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The Best Apps and Software for Making Videos From Photos

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In most cases, we take photos of every new place we visit, and most of us take those photos to store them somewhere safe. We can then use the images to make some slides and involve transitions to develop a video. Isn't that an excellent idea?

How do you make a video using pictures and music?

Here is a collection of apps to make a video from photos that you can use with some excellent music.

 Part 1 Best mobile apps for making videos from photos

You will also get the best alternative at the end of this post. Let's look at these apps that you can use for video-making. These are all apps to make videos from photos for a personalized experience. They are compatible with iPhones, PCs, and Android.

1 – FilmoraGo


Probably FilmoraGo is among the few apps to make a video from photos with songs online. The app comes for free with some in-app purchases. It is a suitable app to use, with an average of 4.5 out of 5. It is simple but perfect for making your videos using your pictures. You can try it by using a few photos from your phone. The advantage of using it is that you can include some animations and transitions in your videos to make them aesthetic. You can also change the timing for each of the pictures.

Here are some of the features that you can use:

● Allows the addition of music, pictures, and other special effects to your videos.

● You can rotate and flip photos with a single flip.

● Will enable you to include slide timers for every shot and adjust the image sizes.

● It contains various canvases to choose from.

2 - Stop Motion Studio

stop motion studio

The app is free, with a rating of 4.5. It is suitable for iPads and iPhones to enable you to make and edit videos like a pro. However, unlike other versions, you may not make videos from photos online free with music. But, its resolution is high and also provides high-quality HD video streaming. In addition, it also allows you to export images in GIF formats.

3 – Magisto


There are many reasons why it is famously known as a magical video editor. Like Filmora, it is also available for free download but comes with in-app purchases. It might be your best app if you have an iPhone or Android-supported smartphone. It supports the use of images and soundtracks. Unfortunately, it doesn't support editing but has fantastic visual effects that other video editors lack. You can use it for editing, especially if you are a YouTuber who is just happy with basic editing. Magisto still supports many features like filters, transitions, effects, and automatic stabilization of videos. Are you convinced to try it? Go on and have an editing experience with Magisto!

4 - Video and Moviemaker (VidLab)


Are you a movie enthusiast? Then try this app and make your movie one day. It is one of the most liked video-making apps, with a favorable rating of 4.8. Though with limited capabilities, it has some nonchalant effects that will suit your videos just with a single click. It is a mini-laboratory for video editors like you. You can upload the videos on the cloud to edit them later if you run out of time. In simple terms, you can try VidLab if you are a novice, and you will make your way up to becoming an expert.

5 - VidTrimPro


Are you still wondering about the price? It is free with a rating of 4.4/5. Many videomakers have had a good experience with the app and specially designed for mobile phones with Android operating systems. Surprisingly, most people have Android-supported mobile phones, just like you. Right? The name suggests that it is useful for trimming videos.

Nevertheless, it also supports many features like transcoding and frame grabbing, which you'll rarely find on other mobile apps that allow video editing. As a result, sometimes you may not want to purchase the app before trying it out. VidTrimPro offers you the opportunity to do that. That’s a good chance because you can use the trial version and judge whether it will be the best for your videos.

 Part 2 Use this software and make videos from photos with ease!

An impressive presentation will require you to use the best software to make a video from photos for a compelling outcome. The way you make the production also needs to be fun when applying the transitions and animations to your pictures before they turn out to videos. A better type of software will also allow you to include some music in your videos.

Filmora is an easy-to-use software that allows cloud utilities to make videos. All you need is to import the images and record the background voice from your side. Other video makers are mainly limited to recording and application of effects. However, Wondershare Filmora is among the best software to make videos from photos because of its unique features. The steps to making videos using Wondershare Filmora are easy to follow. Here's how you can use Wondershare to make your presentation cool.

Step1 Add photos and videos

add photos Filmora

Place all your photos in one folder before creating your presentation project. Click the import menu to choose the folder where you had stored your photos. Choose the folder and select all the files you want to upload as they are automatically imported. Then, counter-check to confirm whether the medial files are visible in the project.

Step2 Fix imported files in the timeline section.

position media files Filmora

Select the "preferences" before positioning the photos for your videos. Next, click on the drop-down menu. Black bars will make your photos look bad, so you can crop them to ensure they coincide with the selected aspect ratio of 9:16. You can still zoom the image at this point as well. Before exiting the editing tab, add transitions and animations to your photos without forgetting the slide timers.

Select the "Fit" option once done. Return to the media panel to include more photos and media in the timeline. You can drag-drop the required files from the folder to the location where you want. The remaining part is simple- repeat the process and arrange files in your desired order. Adjust the duration of each image or media for a better outcome.

filmora timeline

Step3 Avoiding cuts in slides through transitions.

add transitions filmora

Hard cuts distort the presentation, but you can evade them by using transitions. Filmora has many transitions that you can include in your presentation. Drag and drop them in the timeline. Also, avoid applying the same transition to all slides because this will look repetitive. Instead, make videos from photos with the song without the cut, including cuts in the slides for them to look great. Different transitions to different drops work best—Right-click on every slide to make necessary changes.

Step4 Application of filters/overlays to improve color

apply filters filmora

The transitions tab is near the effects tab, with many visual effects that you can apply to your slides to make them catchier. You can filter the effects into categories and sub-categories like Light Leaks and Lomography. Apply an image filter by positioning it over the footage.

Step5 Include motion graphics.

add motion graphics Filmora

Although this part is not a must, it would be better to add moving images to your slides, making the video lively. You can select any graphics in the effects tab and include them in the slides. The application of the elements also depends on the reasons to create the presentation and including some visuals in the slides.

Step6 Add voice recordings and soundtracks

record voiceover Filmora

Select the voice recording feature in the media tab, which appears from the drop-down menu. All the recordings that you will create will be available in the media section. There are also useful features that you can find helpful to include in the slides to make the audio systematic. For example, suddenly, a microphone will appear to enable you to record the audio played in the background of the recorded video.

Step7 Export slides to Filmora

export video filmora

Finally, you will have to export all the slides that you have created to Filmora. Click on the "Q" icon, and another window will appear on the screen. Frame the slides and export them to your online video-creating account like Vimeo or YouTube.

Creating many video slides will require a larger amount of space, up to 500 MBs, while creating a few short-form video will consume less space. Therefore, choose the best that you would like to create depending on your requirements.

 Part 3 Making videos from online photos

Creating a video may be challenging because of the many tools for making videos. Make videos from photos with songs online using the best-rated apps. These are the top video makers that will help you create videos without straining.

1. InVideo


It is a video-making tool to make videos from photos with songs online with many peculiar features. Numerous templates demonstrate your video editing skills, coupled with stickers, masks, and vector shapes. All these can greatly contribute to giving your videos a nice outcome.

2. Renderforest


A remarkable feature about Renderforest is the presence of tutorials which makes it easy for everyone to use regardless of their video-making experience. The parts are also excellent for making videos. You can start with the sample templates and grow your expertise by using Renderforest. If you are a beginner, you can quickly jump from scratch and work your way up.

Wondershare Filmora

Get started easily with Filmora's powerful performance, intuitive interface, and countless effects!



So, this was a list of apps to make videos from photos both online and offline. Try out and discover the one that will give you a good outcome and stick to it. Wondershare Filmora supports both video making and editing because it provides features that help both options. Therefore, it's worth trying out for the ideal results!

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