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Ways to Learn Discord Game Bots – Even if You're Just Starting Out

Liza Brown
Liza Brown
Originally published May 30, 22, updated Dec 05, 23
Ways to Learn Discord Game Bots – Even if You're Just Starting out

An easy yet powerful editor

Numerous effects to choose from

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Discord is free social communication service used by tens of millions of individuals aged 13 and above to socialize with their communities and friends. People use discord regularly to discuss various topics, from art projects and family vacations to homework and mental health help. It serves as a home for communities of different sizes but has become quite popular as discord bot games due to the rise in the gaming community.

The great majority of servers are private, invite-only locations where friends and communities may communicate and spend time together. More significant, more open groups based on specific themes like popular video games like PUBG and Genshin Impact. Because all discussions are opt-in, users have complete choice over who they connect with and how they use discord.

Part 1 What Are Discord Game Bots?

Discord game bots are artificial intelligence (AI)-powered applications that automate processes and add music, games, welcome messages, memes, and other fun stuff to your server. These bots make it simple to interact with your audience, grow your community, and manage your server.

There is a plethora of game bots for discord to pick from, each with its purpose. Some may automatically welcome new users, while others utilize webhooks to interface with other apps—and it may be tough for novice users to figure out which ones will provide the most remarkable results for their requirements.

what is a discord game bot

Part 2 How Do You Add Bot Games to Discord?

Follow the steps below to add game bots for discord successfully:

Step 1: To add a bot to your Discord server, go to the bot's source page. We'll be using ProBot for this lesson.

Step 2: Depending on the bot you're adding, click Add to Discord or Invite Now.

Step 3: To grant the bot access, a pop-up window will appear asking you to check in to your Discord account.

Step 4: After you log in, you'll see a box asking for account authorization. Locate and choose the Add to Server drop-down menu.

Step 5: This will bring up a list of discord servers where you can add a bot game discord. Continue after selecting your server.

Step 6: Examine the server permissions that the bot asks for. Select and deselect according to your requirements. When you're ready, click Authorize.

For those who like to share their discord game bots experience through screen recordings and whatnot, a potent and convenient video editing tool to make your sessions look even more incredible is Filmora.

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Part 3 Top 10 Picks of Discord Gaming Bots


Karuta is a discord game bot where you gather anime characters. In Karuta, though, you collect characters using trading cards. Your cards and other objects may be customized, upgraded, and traded with other players. Better still, you maintain the same cards between servers, allowing you to play Karuta with the same deck on any server where the game discord bot is! 

top picks for discord bot game 01

02Dragon Bot Z

Dragon Bot Z is the discord bot game that adds discord Ball Z, a multiplayer text-based RPG, to your server. Players in Discord Ball Z summon characters from the iconic Dragon Ball Z franchise, train them, fight foes, buy equipment, and trade with other players. This Discord game is ideal for Dragon Ball fans or anybody who likes text-based roleplaying games.

top picks for discord bot game 02


Mudae is a bot discord game with character-collecting. For example, you can claim popular anime and videogame characters as your "waifus" or "husbandos," develop your harem, and compete for your favorite characters with other users. You can also trade the characters with other members.

top picks for discord bot game 03

04Rock Puppy

Rock Puppy is a basic yet entertaining game bots discord bot that incorporates several classic games. You can enjoy Discord games like ConnectFour, Truth or Dare, Trivia, Tic-Tac-Toe, Russian Roulette, and Would You Rather with Rock Puppy. You may also use magic 8-ball, dice, or tarot cards, play classic board and party games on your server with Rock Puppy.

top picks for discord bot game 04


GarticBot is a bot game in discord that allows you to play the drawing game Gartic. GarticBot begins the Discord game by painting an image on your server. Members then compete against one another to predict the image the quickest. Others can guess your drawings if you submit them. Type the command g.draw, and Gartic will provide you with a URL to submit your artwork. GarticBot creates a fun Pictionary-style game for everyone on your server to play.

top picks for discord bot game 05


TriviaBot is the most popular trivia game discord bot. It has over 90,000 questions, and you can even submit your own for inclusion in the bot. Members can form and join teams to compete in competitions. You may also create a public leaderboard to display who performs the best on the server.

top picks for discord bot game 06


The finest Uno discord game bot is GamesROB. ConnectFour, Trivia, Battleship, 2048, Tic-Tac-Toe, Minesweeper, and Hangman are the other traditional party games added to discord. You may also play "Detective," a Discord game in which you try to figure out who is the "assassin" on your server, memory games, and Town, Country, River, a game in which you try to come up with as many phrases as possible within a theme.

top picks for discord bot game 07

08Chess Reddit

Chess is a simple game that allows you to play chess on discord. You may play a chess game with other server members directly on the server. Instruct the bot on which pieces to move and where they should go. After each move, the Discord game bot creates a fresh graphic of the board so you can plot your next move. And, because the game hosts on your server, other users may watch and debate it!

top picks for discord bot game 08


PokeMeow is by far the most popular Pokemon game discord bot. With this Pokemon bot, you may capture Pokemon on your server, trade, battle with other players, and accomplish tasks for in-game currency and stuff. As you keep building up your Pokedex, the Pokemon bot also allows to compete with other users on the worldwide leaderboard! PokeMeow is the ideal Pokemon Discord bot for fans of the Pokemon series.

top picks for discord bot game 09


IdleRPG is a discord game where you may play a text-based roleplaying game. You may make your character complete with ethnicity and social status. Then, you can go on quests and combat beasts, purchase, and exchange mythic objects, join guilds, engage with gods, and even marry other players. Play through your character's adventure while engaging with and creating stories with other players. IdleRPG is likely to provide your server with hundreds of hours of roleplaying pleasure.

top picks for discord bot game 10

Part 4 Discord Game Bots FAQs

Now, let us go through some FAQs about discord game bots:

Q. Is it possible to play games with discord bots?

A. You could indeed play discord games in-server with bots, challenge other members, and win prizes! A game bot is a terrific method to keep players engaged on your server, especially if it's a gaming Discord channel.

Q. Do game bots spy on you?

A. No, game discord bots do not have inbuilt spyware.

Q. How many bots should a server have?

A. It's best not to have more than 20 bots game on discord on a server at any moment. More bots than this may cause users to become confused and the service to seem suspicious.

Q. Are discord bots free?

A.  All these discord game bots are free to use. However, some have premium upgrades.

Q. Which bot is the most popular game bot in discord?

A. Worddle

Q. Which bot is the best bot for gaming on discord?

A. Gawesome is an excellent alternative for adding a multifunctional bot to your discord server.

Ending Thoughts

Discord is accessible communication and socializing service for individuals aged 13 and above.  

The platform extends to various servers, each with its users, rules, themes, and channels, but one underutilized feature is the ability to develop and code custom AI-powered bots.

Game bots for discord are artificial intelligence (AI)-powered applications that automate processes and add games to your discord server. 

These game discord bots make it simple to interact with your audience, grow your community, and manage your server.

Lastly, to enhance the discord game bots experience and bring your gaming videos to life, use the Filmora software.

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