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Top 15 Science YouTube Channels to Expand Knowledge in 2024

Shanoon Cox
Shanoon Cox
Originally published Dec 30, 21, updated Jun 12, 24
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A huge number of social media channels have now become a medium for sharing knowledge. The same is seen in the case of YouTube channels. More and more YouTube channels are now coming up with educational content that can help expand your knowledge. Here are some of the top science YouTube channels in 2024 that you can follow to expand your knowledge in the corresponding field.

Part 1: 15 Best Science YouTube Channels

Here are the top 15 science YouTube channels that cover a wide range of science topics, including physics, chemistry, biology, computer science, and so on.

1. minutephysics

If you are looking for the best physics YouTube channels, minutephysics should make your list. The channel tried to explain physics in a cool and understanding way. Besides, there are some sweet parts of science involved. The Physics YouTube channel comes up with 2 videos every quarter, more or less.

2. Amoeba Sisters

When you visit the channel, its outlook may confuse you with some type of cartoon channel. But actually, it is to explain the tough science topics in an easy and entertaining manner- through cartoons. The channel covers videos on a wide range of scientific topics. But it is actually one of the best biology YouTube channels out there. The channel updates its videos every week, i.e., two videos per quarterly.

3. Tyler DeWitt

The best chemistry YouTube channels can make your fear in chemistry go away with their videos. Tyler DeWitt is such a channel. If you are looking for the best YouTube channel for class 11 science, specifically for chemistry, what better way can there be to learn it from a high school teacher, that too in an accessible way?

4. Computerphile

The name ‘Computerphile’ suggests someone who is fond of computers. Well, it is one of the best computer science YouTube channels you will find. The channel covers videos on almost all parts of the computer and related things. Computerphile comes up with a new video every week.

5. sentdex

It is one of the best data science YouTube channels you will find. The channel creates tutorial videos, which are based on text. It offers videos on deep analysis, machine learning, and so on. Sentdex comes with new videos around ten days apart.


When you are going through a list of best science YouTube channels, it must involve space. And here is one of the best astronomy YouTube channels, NASA itself. The channel offers live streaming, so you can continuously be in the quest. With daily video upload, sometimes 2 videos in a day, NASA has managed to make the list of the bests.

7. Bloomberg Politics

Bloomberg Politics is one of the best YouTube channels for political science. The channel offers non-partisan global political coverage with regular videos. Its videos include breaking news, political analysis videos, digital videos, and so on. The channel releases 13 videos a week, which is 2 videos a day.

8. Sick Science

Kids learn more easily through practical tutorials like videos. Hence, the best YouTube science channels for kids may be a great way to make them learn something. The channel offers scientific experiments on a wide range of topics, which makes it easier for kids to learn. From Physics to Chemistry, the channel covers it all. Here is a video on egg experiments from Sick Science.


Here is yet another of the best YouTube science channels for kids. The videos are informational with fun at the same time. AsapScience investigates various scientific questions on a wide spectrum of subjects. Although the channel is a perfect choice for kids, adults will love it nevertheless. The channel comes with new videos every week. Here is a video link from AsapScience.

10. SciSHow Space

If you are looking for more of the best astronomy YouTube channels, here is another one. SciShow Space explores the outer universe on Tuesday and Friday every week. The hosts share information regarding the space and more in a few-minute range. The videos come in two times a week. Here is a video link from SciShow Space.

11. The PC Security Channel

With the ever-evolving digital world, the security of your PC has become as important as that of your house or even your life. The PC Security Channel is one of the best computer science YouTube channels, which help you protect your PC in a more sophisticated way. The channel comes with new videos every week. Here is a video link from the channel.

12. Chemical & Engineering News

The next on our list of best Science YouTube channels is Chemical & Engineering News. It is a publication of the American Chemical Society. The channel focuses on updated news of the chemical and engineering industry, that specifies more on the chemistry-related work of professionals. From scientific experiments to scientists’ lives, there is a wide range of topics. Here is a video link from the channel:

13. CrashCourse

With the animated presentation of the scientific content in an easy manner and covering videos on biology, chemistry, and so on, no need to explain why CrashCourse made our list of the best science YouTube channels. The channel stacks interesting information in all of its videos. If you don’t feel like learning Biology, you can still go through the videos on computer science. It is also there. The channel releases 3-4 videos a week. Here is a video link from the channel.

14. Physics Girl

When we talk about the best science YouTube channels, Physics Girl must be on that list. From DIY experiments to explaining difficult scientific topics, Physics Girl has made learning Physics easier than ever. The channel comes with 5 videos per month. Here is a video link from Physics Girl.

15. Physics Online

If you are looking for the best Physics YouTube channels that are the perfect choice for a student of high school, Physics Online is where you go to. The channel offers videos with online tutorials on the basic concepts along with interesting experiments, which can make your Physics learning a complete package. The channel also shows how you need to answer questions in the exams. The update frequency of Physics Online is 3 videos per week.

Part 2: How to Start Your Own Science Channel on YouTube?

Starting and managing your own science channel is not only interesting but also challenging. Here are some tips that can help you start your own science channel on YouTube.

Tip 1: Do enough research

As you are trying to create educational content, you must do adequate research to come up with accurate information. Also, in this era of increasing competition, a lack of research will do nothing but harm.

Tip 2: Create high-quality content

Content quality matters and that applies to educational content too. This is the part where you need to put most of your time in. Researching the topic and then presenting them in an engaging way can be the source of your high-quality content.

Tip 3: Use the best tools

When creating videos for your new science YouTube channel, make sure you use the best tools available. You can use Filmora to edit your videos to give them the professional and engaging look they require.

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Tip 4: Make your content engaging

Subscribers crowd in channels that can connect with them. Some ways to do that is interactive videos with your subscribers, DIY videos, science experiments, and so on.

Tip 5: Avoid trolls

When you start an educational channel, there will be some people who will mock you at every chance. But to keep continuing is the key here. You need to put your best, not what people think of you or your content.

Tip 6: Information and practical

As you are trying to create educational content on your YouTube channel, you need to make them as informative and practical as possible.


The best science YouTube channels have one thing in common- high-quality content. As you try to become a YouTuber with educational content, you need to keep that in mind. Hopefully, the tips in this regard will come in handy.

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