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5 Tools to Create a Time-Lapse Video Online

Caroline Laurent
Caroline Laurent Originally published Nov 19, 22, updated Mar 27, 24

If you’re looking for a way to create a time-lapse video online, you have come to the right place. There are different reasons why people use online time-lapse video makers. Let us take an example, if you want to make a time-lapse video of someone holding a phone in their hand then this would be pretty easy to do with the help of an online time-lapse maker.

Why do people use an online time-lapse maker because they want to get some good quality videos without spending much money on them? That’s something that many people who are just starting their business can do easily since it can be done by anyone who knows how to use online time-lapse makers properly! Let's have a look at some online tools on which you can make time-lapse videos online.

In this article
  1. Clideo Timelapse Video Tool
  2. Flixier Timelapse Video Maker
  3. Kapwing
  4. Video Speed Controller
  5. Typito Time Lapse Maker

1. Clideo Timelapse Video Tool

A video timelapse video is a type of video that shows the progression of time. It allows you to create an engaging experience for your viewers, and it can also be used to promote your business. Whether you’re a content creator, brand manager, or just a fan of videos, creating a time-lapse video is one of the most popular and effective ways to produce impressive content.

With Clideo Time-lapse Video Tool you can create incredible videos with ease. You can choose from dozens of beautiful templates, music tracks, transitions, and more. You can also add your photos or video clips and make your unique time-lapse video. By using this tool, you can:

  • Capture your events in real-time and save them for later. Once captured, you can use the timeline function to move backward or forwards through the events of your day.
  • Add filters and effects such as blur or freeze frame.
  • Share your videos on social media with ease!

Steps to make a time-lapse video on Clideo:

Step1 Open Clideo and Create an account.

You can use this online time-lapse maker from any browser e.g Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc. After that you don’t have an account on it then you have to create it first. You can Sign in by using different platforms like Google, Facebook, apple, etc.

create account with clideo
Step2 Create a project and select a tool.

When you create an account on Clideo, a page appears where you will get the option of creating a project. A list of several features will be provided by this online time-lapse video maker. You will get to add subtitles, compress videos, resize the video, and many more features in it.

create project select tool clideo
Step3 Create a video on Clideo.

If you want to create a video then click on video maker and after that choose a file whether it is an image, video, gif, or music.

create a video with clideo
Step4 Edit the video and export.

With Clideo, you can make amazing videos with just one click. You can choose the length of your video, as well as the format, and save it to your computer's hard drive.

You can also adjust the duration of your video and add music to make it more interesting. This way you can make sure that your video is the right length for the content you're putting in it.

edit video and export from clideo

2. Flixier Timelapse Video Maker

Flixier Timelapse Video Maker is the easiest way to create beautiful timelapse videos. You can create beautiful, high-quality videos with ease. What's more, you don't have to know any programming languages! You'll be able to export your videos in just one step.

The program's intuitive user interface makes it easy for beginners to get started while still providing advanced features that professionals will love. The program supports drag-and-drop editing and has an intuitive layout designed for maximum efficiency.

Step1 Create a video without having an account.

Flixier Timelapse Video Maker is a powerful video editing tool that allows you to create beautiful, high-quality timelapse videos. The best thing about Flixier is it does not require any account. You can easily click on Get Started and move on to the next step.

make timelapse video with flixier
Step2 Drop and Browse any file.

The Flixier Timelapse Video Maker is a new and exciting way to create HD videos from your favorite photos. It makes it easy for you to choose the photo you want to use, and then attach it to your video.

Flixier works with all of your favorite services: Google Drive, Google Photos, Dropbox, Flowplayer, and more! Flixier has a massive library of videos that you can use as inspiration for your project. There are thousands of them, some of which are free.

drop files into flixier
Step3 Edit the video and save it.

This online time-lapse maker is easy to use, and it allows you to edit your videos in a few simple steps. You can add text, motion, position, and scale to your videos in just a few clicks. After that, you can export it to your hard drive.

edit video in flixier and save

Flixier has tons of useful features for creating content for social media marketing. You can upload multiple clips at once and easily customize the length and format of each clip. You can also add music to your videos and adjust the volume levels for each clip individually so that they blend seamlessly when viewed as a whole.

3. Kapwing

Are you looking for a way to speed up and down your video without having to rewind and fast-forward? Kapwing is the tool that can help you do just that. With Kapwing, you can change the speed of your video from 1x to 10x faster. And because it’s easy to use and can be used on any device, you can take your videos anywhere!

There's nothing worse than having your video slowdown in the middle of a high-speed chase. That’s why, this tool can speed up and down your videos as much as you want, whenever you want it. Now move to steps that how can we use it:

Step1 Sign in and export the file.

If you’re looking for a way to speed up your video editing process, look no further. Kapwing Video Speed Changer is here to help!

With Kapwing, you have to create an account, add media like pictures and videos, and then easily tweak the speed of your video without ever having to create a new one.

sign in kapwing video editor
Step2 Create video and change speed.

Kapwing is a video editing software that lets you create videos as well as control the speed according to your needs. This feature makes it easy for you to create videos with different features. You can create videos with size, transitions, layers, and fonts. You can add text to your video as well as record audio from your computer's microphone.

The software also includes other tools such as watermarking and adding subtitles to your video.

change video speed kapwing
Step3 Export the video.

This online tool provides you with different formats to export your video like mp4, mp3, GIF, and JPEG. You can download or export your video in full HD form. It provides you full resolution video.

export video from kapwing editor

4. Video Speed Controller

Are you looking to speed up or slow down your videos? We’ve got you covered. With, you can easily adjust the speed of your video to your liking. You can also use a slider to control the speed of the video itself, which allows for more flexibility and control.

To use this tool, all you have to do is enter the URL of your video and select how fast you want it to be played back. And if you need even more flexibility, go ahead and add buttons so that you can easily change between faster and slower speeds without having to pause or rewind your video at all!

How can we control the speed on let’s have a look at some steps:

Step1 Open the tool and create an account.

Check out Video Speed Controller, a new tool that allows you to control the speed of your videos. It's super easy to use and can be accessed from any browser. Just create an account and you'll be able to adjust the speed of your video on the go!

veedio video speed controller
Step2 Create, edit the video and add subtitles. is a video speed controller that allows you to create videos, edit your footage, and add voice-over in one simple app.

This is perfect for content creators who want to create more engaging videos and increase their profits by selling subscriptions or advertising within their content. With, you can use the built-in editor to easily add text overlays, adjust the speed of your video, and add voice-over effects to create professional videos that people will love watching!

add subtitles with video speed controller
Step3 Add elements, and emojis in the video.

Are you tired of your videos just being boring? Worried that they're not engaging enough? Don't worry, has a solution for that.

With this editor, you can add elements to your videos to increase engagement and make them more interesting. You can also select the size and color of each element, so you can customize the look of your video to stand out from the crowd!

add emojis video speed controller
Step4 Export video without the watermark.

After all the editing you can export or download the video without watermarks. The resolution of the video will be HD.

export video speed controller

5. Typito Time Lapse Maker

Typito Time Lapse Maker is a tool that allows you to create videos with a timelapse effect. It is easy to use, and the interface is extremely simple. The first step is to select your video source and output format. You can choose from several different video formats, including MP4, MOV, and AVI.

Next, you'll be prompted to select what you want your video to do. You have the option of creating a looping video or not it's up to you! Once you've made your choices, you will be taken to the final step: entering text into the text editor for your video. This is where you can add captions or text overlays to spice up your video's storyline.

Move to steps to create a lapse video online:

Step1 Create an account and make a video.

Firstly, create an account on Typito and once you are done with the creation of the account click on the "Create Video" button in the middle of the screen. The video creation tool will begin loading, so please be patient!

typito online time lapse maker
Step2 Add media, title, elements, music.

Time-lapse is a great way to create visual content. But how do you do it without spending a fortune? Typito Time Lapse Maker can help you make your time-lapse videos with the click of a button!

Just select media, add titles, elements, and anything else you want, and we'll handle the rest—whether you're using your music or not. You can add music according to your taste.

add elements into typito
Step3 Export video and re-edit.

When you are done with the video export it. And the great thing is video can be re-edited again and again. You can apply changes many times.

export video and reedit typito


We hope that these ideas can motivate you to make timelapse videos. If you want to create a time-lapse video but don't want to use a big and expensive camera just set up your online time-lapse. Moreover, there are lots of excellent platforms out there to share the finished product. Refer to the above recommendations to choose your favorite one.

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Caroline Laurent
Caroline Laurent Mar 27, 24
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