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10 Recommended Websites to Discover Awesome Premiere Pro Video Templates

The use of Premiere Pro video templates saves time and makes customization easy. Therefore, the article offers a deep insight into free premiere pro templates and what they bring to the table.

The Premiere Pro templates are a great help to start working on the video right away. You don’t need to create your video from scratch thus, saving time. Moreover, there are fully adaptable features that make your video eye-catching. The article provides knowledge about 10 free Premiere Pro templates. So, let us commence this! Are you with us?

Part 1: 10 Popular Websites to Find Premiere Pro Templates

There is an extensive range of websites to access the free Adobe Premiere templates. It is important to know the workability of such websites and what they bring to the house. Therefore, the sub-section of this write-up would shed light on 10 of such websites where you can download Adobe Premiere templates and find them compatible with the software.

So, what are we waiting for? Let us begin the process!

1. Envato Elements

The first website offering Adobe Premiere templates is known as Envato Elements. One can count on this webpage to access millions of creative assets. Envato Elements comes up with Adobe Premiere Pro templates free, stock videos, graphic templates, photos, and website templates.

Moreover, if you are into print and website design, you will find Envato Elements beside you. The search bar makes the search effective as you can choose between categories or applications. The search filter has made life easy for designers and creators.

envato elements website

2. Storyblocks

Storyblocks are the next big thing if you need to download Premiere templates without much effort. This website presents an awful load of green screen footage, music and sound effects, animated backgrounds, royalty stock footage, and templates for Premiere Pro. It also has a Maker, enabling the user to make the professional video in seconds.

The filtering option of Storyblocks is to die for. Style or software can filter the templates and effects to have what we need without wasting much time.

storyblocks premiere pro templates

3. MotionElements

The third royalty-free marketplace making a brand name for itself is MotionElements. The website offers more than 3 million assets for its users in different industry sectors. You can access Premiere Pro templates free download with other stock videos and audio files.

From images, music, templates, effects to transitions, logos, and animations, MotionElements has covered its basis. The search filter gives multiple categories, including software, category, and style.

motionelements templates

4. Motion Array

Claiming to be an all-in-one video and filmmaker’s platform, Motion Array takes complete responsibility for making your projects successful. The website takes the raw concept of your project and turns it into completion. Adobe Premiere Pro templates can be downloaded via Motion Array with other effects.

You can have Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut, DaVinci, and After Effects templates. The stock motion graphics, sound effects, videos, and photos are some of the strengths of Motion Array. The unlimited downloads save you from emptying your wallet.

premiere pro templates by motion array

5. Adobe Stock

While we are on the subject of template Adobe Premiere free, how can we forget about Adobe Stock? Adobe Stock is a serious archive for templates, especially for Adobe Creative Suite applications. Moreover, getting hands-on an impeccable library of stock photos, audio, and videos, is one of the strongest traits of Adobe Stock.

The search filter has different options to make the search easier, for instance, application, categories, transitions, and whatnot. If you type free in the search bar, you will find Premiere Pro video templates so that downloading them wouldn’t cost a penny.

adobe stock website interface

6. Mixkit

Mixkit is the top choice for getting Premiere Pro split-screen template among other royalty-free assets. Mixkit offers free Premiere Pro templates with After Effects, Final Cut Pro, DaVinci Resolve, and much more.

Moreover, Mixkit can be used for stock videos, music, sound effects, and music tracks. The quality is always high, so you don’t need to worry about that.

mixkit premiere pro templates

7. VideoHive

VideoHive offers the best quality and fast researched Premiere Pro templates. With more than 9,100 free Adobe Premiere templates, VideoHive helps add motion graphics and effects to your videos. Most filmmakers prefer the usage of motion graphics as it improves time and cost-effectiveness and enhances ease in adding animations to the projects.

If you are interested in making a slideshow, animated title, transition, or logo stings, you will find VideoHive there for you.

templates for premiere pro by videohive

8. Videezy

Videezy is a fair choice if you need to access Premiere templates free in the most effortless fashion. The search bar of Videezy stock marketplace has interactive filter options. The user is free to navigate by sorting the results based on their presence on the website. Moreover, you can choose between the file type and bring productivity to the media industry.

The resolution can also be decided as Videezy offers SD, HD 720, HD 1080, 4K, and Ultra HD. Doesn’t it feel like a dream come true?

videezy pro templates

9. Videvo

Videvo is the right shop for you if you prefer the ease-of-use over-complicated workability. Offering an interactive interface and progressive search results, Videvo boosts the production value of your projects multifold. Furthermore, this free Premiere Pro templates provider is an allrounder from the video footage, motion graphics, templates, music, and sound effects.

The user is free to customize titles, intros, typographs, overlays, and transitions. Launch the website, download the template, and get into the process.

videvo premiere pro templates

10. Monsterone

Offering Trending, Newest, Popular, and Undiscovered filtering options and choosing the right tags, Monsterone has made it to the bucket list of professionals in the field. More than 400 Premiere Pro templates can be downloaded to start working on the deadline right away.

The templates can be effortlessly previewed and launched before accessing them. It helps the user make a conscious choice. The resolution can also be set as the user deems necessary.

mosterone pro templates

The Bottom Line

We are surrounded by videos 24/7. It is true for most creative professionals in the industry who are expected to edit the video to make it more captivating and attractive. One needs to have access to free Premiere Pro templates to obtain a sense of originality as we save money and time on making videos from scratch.

For this very reason, the article discussed 10 compatible and popular websites where Premiere templates free are found. We expect the user to make the right choice based on their niche in the industry. The video editing process can be accelerated by using a phenomenal tool which is Wondershare Filmora.

Filmora has the right toolbox set to make video editing easier and flawless. From cropping to flipping and motion tracking to adding keyframes, Filmora knows it all. One can also count on this tool to add backgrounds in Hollywood effect to gain innovation at all costs.

Wondershare Filmstock is your one-stop shop for royalty-free effects, video footage, clips, video effects, and audio tracks. Do not forget to review Filmora and Filmstock about their workability in the flesh.

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