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Where To Find The Best Free Canon LUTs? Learn More!

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Originally published Jun 05, 23, updated Jul 18, 24

LUTs (look-up tables) enhance color grading within photos and videos. After all, they are special editing tools for upscaling visual content. There are different types of LUTs with unique characteristics and styling. One of these categories is Canon cinematic LUTs, an exceptional 3D LUT preset. In this article, you’ll find information about Canon LUTs with the best recommendations.

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Part 1: What are 3D LUTs?

LUTs are important editing tools for upgrading color schemas of visual content. The 3D LUTs are special LUT presets used in color correction and enhancement. 3D LUT is a mathematical table that maps input and output colors. It helps adjust the color tones, textures, and intensity in an optimized way. So, while selecting any 3D LUT filter, it's applied in a calculated way.

The 3D LUT is equipped with three-dimensional visual art that determines brightness, hue, and saturation. It has depicted its use cases in industries like gaming and film production. Thus, they play a crucial role in matching color content from different cameras. This develops more consistency with customized looks and appealing visualization.

Part 2: Top-Best Free Canon LUTs To Consider in 2024

The Internet is overloaded with amazing download Canon LUTs. Meanwhile, choosing the right LUTs for your task can be difficult. Don't worry; you will find the list of best Canon LUTs here:

1. Cinema Canon C-Log3

Take your video concept to the next level with cinema Canon C-Log3 LUT. In this LUT pack, you will find 25 Cinema Rec 709 and 25 Cinema C-Log3 LUTs. If you’ve videos, clips, presentations, or social videos, this LUT pack is ideal. Such LUTs are very easy to use. You only need to drag or import them into your videos.

1.	Cinema Canon C-Log3

2. City Building

Transform your city building with this free Canon LUT pack. There are exciting LUT preset filters for providing new looks into tall building structures. The combination of weather, greenery, traffic, and buildings demands upgraded looks, for which such LUTs are ideal. With special color orientation, this LUTs pack will optimize color schemes within the city.

2.	City Building

3. Canon C-Log Blockbuster

Add special blockbusting looks to your important video clips. With the Canon C-Log Blockbuster LUTs pack, upgrade your videos with a cinematic touch. There are 20 Blockbuster C-Log LUTs that will extend the color grading of your videos. This also improves the quality of your clips, bringing more engagement. Thus, you can make your documentaries and social clips more enchanting.

Canon C-Log Blockbuster

4. Slight Warmth

Blend unique sunlight touch to your outdoor visual media with these free Canon LUTs. It helps you improve the standards of your images and videos with evening sunshine. Your important outdoor moments will become captured in attractive visual media with pleasing tranquility. The available LUT filter possesses a warm color gradient to initiate creativity.

Slight Warmth

5. Film Canon C-Log2

Using the film Canon C-Log2 pack, you will find amazing LUT color presets. You can use these LUT filters within your documented or personal clips and movies. Find some prominent LUTs, including the 22 Canon C-Log2 and 22 Rec 709 LUTs in the pack. All these LUTs are special and unique, with extensive color gradients. You can import the preset file or drag it into the video for magical effects.

Film Canon C-Log2

6. Sun Flare

Are your captured images or recorded videos in a dull location? There is an option to transform quality using this sun flare Canon LUT. With its bright color presets, this LUT can correct colors within dull visual content. This way, the color schemes would be upgraded with more light and brightness. So, don't worry, even if your picture is captured within a dull environment.

Sun Flare

7. Vintage

You need not have any darker blueish effects on your outdoor visual media anymore. With vintage Canon LUT download, enhance color grading in an optimized way. The vintage LUT is backed with special color, tone, and style. When you apply these LUTs to your photo or video, the quality will improve. You will witness color enhancement in a quick time.


8. Blue Skies

The sky is blue as the water. Thus, if your visual content has natural landmarks, provide blue touch. After all, blueish effects will enlighten your visual content in an appealing way. With next-level color grading, you will feel special emotions and feelings vibes. The LUTs are easy to use and integrate into your images or videos.

Blue Skies

9. Filmic Style

Blend extraordinary filmy looks into your graphical media with Filmic Style Canon LUT. This LUT is special because it leverages top-level color grading with resolution enhancements. The colors of your visual content will rise, and quality will also improve. So if you're inspired by the cinematic display, this LUT provides optimized colors.

filmic style luts

10. City Film

An aerial picture of your city determines its beauty. But the sandy or dusty atmosphere can ruin picture quality. Using this Canon LUT, you can upscale your city picture. There are unique color gradients that eliminate dust for clarity within the image. Meanwhile, with the correct color combination, you'll see a clean environment overall.

city film luts

11. Dusty Light

Sometimes interior images look more attractive in dusty lighting. This LUT pack comes with diverse filter presets that add brownish dusty looks. Thus, your visual content will be enhanced with optimized resolutions within dusty lighting. The Canon LUT will adjust the color schemes within your visual content. Hence, you will have a visually appealing image with outstanding dusty contrast.

Dusty Light

12. Tinted Shades

Make your outings more attractive with stylish tints. By using this free Canon LUT, you can add faded tints to your images or videos. Meanwhile, the tinted shades will provide impressive looks within a dull atmosphere. For outdoor photography, this LUT is ideal because of its dark hues and saturated colors. The filter combines a range of color tools for the best output.

Tinted Shades

13. W&B

Black and white is a vintage color combination that is beyond levels. With this LUTs pack, you can improvise your visual content with a W&B touch. This means LUTs will replace color gradients with stylish black-and-white displays. Meanwhile, the LUT will adjust hue, saturation, contrast, and brightness. As a final result, you will receive attractive W&B content.

w&b luts

14. Pink Grade

Red-brownish mountains look impressive in their original colors. A pink-grade LUT filter can bring originality to your captured videos or photos. This way, the LUT will accurately apply pink color grading with consistency. The mountain which you captured will start looking great again. Pink color schemes are also more attractive when it comes to outdoor visual content.

pink grade luts

15. Landscape

Landscapes look great in their clean yet natural colors. But if your photography or videography goes wrong, landscapes may look poor. In this scenario, using a landscape Canon LUT is a great thing to have. After all, the LUT has useful color preset filters that will provide refreshing looks. The greenery will be restored, and the blue sky will be back.


16. Landscape

The bright yet exceptional blue color of the sea is always mind-blowing. If you want to use the blueish sea filter effect, download this Canon cinematic LUTs. There are special filter effects that will enhance resoLUTions and optimize color schemas. The colors are transformed while keeping blueish sea effects in the process. The end result is always amazing, with naturally appealing graphics.

sea luts

Part 3: Using The Most Effective LUTs in Wondershare Filmora

In this digital age, the use of technology is revolutionizing video editing. An example is 3D Canon LUTs for upscaling and enhancing visual colors in media. The Canon LUTs are special because of their improvised color grading and schemas. Using Wondershare Filmora, you can download Canon LUTs within a range of filter presets. There are, in total, 200+ LUT filter presets to fulfill your video editing needs within this video editor by default.

In contrast, you can use Wondershare Filmora for other video editing tasks as well. You can edit your video, add music tracks, or correct background noises. You can also add different effects, stickers, and transitions. Let’s discover more useful features of Filmora.

wondershare filmora luts

Top Features of Wondershare Filmora

  • Stock Media: Filmora has the availability of 10 billion+ free stock media. So you if don't have your pictures and videos, stock media can provide them. There are different categories of unique visual media.
  • Extended Plug-ins: For a better editing experience, you can add countless filter plug-ins. This includes NewBlue, BorisFX, and many others. With plug-ins, you can add a more extensive color enhancement.
  • Motion Tracking: The presence of motion tracking allows tracking of object movement in the video. Thus, you can pin media files, text, or graphics to that motion. Your content will look visually appealing with the use of this specific feature.
  • Speed Ramping: Using Filmora, you can change the speed of your video through speed ramping. The speed could be changed uniformly or speedily. It depends on your video requirements.
Empower your videos with a new mood using different LUTs.
Filmora now offers 100+ top-quality 3D LUTs cover a broad range of scenarios. Transform your videos with Filmora's powerful 3D LUTs.
Wondershare Filmora 12

Like other LUTs, Canon LUTs are also special and unique in their kind. They provide 3D cinematic looks with visually attractive color corrections. Meanwhile, in this article, you found the best Canon LUTs for editing visual media. You also learned about Wondershare Filmora, the best video editing and enhancement tool. The provided details of this video editing tool will make it easy for you to adapt to the 200+ available presets on the platform.

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Jul 18, 24
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