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How to Create Vintage Videos: A Comprehensive Tutorial

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Jun 11, 2024• Proven solutions

“Every accomplishment starts with a decision to try.” – A Vintage Thought

Vintage Videos

Vintage videos are ultimately the retro videos you have ever imagined. The look is highly inspirational in itself. The vintage effect in photography and videos results in a must-see look that everyone wants to capture all day long. The meaning of vintage is 'the time when something of quality was produced.' When something is called retro, it means old, recognized, and essential. Vintage also resembles love apart from videos and photos. All in all, it's a positive and result-oriented thing to carry on in your videos. And this is what we want to mention in this post relating to the creation of vintage videos.

Here are some vintage-style video ideas for you to have a look at.

What to Consider When Shooting a Vintage Video?

Vintage videos are kind of old school vibes and must be shooting accordingly by keeping in mind the following points. These are a sort of expert tips given by photographers based on their practical experience. First of all, you have to understand that a video can be made vintage, but you can't change the actual environment of shooting. Some editing always involves there in every project out there. Still, the tips given below will help you a lot in creating a retro look.

Use Vintage Lenses

The very first helpful tip is to use a vintage lens. They allow chromatic aberration by distorting colors around the frame. Furthermore, you can find various kinds of lenses in terms of a vintage effect.

Decrease Contrast

Do the correct color grading by reducing the contrast a little bit. You must not level the retro videos in black or white or like-new videos. You can simply add a contrasting effect and then reduce it to have that vintage look.

Keep it a little soft

If you have ever noticed, the vintage videos are a little soft and look like degraded with time. It's a result of decreased sharpness in the camera's menu settings. You can even add a slight blur to the final video or simply use recognized software made for video editing.

Brighten up the black levels

Lots of black points in the video are not ideal for a vintage effect. The suitable approach is to bring up black levels and make it dark gray instead of inky black. This look can be achieved either by levels effect or curves effect in your editing software.

Reduce Saturation levels

Bringing down the saturation levels is another tip to create a vintage effect. The old videos are also absent in bright colors. Don't go too crazy about reduction as 20%-30% saturation level is more than enough.

How to Create a Stunning Vintage Video?

What you need to get started as both beginner and professional is Wondershare Filmora Video Editor. It is a highly recommended software to create vintage videos. The intuitive user interface and lots of editing functions are helpful for a video editor. It has both primary as well as advanced editing programs to check. It has various advanced color tuning tools to promote the making of original videos. It features tint, temperature, Vignette, 3D Luts, Lights, and so on.

Download Win Version Download Mac Version

Steps for the vintage effect to videos on Wondershare Filmora Video Editor

Step 1: Upload video & make specific changes

Vintage Videos

The very step is to add the video by clicking the + icon. We have added the three sample videos from the library of Wondershare Filmora itself. Adjust them in the timeline as per your requirements.

After doing all the essential editing functions, click on the Effects tab given at the upper-left corner. Simply type the word Old in the Search tab.

The Old Video filter will immediately appear in the list of filters. Tap the "+" icon in Old Video filter to add to the timeline. Drag its ends right or left to adjust the duration.

Step 2: Apply White & Black Filters

Vintage Videos

The second step is to apply the Black & White filters. Go to the Effects tab and explore five Black & White filters available. Each of these filters is quite different and must be applied accordingly. Check the aesthetic of your video clip before any filter application to retro videos.

Step 3: Add the Sun Kissed or Sepia Tone Rise Filters to the video clip

Vintage Videos

There are various other categories of filters you can apply, such as Retro, Sun Kissed, and Sepia Tone, etc. The features of Filmora also present several subcategories such as Faux Film or Shake.

Vintage Videos

On the other hand, the subcategory of Sepia Tone features Sun-Kissed & Rise Filters to stimulate sepia-tinted texture and recreate the old visual style. The Sun Kissed filter presents brown and red colors to give that warm image atmosphere.

Step 4: Desaturate Video Clip

Vintage Videos

Now, you need to desaturate the video clip with Ash & Willow filters. We have typed Ash in the Search bar, and you can see the filter below. These filters are essential to desaturate the video with preset contrast, brightness, or exposure values.

Vintage Videos

Then, we have combined the black & white filter with an overlay of Film Reel Horizontal. It will help you sell the effect and make the video look more authentic. However, the only application of Black & White or Ash & Willow filters is not going to make any creative thing in terms of vintage videos. You have to mix overlays with features such as Random Dust or Film Reel Horizontal.

Step 5: Apply Black & White and Old Film Color Correction Presets to the video

You can also access the Advanced color correction Tab of Filmora from the Color button. It also features Preset and Adjusts Tabs to desaturate footage. The Preset presents a variety of options, including Black & White and Old Film. You just need to right-click the particular preset and select the Apply option.

Vintage Videos

Tips to Make Your Vintage Videos Stand Out

Following the helpful tips would assist you in creating awesome retro videos.

  • You can use various vintage apps such as Retro VHS, RTRO Camera, 8mm, Camcorder, VSCO, etc. Or, despite using these limited apps, you can directly use our preferred video editing software called Wondershare Filmora.
  • If you use a specific vintage camera, keep it on low highlights and low contrasts. Use color grading, as we have discussed above. They help to provide the ultimate old-school effect.
  • Always keep low saturation settings for shooting vintage videos. Take control over Saturation, Hue, and Luminance of video.
  • Add overlays and respective filters to recreate a required vintage look. You must add things that dust, scratch, and grain the heck out from the video that you have created.
  • Lower the frame rate or FPS to create an excellent vintage look. You can make it to 18 or 14 FPS depending upon the aesthetic requirements.
  • Keep an eye on black and white filters you have used. It's because more of a black and white can ruin the actual vintage experience.


So, this is an ultimate tutorial on the creation of vintage videos. We Hope you have admired the steps and our recommended video editing software. Vintage means grand, and thus you should make it amazing as well. It is the reason we have stated all facts regarding the vintage effect in our post above. Wondering how to add such effect in FCPX? check this article:How to Create a Vignette in Final Cut Pro X?

Surely give a read and thank us later!

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