds of video editing right in your palm. Snapchat is one such exciting application that combines editing and social interaction. Primarily, it's a social media platform to share your moments in one-time played snaps. 

Some of its features also include speed modifiers for creating slow-motion videos on Snapchat. The slow-motion Snapchat option is pretty simple to apply to your pre-recorded videos. This guide will teach you how to slow down a Snapchat video to avoid ambiguity. Keep reading and get some mobile apps for slow-motion videos other than Snapchat.

In this article
  1. Part 1: How Are Slow-Motion Videos Used by Social Media Users?
  2. Part 2: How to Slow Down Videos on Snapchat? A Simple Guide!
  3. Part 3: Other Ways to Slow Down Videos to Post on Snapchat
  4. Bonus Part: Guide to Making Slow Motion Videos Easy with Wondershare Filmora
  5. Conclusion
Slow Motion Video Maker
Slow your video’s speed with better control of your keyframes to create unique cinematic effects!
Wondershare Filmora

Part 1: How Are Slow-Motion Videos Used by Social Media Users?

Snapchat offers creative sets of features to enhance the impact of captured media. This social media app can instantly slow down your video without any effort. Such videos can retain the viewers’ attention and urge them to explore the details. Plus, slow-motion videos encourage the audience to stay tuned to the upcoming content. Look at the below point to explore the uses of slow motion in Snapchat:

  • Creating Comedy: Sometimes, people use slow-motion to turn their captured moments into comedy. For instance, you can add slow motion to your friend's video of eating noodles. This way, a playful, hilarious, and entertaining element will be added to your content.
  • Emphasizing Detail: Social media users usually slow down the video to enhance details. At normal speed, such details can easily be missed. Slowing down the sports, action shots, and fast-paced activities can reveal interesting details.
  • Showcasing Skills: Dance and performance art videos can be slowed down with Snapchat. Social media users use slow-motion Snapchat to show talent and skills. Such footage allows viewers to appreciate the performance after watching the details.
  • Capturing Nature: Aesthetic lovers use slow-motion effects to make their content appealing. They slow down the falling raindrops, clouds movements, and fluttering of butterfly wings. Capturing the beauty of nature this way resonates with social media users.
  • Product Demonstration: Social media influencers showcase the product’s features in slow-motion videos. Snapchat assists them in making detailed and engaging videos with just a swap. Fashion and technology industries are influencing purchasing decisions through such videos.

Part 2: How to Slow Down Videos on Snapchat? A Simple Guide!

You might be familiar with this famous social media app. If not, then let us simply tell you that it's a platform to share fleeting pictures and videos. This top social media app was introduced in 2011, and according to stats, it grows 23% each year.

Some of its essential features include taking pictures and videos by adding filters and lenses. Now, let’s come to the point and learn how to make slow-motion videos on Snapchat:

Step 1

After getting Snapchat on your mobile phone, log in to an account. Open the app and record a video. To record, tap and hold down the “Capture” button at the lower part of the screen. Let it go when you are done recording a suitable clip.

record a video using snapchat
Step 2

You can crop the video by clicking on the “Loop” button on the right side. Otherwise, just swipe the screen from left to right until you get a “Snail” icon. It will be the slow-motion effect that will reduce the speed of your video.

apply slow motion filter
Step 3

Optionally, you can decorate or edit the clip using the right-side toolbar. When you are done editing, touch the “Save” icon at the bottom-left side. It will save the video in your camera roll or Snapchat Memories. Besides using the “Save” icon, you can click the "Next" button to share the video with your friends.

save video or share it

Part 3: Other Ways to Slow Down Videos to Post on Snapchat

The slow-motion effect is no more challenging as many apps are available online to do this. If you are unsatisfied with Snapchat's motion video, this part is for you. Here, you can pick any app to make slow-motion videos and use plenty of editing features. These apps are useful for creating professional slow-mo videos right with your iOS or Android.

1. CapCut (Android | iOS)

This tool has made video creation effortless with video assets and flexible editing. It contains a cloud storage system that allows users to collaborate on projects freely. With its powerful features, users can remove background, split audio, and insert sounds. CapCut offers a feature to turn your normal videos into slow motion and alter the duration of clips.

capcut video slow mo app

Key Features

  • It enables you to customize the pace of your video scenes separately. You can make slow-motion videos by using its “Speed” slider. Users can also track the previous and the latest video durations.
  • The speed ramping features allow you to ensure a smooth transition in slow motions. To do so, you can choose the bullet, montage, and hero presets.
  • Apart from making slow-motion videos, users can extract audio from videos. They just have to upload a video, and CapCut will extract original quality sound.

2. InShot (Android | iOS)

InShot claims to release your creativity through its video editing features. It offers seamless video trimming, splitting, and merging to get desired media. Users can adjust the speed of clips and add slow-motion or fast motions. Besides, they can insert sound effects, voice-overs, and popular music in their vlogs.

inshot video slow mo app

Key Features

  • Despite slow-motion Snapchat, you can make a smooth slow motion in this editing app. It offers a speed option from which you can choose any Speed rate for your video.
  • InShot tries to make your content breathe with its text and stickers. Users can add animated stickers and text using the timeline functions.
  • Another specialty of this app is its aesthetic filters, such as Film and Cinema. Moreover, there are AI effects to provide a professional look to projects.

3. Videoshop (Android | iOS)

If you find slowing down videos on Snapchat difficult, try this video editing app. With its advanced editing tools, this versatile app can level up your social media expression. Some of its essential editing features involve rotation, merging, and flipping clips. Users can perform color correction, reverse, and slow down video functions.

videoshop slow mo app

Key Features

  • Turning videos into fast motion, slow motion, and the reverse is quicker on Videoshop. You can swipe the speed slider towards the left and make a personalized slow-motion video.
  • After getting a slow-mo, users can share it on popular social media apps. Some platforms include Snapchat, TikTok, WhatsApp, YouTube, etc.
  • Besides, there are unlimited editing features to fine-tune your editing. It offers special effects, lip sync, animated titles, and GIFs to meet diverse needs.

Bonus Part: Guide made to Make Slow Motion Videos Easy with Wondershare Filmora

No doubt, the apps mentioned above are handy video editing tools. Such apps facilitate smartphone users, but what about PC users? For them, Wondershare Filmora is designed as an efficient video editing platform. This application is easy for all users and provides a wide range of editing tools. Beginners or non-tech persons can utilize an AI copilot editor for assistance in editing.

Free Download
Free Download

How to Make Slow Motion Video with Optical Flow in Filmora

This editing platform can make slow-motion Snapchat videos of high quality. Users can adjust the slow-motion speed, apply speed ramping, or reverse the videos. Let’s explore all these features and get a slow-motion video by following the given steps:

Step 1Access Filmora and Import Media to Start a Project

Go to the official site of Filmora and ensure you install the latest version. Launch and enter the main interface. Click "New Project" and look for "Import" in the media panel. Browse and bring media to Filmora to start editing in the timeline section.

create project to import video
Step 2Discover the Uniform Speed Option

Place your cursor on the media and right-click on it. Look for the “Uniform Speed” option from the list and navigate toward the right-side panel. Alternatively, you can press the “Ctrl + R” key using your keyboard.

navigate to uniform speed
Step 3Adjust Speed for Slow Motion video with optical Flow

From Uniform Speed, move the “Speed” slider to the left. Keep moving until you set the desired “Duration” of the video. Afterward, head to the “AI Frame Interpolation” and extend the menu. Choose the “Optical Flow” option from the menu and get a preview of the results.

reduce speed using slider
Step 4Continue Editing or Exporting the File

Lastly, shift to the top right corner and press “Export” if you are done editing. Otherwise, explore other features of Filmora.

export video to your device

Filmora is more than just a simple tool with cutting, trimming, and merging features. It is an AI platform that can generate music, scripts, and images for diverse needs. With its cloud storage, you can start editing where you left off. Smartphone users don't have to worry because Filmora is now available as a mobile app.

Some Smart and Unique Features of Filmora

Completely exploring Filmora is not possible without knowing its key features. Thus, head down here and get a brief introduction to Filmora’s powerful functionalities.

  • AI Vocal Remover: Try this hot feature of Filmora to separate vocals from any song. This way, you can effortlessly remove vocals from audio and soundtracks. It enables you to dub videos with fresh and high-quality sound.
  • AI Copywriting: No more internet surfing for unique content when Filmora is here to help. With the ChatGPT plug-in, Filmora generates YouTube Titles and scripts. The AI-generated content proves engaging and perfectly aligns with your requirements.
  • Instant Mode: Like other editing apps, Filmora is also equipped with Instant mode. It provides video assets where you just have to upload clips in predesigned video templates. One thing Filmora has done differently is the editing options available until the last moment.
  • AI Smart Cutout: Who needs to record content with a green screen in this tech-based era? Enable this feature and remove unwanted objects and people with accuracy. Thus, users can make a clean video even when not recorded with a clean background.


Ultimately, the slow-motion filter is one of the options in Snapchat to make attractive snaps. In this guide, you’ve learned how to slow down videos on Snapchat. Besides, there were a few alternatives in the form of mobile apps. In search of a reliable platform, you can trust Filmora to make slow-motion videos easily.

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Mar 27, 24
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