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How to Custom LinkedIn Video Thumbnail Size

How to Custom LinkedIn Video Thumbnail Size

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If you have been looking for options to grab the potential of video posting on LinkedIn you are reading on the right page.

LinkedIn Video Thumbnail

We will guide you through the importance of Linkedin thumbnail, and effective ways to create a thumbnail. Keep reading!!!

Part 1 What is a LinkedIn video thumbnail and its size specifications?

A thumbnail for a video is like a preview image of the video and acts like its cover. The viewer will get an idea about what the video contains through its thumbnail image. Though the site chooses the first frame of the video as the thumbnail, you can even set a customized one that is attractive and interesting.

The LinkedIn video thumbnail size specifications are as follows:

Image size: 1200 X 627 pixels

Format of the image: JPG or PNG

Maximum size of the image: 2MB

Aspect Ratio: The aspect ratio of the thumbnail should match that of the video itself. 

Part 2 Publishing videos on LinkedIn

If you are planning to publish a video on LinkedIn, the first thing to know is the place where it will be published. LinkedIn allows adding the videos on the personal feed as well as on the Company pages. 

If you are into an established business or a brand having a large number of followers, paid video posts on the company page work best. 

For the small- setups and businesses who are looking to promote their products and brands posting a video on the personal feed is a good idea. Initially, you can start by posting on your feed and then can later create a company page. 

Part 3 Ways To Publish Videos On Linkedin

After you have decided that whether you will be posting a video on your company page or your personal feed, the next thing is to decide that how the video will be published. There are 3 different ways for posting a video as enlisted below.

Using YouTube and Vimeo links

If you have your videos on Vimeo or YouTube you can paste their link on your LinkedIn account. To watch the video, a person needs to click on the link and it will then open in the hosting platform. 

Using LinkedIn Native Video

This is the most effective method where a video can be uploaded directly on your LinkedIn account from your system as well as your phone. While posting videos directly on LinkedIn, you can even add customized thumbnails, stickers, subtitles, and titles. A native video will play automatically as it is seen by the people in their feed and thus, they reach a larger number of people. 

Using LinkedIn video ads

To reach the target audience, a sponsored post is also an effective way and the video ads can be posted only through a company page. Depending on the type of product or the brand to be promoted, the video can be created. 

Part 4 Importance Of Thumbnails In Linkedin Video

The LinkedIn video thumbnail is one of the important factors that make your video engaging and interesting. Before a person starts watching your video, you need to ensure that they get interested in it and click it. For grabbing this first-time attention, a custom thumbnail works great. You can use any interesting graphic or an image related to your video and edit it to create a customized thumbnail. 

A thumbnail can only be used when videos are posted as native LinkedIn videos. 

Part 5 Tips To Create An Interesting And Effective Linkedin Video Thumbnail

The following tips will help you create interesting thumbnails for your LinkedIn videos that will grab the viewers’ attention.

Search for thumbnail templates

There are several sites like Canva, Visme, Postermywall, and others where you can get ready-made templates for creating impressive thumbnails. A variety of designs in different categories are available at these sites to choose from.

LinkedIn Video Thumbnail Templates

Edit files using an editing tool

To edit the selected template or a fresh image to be used as a thumbnail, you would need a good editing tool. We recommend Wondershare Filmora Video Editor here as excellent software that can edit your files in multiple ways. The software can be downloaded on your Windows and Mac systems in a hassle-free manner and then multiple editing tools can be used to get the desired thumbnail image. Some of the key features supported by the software include enhancing files with effects, rotating, merging, cropping, flipping, adding text & tiles, adding overlays and filters, transitions and elements, motion tracking, color tuning, and much more.

Wondershare Filmora

Get started easily with Filmora's powerful performance, intuitive interface, and countless effects!


The interface of the software is simple and the process is fast which makes the software perfect for all types of users. 

Wondershare Filmora

Keep it simple and uncluttered

The thumbnail should be kept simple and without any clutter. Since LinkedIn is a professional platform there is no need for any unnecessary details needed. 

Let the thumbnail speak of your content

Create a thumbnail that speaks about the content of your video. If the thumbnail is interesting and gives an idea about your video, the viewer will open and watch it. 

Key Takeaways from This Episode

The LinkedIn video thumbnail is a cover image for your videos posted on LinkedIn.

The videos on LinkedIn can be posted on the company page or as a personal feed.

The videos can be posted as YouTube or Vimeo links, LinkedIn ads, or as native LinkedIn videos.

There are several factors to create an effective LinkedIn video thumbnail and one of them is using professional editing software like Wondershare Filmora. 

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