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How to Do Censor Effects with Filmora

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Originally published Dec 07, 22, updated Nov 27, 23

There are many aspects to consider when it comes to publishing a video. Safety and privacy aspects are some of them. If you're looking to blur out a bystander or cut out profanities from your video with Filmora, this is the right article for you.

In this article
  1. How to add a beep sound to a video with Filmora
  2. How to add mosaic to video with Filmora

Part 1. How to add a beep sound to a video with Filmora

Filmora's powerful video editing menu includes easy tweaking on audio. You can censor any part of speech you want to exclude from your video with just these simple steps.

Step1 Create a new project and import the video to Filmora.

import the video to filmora

Step2 Separate the audio component from the video by right-clicking on the video and selecting the Detach Audio option. You can now edit each of them individually.

detach the audio component

Step3 Mark the part to place the start of the beep using the playhead and click the Split icon on the editor’s toolbar.

split to separate the target segment

Step4 Place the playhead at the end of the censored segment and click Split. Double-click on the segment to open the audio editing menu, then you can remove that part of the audio or lower the volume.

adjusting the split audio segment

Step5 Click the Audio>Audio Effects menu on the upper left corner of the screen. After you find the Beep effect, drag the track to the audio timeline and place it in between the split section. Adjust trimming and volume until the censor is placed correctly.

adjust the sound effect placement

Part 2. How to add mosaic to video with Filmora

Whether you want to hide a passerby's face or your own, or even other types of objects, Wondershare Filmora is ready to take on the task. While its nifty face-off function automatically follows the movement of a marked face, the mosaic effect is the fast and perfect solution for a static object in the video.

Step1 After importing a video to Filmora, tap on the Effects tab and find the Mosaic filter from the gallery.

find the mosaic effect from the effects library

Step2 Drag the Mosaic filter to the timeline just above the main video track.

drag the mosaic effect to timeline

Step3 A yellow box will appear in the viewer. You can drag and adjust its size to hide the targetted object. You can also adjust the opacity and intensity of the effect using the adjustment menu, accessible when you double-click the yellow box.

adjust the mosaic effect

If the targetted object moves, you can set the automatic tracking before adding the mosaic filter by clicking on the Motion Tracking>Start Tracking located above the timeline. Before you place the filter, preview and adjust the tracking frame to ensure tight proof censor.

setting up motion tracking feature


Wondershare Filmora offers a large array of special effects that goes beyond simply trimming, cropping, splitting, or adding transitions to your video. You can add some special effects to your video as well, such as Blur, Face-Off, Mosaic, Tilt Shift and Jump Cut at Beat. On top of completing it with audio effects, you can also add subtitles or typography easily.

With Filmora, you can always enhance your video within minutes with excellent quality.

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Free Download
Liza Brown
Liza Brown Nov 27, 23
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