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How to Add and Change Thumbnails of Twitter Videos?

Shanoon Cox
Shanoon Cox
Originally published Mar 01, 22, updated Jun 12, 24
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Twitter is a social media platform with a lot of content volume shared each day. People and pages compete for more likes, followers, comments, etc. The competition is basically to engage a more significant audience, and people tend to use different tactics.

Previously when you shared videos online, the cover was the video's starting. Still, with passing time and new options introduced, we have an option to add a thumbnail to our videos. A thumbnail is a cover photo that previews before the video is played.

In this article, you will be taught how to add a thumbnail to a Twitter video, change it and even enhance its looks.

Add Thumbnail to Twitter Videos

If you are a regular uploader on Twitter and want to engage a larger audience, you need to have some nice features for your posts. For videos, the first thing has to be a thumbnail apart from the actual content.

To add thumbnails to your Twitter videos, follow the steps listed below.

Step No 1: Choose a Thumbnail

Choose a thumbnail you want to be as the cover of your video. As these videos will likely be retweeted and seen by many people, make sure you have chosen the right thumbnail.

If you are wondering how to choose the right thumbnail or even design it, continue reading, and you will find it out down the line.

Step no 2: Log in to your Twitter Studio Account.

Go to and log in with your credentials. Then navigate to the left corner of the homepage and select 'More’ from the various options column.

Log in to Twitter

Step no 3: Media Studio Library

Select 'Media Studio' from the 'More' option, and you will be redirected to the media studio library.

Tap share

Step no 4: Upload the Video.

After being redirected to the Media Studio Library, you will find an Upload Video option on the right top corner. Click that and select the video you wish to upload from your device's local storage.

Choose app

Step No 5: Choose Thumbnail

While the video is being uploaded, there are two ways of choosing a thumbnail for your video. One is to choose a frame from within the video. The other is to upload a specially designed thumbnail photo in any format.

From the Media Details menu, you can drag or play the video and then pause it at the point you find suitable to be the video's thumbnail and then click 'Choose.'

Or, if you want to go the other way and upload a specific thumbnail for your Twitter video, the option is just below the video's timeline slider. Click on upload and select a photo you wish to choose as your thumbnail from your device's internal storage and then click Choose, and that is it.

You have successfully added a thumbnail to your Twitter video.

After adding the thumbnail successfully, click on the tweet, and your video will be uploaded with the exact thumbnail you chose for it.

Choose Snapchat

Change Thumbnail of Twitter Videos

Now that you have learned how to add a thumbnail to your Twitter video, what if you want to change it? What if it is not engaging enough audience or not catchy. You might also need to update it with time if the video is time-based or period-based. Here is how to do it.

Just follow the steps and learn how to change the thumbnail of your Twitter video.

Step no 1: Log in to your Twitter Studio Account.

Log in to with your account details. Then direct to the left side of the homepage and select ‘More’ from the options column.

Step no 2: Media Studio Library

Select 'Media Studio' from the 'More' option, and you will be redirected to the media studio library. Here you can view all the videos you have uploaded and tweeted in the past, along with all their details and other metadata such as title, description, and captions.

Select the Contact

Step No 3: Select the video.

Just double-click on the video, and it will open the necessary details for you along with the thumbnail editing option. It will be similar to what you saw when the video was initially posted.

Step No 4: Change the thumbnail.

Now you can easily change the thumbnail in 2 ways. You can either choose the thumbnail as a frame from within the video, or you can also upload another thumbnail photo from your device's internal storage. Just click on 'Change Thumbnail' first. This will open the thumbnail editing menu for you.

If you wish to adjust the thumbnail from within the video, drag the slider of the video or let it play and pause it precisely at the frame you wish to set as the thumbnail of the video.

Open the website

After you have selected the frame, click on 'Tweet' again, and your thumbnail will be updated on your original post.

Paste the link

If you wish to upload a specified thumbnail from your device storage, just click on 'Upload,' It will open a prompt box that will be your file manager. Now you can easily access and choose the thumbnail from your internal storage and select it.

After that, click on 'Tweet,' and it will automatically be uploaded to your original post, and you are good to go!

Tips and Tricks to Make A Good Twitter Video Thumbnail

Videos are the most potent interaction tool for social media platforms and engaging your audience. It is the best way of communication when you need to connect to our target audience and gain popularity.

There are a lot of aspects that make a successful video and make it go viral. Those aspects consist of its presentation, audio quality, video quality, and the content of the video itself. The presentation aspect is taken care of by the thumbnail of the video.

The thumbnail is one of the most essential parts of a video. It will be the first thing any viewer notices or sees in your video. It is the display of your content, and it better be good as it will be a deciding factor for the viewer if they want to play the video.

To help you choose the best thumbnail for your Twitter videos, here are some tips and tips to ensure you choose the right thing and get the best out of your thumbnail

Tip no 1: Use Still Images

It is always good to use a still image rather than a screenshot or a frame from within the video itself. It might be blurry and out of context and may not complement its relevance to the video. You can always capture a separate photo while filming the video or create a digital graphic while editing.

Tip no 2: Be Minimal

Overdoing anything kills its purpose and appeal. It should be catchy but do not cram too much information into the thumbnail. Do not include an overly crowded photo or out-of-context things; it will take away the essence of your context. You can add simple graphics or photos and text that best describes your video's primary purpose or topic.

Tip no 3: Visible text

Make sure the text that you add to your thumbnail is appropriately visible. Its contrast is set such that the text does not blend in with the background but stands out from it. Hence, it is easily readable and does not create a light effect resulting in the audience skipping your video.

Tip no 4: Size

The dimensions of your thumbnail photo should be as such that they are compatible with all screen sizes as different users will watch the video on different devices such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, etc., so you should not crop out the thumbnail in any way.

Tip no 5: Use a face

It is a part of the human psyche that they are naturally attracted to human faces more than any other graphic or image of any other object. You can always use a face to catch your audience's attention, but make sure the face is related to the video and does not misguide anyone regarding the topic and context of your video.

Tip no 6: Editing and Color Scheme

Always edit and treat the thumbnail photo beforehand. It should be catchy and compliment the content of the video. Be careful while choosing the color scheme of your photo; you can use a similar color palette as your video, or you can use colors in contrast to the theme of your video. It should not look alien in any way.


These are all the things you need to know about how to add thumbnails to Twitter videos how to change thumbnails. Those are things that can help you create an attractive thumbnail for your videos. Follow the steps mentioned above, and you will not have to worry about anything else.

The tips and tricks can be beneficial if you create the thumbnails accordingly. The results will be visible soon in the shape of a greater reach, a wider audience, and increasingly high views and like count. Good luck!