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12 Best Marketing Slideshow Templates

Liza Brown
Liza Brown
Originally published May 17, 22, updated Dec 05, 23
12 Best Marketing Slideshow Templates

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For any kind of business or organization, marketing plays a major role in the brand introduction, awareness, driving sales, and other purposes. A good marketing plan involves a good slideshow and for creating one, the help of a template can be taken.

Marketing Slideshow

So, if you too want to create a marketing template for your business or a brand, keep reading the content below to know about the best places to get templates, tools for creating a marketing plan slideshow, and other related content.

Part 1 Importance of a good marketing slideshow

A good marketing slideshow serves several benefits and some of them are listed below. 

01Building brand awareness and reputation: 

One of the major purposes and benefits of creating a marketing slideshow is creating brand awareness and recognition among prospective buyers and clients. Using a slideshow, you can present your products and services to your clients and buyers in an interesting and attractive manner.

02Helps in boosting sales

Using a good marketing slideshow presentation, a company can better market their products and reach more clients and prospective buyers which in turn helps in boosting the sales and revenues of the company. 

03Helps in creating a reputation

Through a good slideshow, a company can market their products effectively, help the client know about their benefits, and also how it is better than the competitors. Moreover, through a slideshow, you can display the caption, images, and the logo of the company which altogether helps in creating a brand reputation.

04Reaching a wider audience

A slideshow is a technical piece of marketing that can be shared with a huge number of people online. So not only the clients and customers in your vicinity, a marketing slideshow can be sent through mails and other online means which all, in turn, help you to reach people all across the country as well as worldwide.

Part 2 Tips for creating an effective slideshow

As discussed above, there are several benefits of a good marketing slideshow. Now, next comes how can one create an impressive slideshow to get the attention of the clients. Below listed are some useful tips.

01Attractive and impressive

The most important aspect of any slideshow is its presentation and thus while creating one ensure that it is impressive to catch the attention of the clients. An effective presentation must be created to stir the client's and prospective buyers’ interests in the product and services. 

02Powerful message

To strongly build your brand and reputation, the slideshow presentation must have a strong message that holds the attention. The message can revolve around the product, services, or any other relevant thing.

03Make the presentation memorable

It is important for a presentation to be memorable in the minds of the clients and prospective buyers so that it can turn into sales. Ensure that even people with a short attention span can relate to your product and services for a long time. 

04Reaching out to a wider audience

Depending on the type of product or service you are promoting, the slideshow presentation is created. Still, try to make a slideshow that can reach out to the maximum number of people in the selected community. The slideshow should be targeted to a wider audience. 

05Add multiple elements

To make your slideshow interesting, multiple elements like photos, videos, text, and other elements can be used. With the advanced technology these days there are several tools and software available that can help you get this task done in no time. 

06Use templates

Readymade templates in different categories are available for creating a slideshow presentation. These templates not only save time and effort but will also help you create a professional-looking presentation with interesting elements. There are several sites from which you can download the templates of your choice.

Marketing Template

Part 3 Best places to search for marketing slideshow templates

There are several sites that have a collection of marketing templates in different styles and designs. Depending on your product, services, and theme, you can choose between these templates and sites. To make your search a little easier, below listed are some of the sites where you can look for a good marketing slideshow presentation template.







Wondershare Filmora

Marketing Template Sites

Part 4 Hassle-free tool for creating an impressive marketing slideshow- Wondershare Filmora

Creating an impressive slideshow can be done in a hassle-free manner using professional software and here we recommend Wondershare Filmora Video Editor as the best choice. This versatile video editing tool is packed in with an array of video customization as well as other functions which also includes creating a slideshow.

Try It Free

For Win 7 or later (64-bit)

Try It Free

For macOS 10.12 or later

A marketing, as well as other templates, can be created in a few simple steps using the software that also has a collection of templates in different categories. There is also a huge collection of stock footage with the tool that can be added to your presentation to make it interesting. 

Videos, images, audio, text, as well as other elements, can be added to the slideshow using the software. Some other key features of the software include support for all key formats, multiple editing functions, visual effects, and transitions, split-screen function, speed ramping, masking, audio-beat sync, and many more.

Wondersahre Filmora

Steps for creating a slideshow using Wondershare Filmora

Step 1. Download, install and launch the Wondershare Filmora software on your system. Tap on the New Project button for creating a new slideshow.

Step 2. Import and add the images, videos, and music files from your system to the Media Library of the software. These files then need to be added to the timeline. As needed, the order and the duration of the files can be changed at the timeline. You can even rotate, and crop the files. 

Step 3. Next, you can add the transitions from the wide range of options available. As needed, add a transition between each slide or between selected ones.

Step 4. Add the music or the sound effect to your slideshow. A file from the built-in library can also be selected. 

Step 5. Finally, save and export the slideshow created. You can save the presentation to your system, CD, DVD, or can even share it directly to YouTube or Vimeo.

Ending Thoughts

A marketing slideshow is one of the key elements of an overall marketing campaign or a strategy.

An array of templates is available for creating a marketing slideshow in a hassle-free manner.

Wondershare Filmora is an excellent tool to check out the templates as well as for creating an eye-catchy slideshow. 

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