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How to Use LUTS to Color Grade on Your iPhone

Ollie Mattison
Ollie Mattison Originally published May 17, 22, updated Nov 27, 23

Are you a photographer? Do you like to capture the best moments as media files? Then, the LUTs app offers you surprising editing options to retain realistic clicks. The iPhone LUT refine the images and videos by color grading and adding filters. It is an exclusive tool applicable to iPhone and iOS gadgets.

Many iPhone devices have a good picture quality, and some users try filming using this gadget. Upgrade the recordings and redefine the images and videos with perfect color matches using the grading techniques. The essence of the picture depends on the combinations of brightness, hue, color, and saturation level. The LUT apps include the correct combinations of these attributes to enhance the overall captures. Connect with this article to discover the best ways to use the LUTs app for optimal image and video clicks.

iphone lut
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Useful LUTs app for iPhone

Here, you will explore the best LUTs apps available for download at the app store. Here, you will find only reliable applications that serve your purpose without compromising the quality factors.

• 3D LUT app

In this LUT apo, you can perform high-end color grading techniques and bring out the best in the picture by assigning the correct combination of colors. This app also works on complex images and fixes the issues quickly. It allows you to build your color filter and apply it to the photos and videos on your iPhone. You can either upload the media file into the 3D LUT interface or use the recent clicks to customize the color attributes using this software.

  • Excellent and quality color grading is feasible using this tool.
  • Easy to upload the media files into this editing interface. It does not consume much of your time.
  • Some newbie users find it slightly hard to handle the controls on its interface.
iphone lut - 3D lut

• Video LUT

It is a high-end video editing LUTs app that works on every detail of the videos. This app helps you upload the images even from the virtual storage effortlessly. It supports some of the LUT formats like a 3D cube, Autodesk 3D LUT, and .png files. Use this app to adjust the brightness level, contrast, shadows, and saturation to obtain better looks in the images and videos.

Use this application to set the CMYK curves and insert the desired effects like glow and denoise to improve the visual and audio quality of the videos. The color grading option increases the standards of the videos and photos. The White balance attributes can be set to automatic mode to adapt to the existing levels in the original videos.

  • Allows the users to perform batch processing and enables you to work with multiple files hassle-free.
  • Merging of LUTs to create newer ones is feasible using this tool.
  • Sometimes due to the file size, importing the videos from different sources affects the overall editing time. While accessing the virtual storage space, any unexpected network issues slow down the procedure.
iphone lut - Video LUTs
Video LUts

• LUTs App

This application assists you to edit the LUTs images professionally. It is in-built with features like brightness, saturation, contrast, shadow, light, and tone. Set the precise values for these attributes to enhance the overall appearance of the images and videos. This application allows you to create a filter by customizing it with desired visual settings and implementing it on any uploaded videos and images for future use. This app aids you to share it without friends too.

  • Easy navigation while editing the imported images and videos.
  • Efficiently edit the color and export the photo directly to any destination quickly.
  • Only limited features are available with this LUTs app.
iphone lut - LUTs app
LUTs app

• Filmic Pro

It is a cinematic LUT app and provides you with the essential effects of the uploaded content. You can purchase the professional LUTs pack to add value to your captures. It is a sophisticated tool and it works beyond boundaries. Use this limitless feature of this Cini Kit to bring out the best in the imported video content. There are options to integrate the in-built LUTs into your editing interface and apply the desired ones based on your requirements. It has a comfortable interface and promises you quality results.

  • This app satisfies both beginners and professionals. It is a valuable LUT pack and makes a worthy purchase by purchasing the advanced features at cost-effective price tags.
  • There are options to create a 3D illusion of the imported images using this Filmic Pro LUTs tool.
  • The learning curve is steep and you have to spend extra hours to master all the in-built options available with this software.
iphone lut - Filmic Pro
Filmic Pro

How do you use the LUTs app to edit the videos precisely?

This section is an elaborate discussion on the best ways to use the LUTs app to edit the images or videos on iPhone efficiently. Every image takes a new look after editing with this giant program. The unique feature of this program is that you can create a filter on your own and apply it to obtain awesome outcomes. In the LUTs app, you will find the Export option on every edit page. It helps you to share it with your friends anytime even during the editing period. Any changes can be further included by scrolling the option at its interface.

You can follow up on the below instructions to successfully edit the images and videos using the LUTs app. Carefully watch out for the steps to edit the images or videos on your iPhone precisely.

Step 1Install the LUTs app

Go to the App Store and download this app. You can install the program and launch it to make further edits to the images.

how to use LUTs app - install Luts
Install Luts
Step 2 Create your filter.

On the home screen of this app, create a customized filter and upload the images to apply to it. You can also use the in-built filters, LUTs files, and color grading attributes. The onscreen instruction is available to guide you with the respective pages for further edits on the imported files.

how to use LUTs app - Create LUTs
Create LUTs

Select the LUTs and apply, then adjust the color gradings and work with the parameters like brightness, hue, luminescence, and saturation. Make changes with the uploaded file and save the changes by tapping the tick icon at the top corner of the screen on your iPhone device.

Step 3 Export the edited content.

Finally, press the export button to share the edited images with your friends at their respective destinations.

how to use LUTs app - Export LUTs

Some of the options integrate for free into this platform. Apply them wisely to make the right changes to the image and videos.

All the above discussed three LUTs application gives you results with high standards. Every image looks great after undergoing the LUT filters. They are precise applications and reveal the flavors of the images and videos efficiently. The LUTs applications are simple and give you more features to personalize the photos and videos for your need. It is high time to select the reliable one from the list.

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Thus, you had an enlightening journey with the iPhone LUT. You can process the images and videos using these LUTs apps and choose the above-discussed programs to make the perfect edits on the media files. They are simple to work with and give you the best outcomes without prior editing skills.

All the editing control are visible, and it is enough if you make the right clicks to include the desired effects on the imported media file. Connect with this article to discover efficient editing with the LUTs app. Stay tuned for further exciting facts about it in detail.

Ollie Mattison
Ollie Mattison Nov 27, 23
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