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Cambridge Audio CXU Review

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May 21, 2024• Proven solutions

Cambridge audio is gaining more and more popularity these days. It is a recently launched CX series line that is well equipped with CXN music streamer, CXA60 amplifier and CXC CD transport and ensures awesome performance. Cambridge CXU is a multi talented advanced disc player that has gained five star rating among competitors. This product is well packed with all impressive features, unique connection options and superb layer of music and films. Spending just £900 would not be a big deal if you get such a quality product that isn’t just Blu-ray player rather it offers services as a CD player, DVD player, DAC as well as network streamer. You will be able to stream high resolution audio on this device and you can charge it easily via smartphone. In simple words, it is a worth investment for quality.

  • Impressive picture quality.
  • Support towards high resolution audio content.
  • Stunning music performance.
  • Comes with extensive set of features.
  • Elegant and sleek design.
  • Build quality is highly reliable.
  • Offers darbee video processing.
  • Rated as best 3D Blu-ray device.
  • It extends support to SACD and DVD audio playback.
  • Can be used with Picassa and YouTube app.
  • It doesn’t support Netflix application.
  • Wi-Fi facility is not available; users need to make connections via dongle.
  • It lacks in music streaming app feature.
  • There is no dedicated application for control.
  • Display is less informative.

Features and Specs:

This latest CXU model is designed by Cambridge Audio with all impressive features and the most noticeable one is its Blu-ray player capability. This device is well designed to serve users with superior audio and video performance while ensuring great connectivity to be used as central solution for home cinema needs. If you talk about its disc handling abilities then CXU is capable enough to support wide range of playbacks like BD-R/RE, DVD+-R DL, DVD+-/RW, CD-R/RW, Kodak Picture CD, HDCD, CD, SACD, AVCHD, DVD-A, DVD, BD-3D and BD etc.

You can also enjoy video processing over CXU and content upscaling can go as high as up to 4K resolution level where 2D can also be converted into 3D. You can avail output up to two uniquely configurable HDMI ports. The best thing to know about this latest product is that it supports Darbee Visual Presence Technology that makes it highly adjustable to specific needs of users. In order to enhance this flexibility you can further prefer Darbee Mode for every video input separately.

With all new and advanced features, it is also possible to use CXU like all in one digital hub solution with HDMI input availability. Users can also transfer signals via three USB inputs, Coaxial audio inputs, digital optical etc that makes all connections possible with external world. Users can enjoy effective up-sampling for content to ensure impressive audio-video experience during playbacks. Its front HDMI input also extends support to MHL so this CXU is proven to be best solution for all kind of audio-video entertainment needs. When users connect this device with Pure audio mode active then all video processing is automatically stopped so that audio signal may not find any disturbance.

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CXU works on the footsteps of CX family with its sleek appearance, high quality design and floating built. This device possesses robust yet elegant chassis and the aluminium finish make it look more impressive. Manufacturers have added real care while designing buttons for this design as they allow perfect operations without making things messy during playbacks. Disc loading tray is designed to produce minimal noise. You will observe little whisper whenever machinery starts working inside for CD or Blu-ray playbacks. The sad truth is that this device does not reflect any information related to track being played.

The control unit is designed with highly durable material and you will find its controls pretty fine with nice hold. The soft finish makes its handling easier and buttons always offer satisfying operation as they respond to every swift with ease. You will be glad to know that this device also possesses backlit feature that leads to awesome performance in darkened cinema room.

Connections and Control:

CXU is well known for its large selection range for audio and video files as it acts like a hub in your system. First of all, here you will find two HDMI inputs and outputs; these ports can support HDMI 1.4a compliant while extending support to ARC, CEC and 3D signalling. You will also find 3 well designed USB 2.0 ports on this device out of which one is connected at front side and other on rear portion. However, you have to connect wireless dongle to access one of these two USB ports. You will also find one Ethernet port on this device that can be used with a wired connection or using a RS 232 serial interface.

For a while, if we keep an eye on audio connections then CXU has specialized optical digital input as well as one coaxial digital input. Similarly, you will also find one optical digital output over here with coaxial digital output. Further, it possesses 7. Channel analogue outputs that follow Phono/RCA based connections. One thing that is missing in this product is balanced XLR stereo output. Besides all these basic controls, you will also find a well designed front panel on this player. It can be easily controlled via remote connectivity. The controller is well designed with soft rubber back and a brushed metal effect of black colour is also created to make it more attractive. Users find this remote comfortable to handle as positioning of buttons is perfect over it. In simple words, Cambridge Audio system has all great features that users demand from a Blu-ray player.

Video Performance:

If you want to play videos on this Blu-ray player then you will definitely avail gorgeous picture quality along with natural looks and crystal clear details. All colours create perfect blend on screen and skin tones as well as day light scenes are well adjusted. It is well known for that crisp and vibrant detailing ability for every content.

Lights and shadows are well adjusted everywhere as if sunshines as well gradient shadows all are presented equally good. Dark scenes appear impressively deep but they never swallow finer details from scenes. All motion effects are handled with care so that users can enjoy fast action scenes as well as slow panning details with equal performance. Color mixtures can provide you finest contrast, rich details and punchy colours on every scene. All objects are drawn crisply but they never cause over sharp appearance or nothing seems unnatural over this device.

If you want to play DVDs on this device then also it offers natural color balance along with punchy contrast. Noise is well eliminated from scenes and details use to be highly stable and crisp. This device falls in the category of classic Blu-ray players with all outstanding features and lively as well as natural picture elements. Cambridge is stunningly crisper and subtler with deep details on every aspect.

Audio Performance:

As we have already discussed the picture or video performance of CXU so it is essential to talk about audio abilities too. Same as the flying colours on video quality, the sound system of CXU is also appreciable. It offers well times rhythms, musical presentation, and fluid that can make film soundtracks outstanding. Audio quality of Cambridge CXU is simply stunning with full impact if every deep detail. It works with two channel music so talents are obvious, that is why CXU is observed to provide melodic, spacious and bouncy performance with every content. The top portion of player is designed to serve users with disturbance free sound, all vocals are clear as well as expressive.

The best thing to know about Cambridge Audio CXU is its ability to create finer details so that every instrument can be uniquely identified by listener with spacious sound effect. All notes use to start and stop with higher synchronization and cohesiveness is always ensured.


This well designed Cambridge Audio CXU works like a universal disc spinner that trends for Blu-ray decks. It provides mind-blowing performance for high resolution audio inputs as well as for High definition images. If you are looking for all in one package for your home cinema then CXU can be added to the list but only if you can satisfied without Netflix.

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