LG BP350 Review

May 23,2017• Proven solutions

You might have heard about four brand new blu-ray players from LG’s popular MusicFlow multi room family. BP350 is one of them with awesome music streaming facilities from USBs and CDs to any powerful wireless speakers. If you have not paid for the LG’s smart Hi-Fi audio feature till now then it is possible to utilize it as simple Blu-ray player. As per updated features, users become able to enjoy DLNA support along with throng of smarts on this platform. You will be glad to know that this system provides built in type Wi-Fi connectivity but sadly, there is no Ethernet port type connection for wireless data transfer.


  • It offers bold and lush colours.
  • User friendly interface makes it first choice of beginners.
  • Pin sharp outlines
  • Attractive Design.
  • Possesses very decent upscaler.


  • Its sound somewhere lacks weight and precision.
  • Smaller buttons on remote.
  • Netfix like applications take too much time for loading on this platform.
  • Does not support 3D content.

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Design and Features:

Design of this LG product gives impressive impact. The shimmery diamond effect type chassis is a true representation of style. It consists of two solid black buttons for power control and eject option. Its disc try cover appears a bit wobbly when a disc is placed over it. Although, the webOS interface feature is not present in this LG product but the similar kind of smart platform is available. When you start BP350, a colour rich background appears on home screen. Users can easily locate all the files over server and they can be accessed via USB type connection. You will love the app offerings from this LG product, it is Now TV, BBC iPLayer, Netfix and Amazon Instant Video, whereas few rare ones are also present like Deezer, Spotify and Blinkbox. All apps are present on a tab that is labelled as ‘Premium’. As you hover over this tab, all the apps will pop up on bottom so that you can access everything with ease.

Here is one more great news for BP350 buyers that LG AV remote 5 application is compatible with Android and iOS and it can be downloaded directly from stores get services like basic controller. It offers interactive user interface with highly responsive design like mobile apps. In simple words, we can say that BP350 contains everything that users need from a blu-ray player. Users can easily jump between CD tracks using numerical keys on this platform.

Many users feel disappointed to see that this Blu-ray player misses so useful output options. You will not be able to find optical digital audio, HDMI audio and coaxial audio outputs over here. However the presence of USM port on front side makes users eligible to watch movies directly from flash drive.


If we step ahead to talk about performance of BP350 then, one can say that it is all in one pack, unless you are not searching for 3D. Users find its disc load times really good where they can easily reach up to disc menu within 30 seconds; however, this performance greatly depends upon BD-Live content amount present on Disc.

It is also possible to make picture alteration adjustments easily from ‘Options’ available below Info/Menu on remote, you can access them at the time of disc playback. In this device, default Standard picture mode can provide you all that you need as it leads to completely faithful representation for content inside disc. The cinema and vivid modes create odd blend with luminance and colours but they can be avoided. If you switch to user mode, then everything is offered as per standard with a list of features like brightness and colour, contrast, and picture controls etc.

When we move ahead towards performance rating of built in streaming service then it is also very impressive. You can easily get connected via BBC iPlayer, Amazon Instant and Netfix whereas everything is played on a well managed high resolution content setting. If you want to access YouTube app then this player can provide your 720p resolution but you will never miss the joy of quality viewing. It doesn’t follow frame rate detection procedures for streaming services. In case if you are interested in BP350 to use it as international Netfix Player then DNS settings can be easily adjusted from menus.


LG BP350 player is an awesome presentation from company with all great features. However, you will find few options missing on this platform but still it serves like a standard with all impressive and useful features. You can use it like a player as well as like a streaming box. Although you will not find it faster in performance but users recommend it to others just because of its ability to do great job.

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