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How to Speed Up Pictures on TikTok Slideshow

How to Speed Up Pictures on Tiktok Slideshow

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Numerous effects to choose from

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Increasing the play speed of a TikTok slideshow may sometime appear a necessity. Stay here to have an insight into the process of making your TikTok slideshows faster!

Part 1 How Do You Change the Time on a Tiktok Slideshow?

TikTok slideshows are a guaranteed media of fun and entertainment among family and friends. Used mostly as a source of personal recreation, these are a storehouse of creativity and enjoyment. Such video presentations are short enough to last for a mere set of seconds to minutes, and consequently the play speed hardly gets noticed. However, there may be a few instances that put forward the concern of how to speed up TikTok slideshows.

Discussing along the line, let us look through solutions of modifying the play duration of TikTok slideshows in the following section:

User’s Guide to Adjust the Play Duration of a TikTok Slideshow

Step 1: Launch the Application

To proceed with the duration adjustment process, start with launching the TikTok application in your preferred device.

Step 2: Open a Slideshow

In the application’s main interface, open a preferred slideshow presentation that you wish to adjust the time duration of.

Step 3: Set the Play Duration

Navigate to the top right corner of the app screen and click on the ‘Adjust Clips’ icon. A duration slider holding you selected slideshow pops up on the screen. Drag the duration bars to the left and right sides for fixing the start and stop time of the presentation.

Step 4: Save Your Changes

As you finish setting the play duration, navigate to and click on the ‘Save’ button at the top right corner of the app screen to confirm and apply the changes to the TikTok slideshow.

Part 2 How Do You Watch 3x Speed on Tiktok?

Creating and watching TikTok slideshows is a mix and match of craft and fun. As already stated, such slideshows are small enough to escape the time frame; however, you may often require a speed modification of the same. When the talk is of speed adjustment, the beneficiary side generally lies in decreasing the slideshow run time.

Moving ahead with our discussion, let us look through the process of watching a TikTok slideshow in 3x speed while sorting out the issue of how to speed up photo slideshow on TikTok in the upcoming section of this article:

User’s Guide to Watch a TikTok Slideshow in 3x Speed

Step 1: Launch the TikTok App

In any of your preferred MacOs, Windows or Android devices, proceed to launch the TikTok application, as the first step to increase the slideshow speed.

Step 2: Create a Slideshow

Navigate to and tap the ‘+’ icon at the bottom of the app’s welcome screen to create a slideshow video or post.

Step 3: Adjust the Play Speed

You now need to head towards the top right corner of the interface and click on the ‘Speed’ button. You will see the ‘Speed Bar’ pop up over of the ‘Record’ button with a series of speed modification options. Select the desired speed you wish to watch the slideshow in. Addressing the specific concern of 3x speed, tap on the respective option.

Part 3 Why You Should Speed Up Pictures on Tiktok?

TikTok pictures are a delight to watch and share among friends and family on social media. While creating image and video posts on TikTok sounds good enough, it is common to land across instances that demand an increase of the image play speed. Extending our talk a bit further, let us dive into the credibility of speeding up images on the TikTok application in the following section:

Importance of Speeding Up TikTok Presentations

It is a commonly known fact that the play duration of TikTok slideshows can be 3 minutes at the most. This stands up as a problem when you have a series of images to include within the slideshow and there exists a significant time lapse between the transitions of any 2 successive images. This time gap may lead to a miss out of images from being uploaded to the slideshow before the expiry of the allotted 3 minute run time.

To escape the disappointment of an incomplete presentation, you can easily pick the alternative of speeding up the slideshow images, so that all the photos may become a part of the slideshow. If you are bothered by the concerns of image quality and output resolution, rest assured, as the speed adjustment utility of the TikTok application has nothing to do with these parameters.

Part 4 Best Ways to Speed Up a Video on Tiktok

As explained in the previous section, speeding up videos and images within the TikTok application is of great significance to make sure that all the required media content fits in the 180 second long post on the platform. Adhering to the same, let us look through some of the best and popular methods to set straight the issue of how to speed up slideshow on TikTok in what follows next:

01Using the Motion Effects of TikTok to Record Fast Motion Videos

The aforesaid method conveniently takes the credit of being the most widely preferred means to increase the play speed of TikTok videos. The method works to cater to the speed modification concern by recording a high speed motion video through the default motion effects of the TikTok application. This in turn, rescues you from the task of downloading the TikTok video to your device.

Working with the feature, you can opt to increase or decrease the play speed of the videos, along with simultaneously recording them prior to a social media export. The process is easy and simple enough to proceed with, as explained in the following user guide:

User’s Guide to Speed Up TikTok Videos by Recording

Step 1: Launch the TikTok Camera

To answer the query of how to speed up a TikTok slideshow, start with opening the TikTok application in any of your preferred devices. When you are welcomed by the app’s main interface, navigate to the bottom of the same and click on the ‘+’ icon. This will instantly cause the application’s camera to open up.

Step 2: Pick a Motion Effect

The TikTok camera launches to bring the ‘Motion Effects’ window into picture. You can choose a desired speed modification effect from the 5 choices available. If you are keen on increasing the video speed, pick any one of the 2x or 3x effects for recording a video in the fast-forward mode.

If however, the aforesaid motion effects do not appear on your app screen, navigate to the ‘Options’ menu at the top left corner of the same and tap on the ‘Speed’ icon.

Speeding Up TikTok Videos by Recording- Selecting the TikTok Motion Effect

Step 3: Record the Video

Hit the red colored ‘Record’ button to capture a TikTok video in the fast-forward motion. The app further allows you to create multiple speed recordings of a particular video clip. All you need to do is, click on the ‘Stop’ button, followed by making a desired adjustment in the recording speed, and lastly, resume the video recording process.

Step 4: Customize the Recorded Video

As you finish recording the high speed video, click on ‘OK’ to launch TikTok’s editing interface. Here, proceed to customize the recorded video with the app’s preset editing effects and filters. When you are happy with your work, move ahead with posting the same to tour TikTok account.

02Applying a High Speed Motion Effect to a Locally Saved TikTok Video

As stated earlier, the TikTok application comes with a built-in graphic editor to allow its users to create high quality media edits. Likewise, you can work with the aforesaid utility to increase the speed of TikTok videos prior to an upload across media sharing platforms as well as TikTok itself. Here’s a detailed, stepwise user guide to go about the process without a hustle:

User’s Guide to Speed Up Locally Saved TikTok Videos

Step 1: Open the Application Camera

Begin with launching the TikTok application in a suitable Windows, MacOS or Android device, followed by heading to the bottom of the app’s launch screen and clicking on the ‘+’ symbol to automatically open the latter’s camera.

Step 2: Upload the Videos

Navigate to the ‘Upload’ option beside the ‘Record’ button to open your device’s local media gallery. You can browse through this space to select and upload a desired video. You can also upload a set of videos, provided that all your uploaded clips should fall under the 3-minute constraint of TikTok posts. Tap ‘Next’ to complete the video upload process.

Speeding Up Locally Saved TikTok Videos- Uploading the Selected Video

Step 3: Adjust the Video Play Speed

The completion of Step 2 causes a video timeline to pop up at the bottom the app’s working screen. To make adjustments in the video playback rate, hit the ‘Speed’ icon within the timeline, followed by selecting the 2x playback speed. You can further, trim the video by dragging the sliders, as well as change the video layout using the ‘Flip’ option. When you have made the required changes, tap ‘Next’ to proceed further.


Speeding Up Locally Saved TikTok Videos- Making Speed Adjustments

Step 4: Customize the Video

As the video processing comes to an end, you will be directed to the app’s editing workspace, where you can customize your clip quickly and easily with texts, filters, sounds, stickers, voiceovers, etc.

03Speeding Up a TikTok Video Using the Wondershare Online UniConverter Program

While the TikTok application comes with an inbuilt feature to increase the playback rate of its videos, there are a range of third party programs and utilities that promise of adhering to the aforesaid concern with utmost ease. Moving along the line, there is the Wondershare Online UniConverter program that works to speed up Tiktok videos up to 2x the original playback rate.

You can additionally work with the program to customize the video in a variety of aspects, while exporting the same across a series of media sharing platforms in a diversity of file formats. Having talked enough about the program’s video editing credibility, let us look into the process of increasing the run speed of TikTok videos using the app in what follows next:

User’s Guide to Increase the TikTok Video Speed With Wondershare Online UniConverter

Step 1: Launch the Program

In any of your favorite web browsers, navigate to the official site of Wondershare and launch the Online UniConverter program from the list of available utilities.

Step 2: Open the Required Tool

in the application’s welcome interface, navigate to the ‘Online Tools’ tab in the top toolbar and click on the same to select the ‘Change Video Speed’ option from the drop down menu that follows.

Speeding Up TikTok Videos With Wondershare Online UniConverter- Launching
        the ‘Change Video Speed’ Tool

Step 3: Upload the TikTok Video

As far as the video upload task is concerned, desktop users can directly upload their TikTok video to the utility by dragging and dropping the video file from its location in the device. In case of laptop, smartphone and iOS users, they can tap ‘Choose Files’ on the app’s main screen to select and upload the video file from the local media gallery of their device.

Speeding Up TikTok Videos With Wondershare Online UniConverter- Video
        Upload Interface

Step 4: Pick a Suitable Video Speed

When you have finished uploading the video, navigate to the toolbar at the top of the app’s welcome interface and hit the ‘Video Speed’ tab. A ‘Speed Slider’ will pop up, which you can use to make suitable speed adjustments by dragging the latter in the left or right directions to respectively, decrease or increase the video playback rate.

Speeding Up TikTok Videos With Wondershare Online UniConverter- Selecting
        the Video Playback Speed

The app allows you to set a video run speed between 0.25x to 2x. Prefer watching a preview of the clip with the modified speed to ensure affordable results.

Step 5: Save the Fast-Forwarded Video

If the video playback preview in Step 3 satisfies you enough, proceed to save the clip locally to your device. All you need to do is, select a video file format, (MP4 is recommended to ensure affordable output quality), followed by navigating to the bottom right corner of the screen and hitting the ‘Start’ button.

Speeding Up TikTok Videos With Wondershare Online UniConverter- Saving the
        Fast-Forwarded TikTok Video

04Speeding Up a TikTok Video Using the Clideo Online Tool

In line with the Wondershare Online UniConverter program, this one is another reliable web based utility to modify the speed of your TikTok videos. Working with the facility, you are permitted to change the playback speed of a video clip in a variety of file formats, along with getting to customize the latter with a range of tools and effects.

The app however, takes a bit longer time to render the speeded up video output, and leaves a watermark on the same. Nevertheless, let us try hands at understanding the procedure to increase the speed of TikTok videos with the app in the following section:

User’s Guide to Speed-up TikTok Videos With Clideo Online Tool

Step 1: Launch the Online Tool

Start with visiting the home website of Clideo in your preferred internet browser and launching the online program in your device. In the app’s main interface, navigate to and click on ‘Tools’ followed by selecting the ‘Speed Video’ option from the drop down menu that appears next.

Step 2: Select Your TikTok Video

As you complete Step 1, the ‘Choose File’ tab appears on the app screen. Click on the same to reach your device’s local media gallery and pick a desired TikTok video to upload to the program for modifying the latter’s speed. You can alternatively, ‘Drag and Drop’ the clip to the program’s file upload section.

Step 3: Change the Video Speed

As you upload the clip, the app’s video editing window pops up, where you can modify the playback speed of your clip, either by dragging the ‘Change Video Speed’ slider from left to right, or by setting a suitable playback speed value among 1.25x, 1.5x and 2.0x in the ‘Speed Chart’ at the right side of the editor window.

Speeding Up TikTok Videos With Clideo Online Tool- Changing the TikTok
        Video Speed

Step 4: Export Your Video

When you are satisfied with all the changes till here, proceed to choose a desired file format for sharing the video. Format options are available at the bottom ribbon of the editor window. When you have selected the preferred video format, navigate to and click on the ‘Export’ button at the bottom right corner of the editor workspace to share the video across different media handles.

05Fast Forwarding a TikTok Video With the Wondershare UniConverter Application

Entering the world of third party video editing software programs, you will come across a diversity of choices to work with. As far as the task of modifying the playback speed of TikTok videos is concerned, you can make a smart selection by picking the Wondershare UniConverter application to proceed with the process.

Continuing the legacy of Wondershare utilities, this one is an all-in-one video editor program that you can work with to customize your TikTok videos with a variety of effects and filters, apart from just increasing their playback speed. As of now, let us look through the knowhow of fast-forwarding TikTok clips with the software in the following section:

User’s Guide to Speed-up TikTok Videos with the Wondershare UniConverter Software

Step 1: Launch the Software Program

Visit the official Wondershare website and download the UniConverter program in your preferred desktop or PC, followed by installing and launching the same on your system. Upon being greeted by the app’s welcome screen, navigate to the ‘Features Panel’ at the left and select the ‘Video Editor’ tab. In the window that pops up navigate to and hit the ‘Effect’ option. You can now upload a desired TikTok video that you want to increase the speed of.

Speeding Up TikTok Videos With Wondershare UniConverter App- Launch Screen
        and Video Upload Interface

Step 2: Select an Incremental Video Playback Speed

Within the ‘Effect’ interface, head to and click on the ‘Change Speed’ tab at the right side of the window, followed by selecting a suitable playback speed greater than 1x and up to 2x. When you have made your choice; tap ‘OK’ to confirm your speed selection.

Speeding Up TikTok Videos With Wondershare UniConverter App- Video Speed
        Selection Interface

Step 3: Save the Fast-Forwarded Video

Proceed to save the high speed video by navigating to the bottom left corner and hitting the ‘Output Format’ tab. Now head to the ‘Functions Toolbar’ at the top of the app screen to hit the ‘Web Video’ tab. Within the new window that appears next, reach the left side panel and choose ‘TikTok’.

Select a preferred video format from the list that appears at the right side of the window and lastly, reach to and tap the ‘Start’ button at the bottom right corner to initiate the video conversion speed increment process.

Speeding Up TikTok Videos With Wondershare UniConverter App- Video Save

06Fast Forwarding a TikTok Video with the VideoProc Vlogger Application

Moving ahead in the line of software utilities that work towards the requirement of how to speed up a slideshow on TikTok, the VideoProc Vlogger application offers a dependable credibility. This one is a Windows and Mac compatible video editor program that claims of a high end video customization facility along with playback rate adjustments, while assuring an appreciable output quality.

Working with the program, you are allowed to set a 16x faster or slower video speed in relation to the actual playback rate. You can further, choose to render the fast-forwarded video in a variety of file formats. As of now, let us see through the method of increasing the speed of a TikTok video within the app in what follows next:

User’s Guide to Speed-up TikTok Videos With the VideoProc Vlogger Program

Step 1: Launch the Application Program

Navigate to the official website of the software to download, install and launch the program in your preferred Windows and MacOS device, followed by clicking on the ‘New Project’ tab at the bottom right corner of the program’s welcome interface.


Speeding Up TikTok Videos With VideoProc Vlogger App- Software Launch

Step 2: Import Your TikTok Video

The Within the ‘New Project’ window, proceed to import the desired TikTok video from your device’s local media gallery to the app’s media library, followed by dragging the same to the software’s editor timeline.

Step 3: Make Speed Adjustments

Navigate to and hit the ‘Play Speed’ tab at the right side of the app’s editing workspace. The speed adjustment window pops up, where you can choose to increase or decrease the speed of the uploaded video by clicking on the ‘Speed’ option. Tap the ‘Custom Menu’ to set a desired playback speed value within the speed box. In case you want to include advanced speed customization, click on the ‘Nonlinear Editor’ tab. When you have made the changes, hit ‘OK’ to apply the same.

Speeding Up TikTok Videos With VideoProc Vlogger App- Speed Adjustment

Part 5 FAQs of Speeding Up Pictures on Tiktok Slideshow

How can the speed of TikTok slideshows be slowed down?

Start with creating a new post by tapping the ‘+’ icon at the bottom of the app’s launch screen to slow down the speed of a TikTok slideshow. The ‘Recording Speed Options’ appear at the bottom of the screen, from where you can pick the 0.3x and 0.5x playback rates. Proceed to record a new video with reduced play speed by pressing the ‘Record’ button.

How can the duration of TikTok images be modified?

To set the screen time of a TikTok picture, navigate to the desired image, followed by tapping on the ‘Time’ icon. An adjustment slider pops up, which you can drag from left to right for respectively, increasing or decreasing the image play duration.

What is the best video editing program to create TikTok slideshows?

If you are keen on posting high quality slideshows on TikTok, consider editing them using the feature-rich library of the Wondershare Filmora Video Editor video editor program. The app allows you to work with top rated and professionally advanced customization features to add an irresistible spark to your slideshows, with a guaranteed viewer attention.

Try It Free

For Win 7 or later (64-bit)

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How can the speed of a TikTok picture be increased?

To address the concern of how to speed up pictures on TikTok slideshow, navigate to the right side of the app screen and tap the ‘Speed’ icon. From the list of options that appears, you can choose to fast forward the video up to 3x the original playback speed. Select the speed option that suits your requirements and proceed to record the video in high speed by pressing the ‘Record’ button in red.

How can a specific section of a TikTok video be sped up?

Start with selecting the desired TikTok Video in the app’s timeline, followed by heading to the right side of the launch screen and hitting the ‘Speed’ icon. From the speed options that pop up next, pick any one of the 2X, 4X, 8X, 20X and 50X playback rate choices to fast forward the video section. As an alternative, navigate to the ‘Speed Properties’ window, hit the ‘Speed’ button and move the speed slider to the right side to increase the clip’s running speed.

Ending Thoughts

Creating TikTok videos and slideshow presentations for fun and entertainment has become an evergreen social media trend in today’s time.

The short duration of TikTok slideshows poses the query of how to speed up picture slideshow on TikTok for including the entire content within the presentation.

When browsing through software solutions to customize high speed TikTok slideshows, you can conveniently bank upon the Wondershare Filmora video editor program.

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