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How to Make a Neon Dance Effect With Filmora

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Originally published Jan 12, 23, updated Jan 17, 24

Neon colors in videos are constantly attracting and compelling the scenes. So how it looks if dancing videos have this feature? For sure, it'll be dreamier and more classy.

After moving toward, the following steps of processing neon effects, you will find different effects to make your video filmier. Wondershare Filmora provides all types of products on one platform. Then try it out and enjoy the rest. Scroll more to learn about the neon effect before editing your video!

In this article
  1. Neon Dance Effects in Wondershare Filmora
  2. Steps to Make a Neon Dance Effect With Filmora

Neon Dance Effects in Wondershare Filmora

You often watch viral dance videos or commercials in which a neon highlight of a person dances aside from them in the video. Yes! You can also make that just in a few minutes.

In this case, Wondershare Filmora is considered to be your partner. Filmora is a fantastic tool that you can have at your disposal to edit a range of videos. There are tons of neon effects in Filmora, including neon frames, neon swings, or even multiple neon overlays.

Free Download
Free Download
neon effects in filmora

Steps to Make a Neon Dance Effect With Filmora

The public is tired now of seeing old video graphics in dancing videos. It's time to add neon colors to give a fascinating look. Follow the step-by-step guide mentioned below, and let's get going!

Step1 Import Clips into the Timeline

Before we begin to edit our video, make sure you download Wondershare Filmora. First, you need to create a timeline to edit our dancing clips. For this, take a look at the below steps!

  • Click on the Import icon in the main window when you open Wondershare Filmora.
  • Then, import the video clips you want to edit.
  • Now, drag the Video and drop it in the editing timeline below.
add video to the timeline
Step2 Add the Same Video again

We aim to create a black background for the original video we imported above. To do so, follow the steps mentioned below.

  • Drag and drop the same video on the timeline.
  • Make sure to drag and drop it above the original video.
adding the same video again
Step3 Go into the Compositing Mode

After adding the same video, now convert BG into a black screen. For this, follow the given steps:

  • Double-Click on the video we added later.
  • A video editing panel will open up in the Import
  • Scroll down till you see the compositing tab.
  • Here will have to change the Blending mode.
  • Click on the tab ahead that is labeled "Norma"
  • A drop-down option will open up.
  • In this drop-down option, scroll below to "Difference".
changing the blending mode to difference
  • As soon as you click on the Difference option, you will notice a change in the main play window; it will all turn to a black screen.
Step4 Add the Pixelated Edges effect

Our target is to outline the individual in the video, so we can move on to create the Neon Highlight effect. To do so, follow these steps!

  • First, go into the effects option that you can select from the tab above the import window.
  • In the effects panel, search for the Pixelated edges
  • You will notice a search bar in the top right corner. Type "Pixelated edges," and you will see some effects pop up in the import window.
searching for pixelated edges effect
  • Select the Pixelated edges effect. Then, click and drag it below the video that we turned to black using the Difference
  • The edges of the individual dancing in the video will be outlined.
after adding a pixelated effect to the video
Step5 Change the outline color

You may not like the default color with the Pixelated edges effect. But no worries, you can change that to whatever color you desire by following these steps:

  • Double-Click on the video in which you added the effect.
  • An editing panel will pop up.
  • Click on the Effect option below the Video
  • Here, you can see the color option.
  • Click on the color and select whatever suits you the best.
change the color of the outline
Step6 Create Multiple Outlines

It would help if you created multiple outlines to achieve the Neon Dance effect. These multiple outlines will be produced by exporting them multiple times with the color you want. Follow the below points to get it instantly!

  • When you have selected the color for your outline, export the video by clicking on the Export icon in the top right corner.
export the video
  • When you have exported the video, move back to the timeline to edit again.
  • As we had selected the Blue color for reference, now choose another color you wish.
  • After changing the video, export it again.
Note: Export as many times as you want with the color of your choice. E.g., 5 colors = 5 exports.
Step7 Import the exported videos
  • Now you have to import the videos that you exported.
  • Before doing that, first, delete the video in track 2. (The video on which we applied the Difference)
  • Now select all the exports from your library and import them onto the import window.
  • Please select all of them and drag them on the timeline.
Note: You don't want all the outlines to play simultaneously. Otherwise, the outlines will not appear to be separate.
  • To do so, stack the videos on each other on different tracks.

Tip: The trick here will be to offset the video by a few seconds so that each video plays a little later than the other.

offset the videos by a few seconds

To efficiently blend the outlines with the green screen, you can change the blending mode of each of the exported videos to "Lighten."

  • Double-click on each video.
  • In the editing panel, choose compositing.
  • From there, select the "Lighten" option.
change the blending mode to lighten
Step8 Add the Glow effect

To make the outlines glow like Neon lights, we will need to add another effect from the effects library.

  • Go to the effects tab and search for "Glow."
  • Click and drag the glow effect to each of the exported videos.
add the glow effect

You can make it more fun by going one step further!

  • Double-click on each of the glow effects that you added.
  • In effect, the editing panel goes to the video effects.
  • Here, you can change the radius of the Glow effect you added.
  • Similarly, you can do it in all the other videos.
Step9 Apply the Green screen effect

We will change our green screen for the final part. Follow the last steps, and then enjoy!

  • Move the green screen footage below them all to the top track.
  • Double-click the video to enter the editing panel.
  • Go to the chroma key (Green Screen) in the editing panel.
  • Click on the arrow aside from the tab.

You will immediately see changes to your video in the main play window. Play the video from the start and notice the changes.

final results of neon dance effect

Congratulations! You have successfully created Neon Dance effects by using the user-friendly Wondershare Filmora.


Wondershare Filmora offers a variety of editing features that you can use to create very innovative videos. You can quickly create Neon effects in your dance videos next time by following the above steps! Add more creativity to attract more audience. Have fun and explore more effects to get unique results!

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Jan 17, 24
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