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How to Add Filters on iMovie

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Originally published Jul 28, 22, updated Dec 05, 23

There are times when you record a video and find out that the light and color in the video have been up to the mark. The light could be too bright or too dark while there could be some color overlays in certain portion as well as the entire frame of the video. Thanks to the video editing apps, you can correct any lighting and coloration issues with different filters available to apply to your video.

If you are using iPhone or Mac, you can use Apple’s iMovie app easily. Therefore, you should know how to add filters on iMovie to get the desired output. iMovie app is available for both iPhone and iPad users as well as Mac users. You do not need prior experience in video editing to add filter to your videos to enhance and improve them. We will illustrate the steps on how to add filters in iMovie as well as suggest a better iMovie alternative.

In this article
  1. How to add filters on iMovie iPhone
  2. How to add filters on Mac iMovie
  3. iMovie Alternative to add filters on Computer

Part 1. How to add filters on iMovie iPhone

If you have an iPhone, you are more likely to record a video with your iPhone. This is because the camera quality of iPhones is extremely good and there are various modes available for capturing different types of videos like slow-motion and time-lapse. Once you capture a video with your iPhone, you can edit the video and add filters to enhance the video quality using iMovie app available for iPhone.

You have to install iMovie app from App Store as it does not come pre-install. If you already have it installed, make sure you update it to the latest version to get all the filters. Here are the steps how to put a filter on a video in iMovie app.

Step1 Open iMovie app on your iPhone. Tap on Create Project option and tap on Movie on the next screen.

new project imovie iphone

Step2 Select the video from your iPhone that you want to edit and add filters. After your selection, tap on Create Movie option located at the bottom.

create movie in imovie iphone

Step3 Your selected video will now be available on the Timeline where you can edit your video. Tap on Filters icon located at the bottom-right corner.

filter timeline iphone imovie

Step4 You will see all the different filters available on iMovie app. You can also find a slider above each selected filter. You can adjust the filter to increase or decrease the filter intensity.

filter options imovie iphone

Step5 Tap on Play icon to check how the filter is looking on your video. Once you are satisfied, tap on Done option located at the top-left corner.

apply filter imovie video

Step6 Tap on Share icon at the bottom and then tap on Save Video option to save the modified video on your iPhone.

save video imovie iphone

Part 2. How to add filters on Mac iMovie

If you are someone who regularly makes videos for social media account or video streaming channel, you are more likely to record your video using a video camera and transfer the recorded video to you Mac for editing purposes. iMovie comes pre-installed on Mac, and therefore, once you have transferred the video, you can get started with editing and adding filters immediately. Here are the steps on how to add filters to iMovie on your Mac.

Step1 Launch iMovie from Applications folder. Click on Create New option to start a new Project.

create new projects imovie mac

Step2 Drag and drop the target video from Photos app to Desktop. Thereafter, drag and drop the video file from Desktop to the Timeline of iMovie project.

Step3 Click on the video clip on the Timeline and click on Crop Filter and Audio Effects icon above the Viewer.

crop filter imovie mac

Step4 Click on Clip Filter option and you will see different filters in a window to the left. Place the mouse pointer over the filters, and you will see the filter in the Viewer.

apply filters imovie mac

Step5 Once you are satisfied with a filter, click on that filter to apply it to the video clip.

Part 3. iMovie Alternative to add filters on Computer

There are several reasons iMovie filters may not always serve your purpose. For example, there is no way on how to add face filters on iMovie. The collection of filters is rather limited. If you are not satisfied with the filters available on iMovie, there are several iMovie alternatives available. We recommend Wondershare Filmora due to its vast collection of filters of all categories to enhance your video to the next level. Here are steps on how to add filters to your video using Filmora on your computer.

Free Download
Free Download

Step1 Download and install Wondershare Filmora and it is available for Mac as well as Windows users. Open Filmora and click New Project.

Step2 Drag and drop video clips under Project Media folder. Thereafter, drag and drop video clips to Timeline.

drag and drop video clip

Step3 Go to Effects from the top panel and click on Filters from the left panel. You will see all the different categories of filters.

click on filters

Step4 Select any filter and drag and drop it on Timeline. You can stretch the duration of the filter as per your requirements.

You can also check Overlay> Utility option from the left panel to add face filters to your video in the same manner. If you want to save the modified video, click on Export button.


If you are an iPhone user or a Mac user, you can add filters to your video using iMovie app. You have to install iMovie app on your iPhone, but iMovie comes pre-installed on Mac. But there are limited filters available on iMovie and there is a lack of face filters which are trending in today’s viral videos. That is why we recommend Wondershare Filmora where there is a wide range of filters available to apply to your video conveniently as per your requirements.

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Dec 05, 23
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